Goku. Once I've taken control of your body, I'll finally discard this ugly, metal shell. Then, will I fulfill my destiny, and become the greatest scientist the world has ever known!
~ Dr. Wheelo


Dr. Wheelo (Dr.ウィロー, Dr. Uirō) is a scientist who performs experiments in biotechnology. He is the primary antagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest. His name is a pun on "uiro," a type of Japanese cake.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 5-A

Name: Dr. Wheelo

Origin: Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (well over 50 years)

Classification: Evil Scientist, cyborg

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ki Manipulation (Can be used defensively and offensively, to strengthen his skin or to fire ki blasts, which can home in on targets, and form defensive barriers), Ki Sensing, Flight, Mastery of technology, Genius Intelligence, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Resistance to Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiations

Attack Potency: Dwarf Star level+ (Overpowered non-canon Kaio-ken x3 Goku, who is superior to anime Vegeta)

Speed: FTL (Contended with non-canon Kaio-ken Goku and to a lesser degree, Kaio-ken x3 Goku)

Lifting Strength: Class G

Striking Strength: Dwarf Star Class+

Durability: Dwarf Star level+

Stamina: Very high

Range: Standard melee range. Planetary with energy blasts and attacks.

Standard Equipment: Specialized android body, a lot of equipment in his lab.

Intelligence: Genius

Weaknesses: None notable

Note: The statistics of Dragon Ball GT/Movie characters are clearly part of a separate continuity, and as such tend to differ greatly from the current canon.



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