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[[File:Marcarita by koku78-dawhwsh.png|link=Marcarita|226x226px]]
[[File:Marcarita by koku78-dawhwsh.png|link=Marcarita|226x226px]]
=== Omni-King ===
=== Omni-King ===
=== Others ===
=== Others ===
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[[File:Arale Norimaki.png|link=Arale Norimaki|165x165px]]
[[File:Arale Norimaki.png|link=Arale Norimaki|165x165px]]
=== Anime/Movies/OVAs Only ===
[[File:Goku_mid.png|link=Son Goku (Toei)|214x214px]]
[[File:Gogeta by brolyangel-d5zmm4f.png|link=Gogeta (Toei)|214x214px]]
[[File:Jan.png|link=Janemba (Dragon Ball)|214x214px]]
[[File:South kaioshin.png|link=South Kaioshin|214x214px]]
[[File:Grand-0.png|link= Dai Kaioshin|214x214px]]
[[File:Olibu Trans.png|link=Olibu|214x214px]]
[[File:Broly.png|link=Broly (Toei)|214x214px]]
[[File:DBZ Bojack trans.png|link=Bojack|214x214px]]
[[File:Hatchiyack ova 2010 by jin 05-d4htzwr.png|link=Hatchiyack|214x214px]]
[[File:Dr_Raichi.png|link=Dr. Lychee|214x214px]][[File:2584007-zangya.png|link=Zangya|214x214px]]
[[File:Lord Slug.png|link=Lord Slug|214x214px]]
[[File:Android 13-0.png|link=Android 13|214x214px]]
[[File:Android 14.png|link=Android 14|214x214px]]
[[File:Android 15 by artmaker1936-d621mp0.png|link=Android 15|214x214px]]
[[File:Aka.png|link=Abo and Kado|204x204px]]
[[File:UjuMhNffA4Xc.png|link=Garlic Jr.|160x160px]]
[[File:DB Kado.png|link=Abo and Kado|190x190px]]
[[File:Abo.png|link=Abo and Kado|190x190px]]
[[File:Salza by changopepe-d3e8m33.png|link=Salza|214x214px]]
[[File:Dragon ball z grand kai by tekilazo.png|link=Grand Kai|220x220px]]
[[File:Wheelo.png|link=Dr. Wheelo|214x214px]]
[[File:Fasha by ezequiel d-d5dc60m.png|link=Seripa|214x214px]]
[[File:Shorty_Dokkan.png|link=Brocco|220x220px]][[File:Scarface_Dokkan.png|link=Pumpkin (Dragon Ball)|214x214px]]
[[File:Ginger.png|link=Ginger|214x214px]][[File:Sansho.png|link=Sansho|214x214px]] [[File:Nicky.png|link=Nicky|214x214px]] [[File:Annin dbz.png|link=Annin|197x197px]]
[[File:Lucy-1.png|link=Lucifer (Dragon Ball)|214x214px]]
[[File:Dragon Ball Bongo.png|link=Bongo|220x220px]]
[[File:Hasky_dragon_ball_by_orco05-d4u7j46.png|link=Hasky (Dragon Ball)|220x220px]]
=== Video Games Only ===
=== Video Games Only ===

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For detailed information about this series, visit the Dragon Ball Wiki.


A kid named Son Goku grows up, trains to be a strong fighter and eventually becomes the protector of the Earth along with his descendants: Gohan and Goten. Along the way, he makes powerful allies and even befriends former enemies such as Piccolo and Vegeta. He and the Z-Warriors fight evil, powerful beings such as Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu and others in order to protect the Earth and even the universe at large.


Part 1: Dragon Ball

Part 2: Dragon Ball Z

Part 3: Dragon Ball Super

Power of the Verse

Dragon Ball is a very powerful verse. In Part 1, there are Wall level to Small Country level+ feats, with an outlier moon-busting feat. By Part 2, the series made moon-busting low-level as it debuted planet-busting in the first arc, with following arcs hitting Small Star level by the Frieza saga, and soon surpassing Star and reaching Solar System level with the Cell and Buu sagas. In Part 3, almost from the very beginning, characters reach Universe level with feats like nearly destroying the universe. More characters at this level are introduced, as well as forms which greatly increase that level of power. Finally, in the last arc, Universe level+ power was reached, with feats such as shaking an infinite 3-D realm, surpassing time, and exceeding the strength of the villain of the previous arc, who had reached this apex when he merged with space-time on a universal level. The strongest characters have reached Low Multiverse level with feats such as destroying and restoring multiple universes.

