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Note: Some of the profiles on here will cover content all the way to the current end of the manga. Spoilers are inevitable.


After modern humanity was petrified for thousands of years, nature reclaimed the Earth, leaving humanity long lost and forgotten. After awakening from his petrification on April 1st, 5738 AD, the main character Senku swore to recreate civilization and restore humanity using the power of science.

Power of the Verse

This verse is not very powerful, as it only consists of humans. Notable individuals such as Tsukasa and Senku exist, both of which could be considered within the realm of superhuman, but the verse overall lacks pure destructive feats.

Physically, the weakest characters are normal humans, while the strongest humans are around Wall Level. Explosives such as Nitroglycerin can boost characters up to Wall level and even Small Building level in ample quantities. The verse also has a small variety of hax, such as Petrification and Acid Manipulation.







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