In terms of speed, their speed ranges from Superhuman to Massively Hypersonic+ in Part 1. Part 2 characters have Relativistic to at least FTL+ speeds. In Part 3, characters reach Massively FTL+ speeds from the very beginning. Despite the relative lack of hax skills, Dragon Ball is very powerful in its own right and is considered a high-tier manga verse.

With the release of new material, such as Battle of Gods, Revival of F and the new anime series Dragon Ball Super, the franchise's canon has officially hit cosmic levels in terms of the Tiering System.

It should be noted however, that the Animeverse (Which includes the two TV specials, all the original Anime series released between 1986 and 1997, filler included, including the infamous follow-up "Dragon Ball GT") actually has the Z-Warriors from Part 2 on a relatively higher level, with them reaching Massively FTL+ speed since the Frieza Saga with feats such as Goku reacting to his own ship's travel speed, which is on that level, and Goku and Pikkon traveling midway through the universe-sized Afterlife in minutes and etc. The series had also already reached solar system destruction levels by the time 50% Final Form Freeza appeared, with the Namek explosion being wide enough to be seen from the outer portions of the galaxy, as well having Broly and Majin Buu destroy a whole Galaxy (albeit gradually), alongside Super Saiyan 3 Goku shaking the entirety of a universe-sized plane by powering up. Check Dragon Ball GT for the follow up.

Attack Potency:

Part I: Human level to at least City Block level between the Pilaf Saga and 22nd Budokai Saga, reaching City level+ in the King Piccolo Saga and ending at Small Country level+ in the Piccolo Jr Saga.

Part II: Planet level in the Saiyan Saga, Small Star level in the Frieza Saga, reaching even Solar System level during the Cell Saga, and higher into Solar System level during the Buu Saga.

Part III: Universe level with the introduction of the Super Saiyan God forms and several characters from other universes, with characters such as Beerus also originally exhibiting this level of strength. Universe level+ with the introduction of Jiren, Kefla, and Goku's Ultra Instinct form in the Tournament of Power arc, revealing the Gods of Destruction and their Angel attendants, such as Whis, as well as Toppo, a God of Destruction Candidate, being equal to the GoDs, to also sit at this level. Vegeta also obtained a form later into the tournament, qualifying for the same Universe level+ rating as his peers. Fusion Zamasu's infinite form also reached this level in the Future Trunks arc before it, and could have reached Low Multiverse level, and finally, Super Shenron and Zen'ō, the Omni-King, currently stand at the top of the series' hierarchy at a solid Low Multiverse level.

Other Media: Other media outlets, such as the anime and movies, closely follow the series in power for the most part, but the anime deviates by the end of the Cell and Buu Sagas by having Galaxy level characters, with the movies having similar levels of strength. Several video games also contain exceedingly strong characters. Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ sits comfortably at Universe level, and Demigra as well as some Xenoverse 1 and 2 characters, along with characters from Dragon Ball Heroes, most notably Xeno Goku, stand at the top of alternative media's hierarchy at Multiverse level.


Dragon Ball has some notable striking strength feats, as they are capable of destroying planets and beyond with their punches and kicks.

The verse's levels range from Street Class on the lower ends, to Low Multiversal via Zen'ō.

Characters for the most part lack lifting strength feats, however. Though there are a couple of more noteworthy instances. Vados, with her telekinesis, can move multiple planet-sized objects with ease; and Super Shenron has Multi-Galactic Class lifting strength through sheer size alone.


Ranges from Superhuman to Massively Hypersonic+ in Part I, reaching Relativistic in early Part II, FTL to FTL+ in the Frieza Saga, and at least FTL+ in the the Cell Saga and Buu Saga. Part III introduces Massively FTL+ ratings to the order of tens of quadrillions of times FTL, due to Whis' speed feats. Fusion Zamasu would also eventually become Omnipresent through merging with the universe and its space-time.






Son Goku

Kid goku picture Goku SSJ Render Goku-super-saiyan-blue-artwork


Vegeta base render Mystic gohan by harribel55-d6hzhop Pic New15391 New15448 Tien-1 New15186 Goten Kidtrunks Futuretrunks Futuregohan Master roshi by maffo1989-d8m22q9-0


Chi-Chi as a teenager Bulmab Jaco patrullero galactico Mr popo by alexiscabo1-d9bgzdc Yayirobe render Galactic king by alexiscabo1-da09chc Future mai by alexiscabo1-dab32a5 Launch 2 Grandpa Gohan Videl-1 Satan 508876-korin large

Martial Artists

Bacterian Giran Nam GL Pamput DB

Eternal Dragons

7fdc8404b6e8b67822676df1a874f602 Porunga-0 Supershenron

Red Ribbon Army

Black Imblue Murasaki Ninja Tao Pai Pai Trans

Frieza's Army

5150273-4801773-500px-2204548-frieza final form DBZ King Cold Captain Ginyu New15099 New15039 New22742 Guldo by maffo1989-d5edy18 Zarbon-0 Dodoria Tagoma Shisami dragon ball super render by xantrogamerx-d9l83ql Cui Sorbet-1 Apple-0


9. Android 17 Android18 Android 16 Super android 19 by robertovile-d4qwtuk Gero20 Cell-0 Cell jr hd by simoneartsrender-d5im0jyRender c 8 by poh2000-d4ncoq3

Babidi's Faction

Babidi Majin Dabura Yakon Spopovich Majin buu 2

Planet Vegeta

King vegeta by saodvd dcsu304 Bardock Broly New15498 Raditz Render Broly DBS Paragus DBS New15614


Kamikami King piccolo DB Drum Render Tambourine Cymbal Nail1

Universe 2

Brianne-0 U02 rosya U02 kakunsaa Jimeze

Universe 3

Maji kayo Katopesla Bora Viara U03 koitsukai

Universe 4

Ganos U04 damon U04 monna Shousa render Majora render2

Universe 6

Botamo by rayzorblade189-d9ud4s4 Dragon ball super frost final form render by evil black sparx 77-d9ucylc Mag-0 Cabba-1 Hit Caulifla califla dbs by saodvd-db89ljj Kale 2 U06 Saonel Pirina

Universe 9

Bergamodbs DB Lavenda Basil

Universe 10

Evil Future Zamasu KakarotBlack Obuni-2 Napapa-1

Universe 11

Toppopo Jiren the gray Dyspo the sonic warrior Cocotte 1 Tupper U11 kunshi U11 saule Kettle render Soldado del Orgullo Casseral


Kaisupreme Kibito Kai-0


Gotenks Base Vegetto Fusion Zamasu Kefla Normal Koichiarator universe 3 by obsolete00-dbx1k21 Anilaza by naironkr-dbzcz7o Gogeta by andrewdragonball dcwsry1-pre

Gods of Destruction

Ivan god of destruction universe 1 by saodvd-db5v5v4 Heles Mosco by alphagreywind-db20w0j Quitel Arak by alphagreywind-db6af5v Champa-0 Beerus-0 Liquir Sidra by rayzorblade189-daza3jt Ramushi Belmod Geen god of destruction of the universe 12 by davidbksandrade-db2mu38


Granddai U01 awamo U02 sawaa Campari U04 Konikku U05 Cukatail2 Vados-0 Whis-0 U08 Korun Mojito dbs Cus10 Marcarita by koku78-dawhwsh U12 Martinu2




Emma daioh sama dbz by changopepe-d3e8iys Devil La momia Mai Monster-Carrot-psd61982 Watagash Barry Blue Copy-0 Arale Norimaki

Video Games Only

Xeno goku definitivo by xyelkiltrox-dbkb56c Future Warrior 2 (Manga) Render Future Warrior XV MkaburaFu XV2 RenderJanemba Mira DBXV concept art Time breaker bardock by hyb1rd 1982-da97an8 Dbz towa Real adult hero ultimate tenkaichi by robertovile-d4f6ms9 Chronoa Majin android 21 render by tj mystic-dc0nwsj Shallot1 Cumber Evil Saiyan Heroes Broly Dark Gravy MechaGoku Shroom ChamelHeroes Majin Fin

Super Manga Only

Son Goku Chou full Zamasu fusionado merged zamasu by nekoar-daqabji 45 by 876216505-dcyi6q3

Spin-Offs Only

Neko Majin Z Kuriza ff

Live Action

Gokuevolrender Lord Piccolo Movie


Oie tgeT2Nq3GUT2 Dsswordbyryukama The Devil Castle Cannon








Ssbe vegeta

Migatte no goku i by nekoar-dbriqrd2





Due to considerable contradictions, we do not consider Dragon Ball Kai as part of the main canon, and strictly use the original manga and Dragon Ball Super for scaling the characters.

While the way that we currently scale the characters is not perfect, it is the best solution to the illogical inconsistencies that DBS has given us.


CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA (Japanese Dragonball Z opening)

CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA (Japanese Dragonball Z opening)

Dragon Ball's main theme song

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