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The Donkey Kong series follows the adventures of Donkey Kong and his friends. The first game in the series, Donkey Kong, is also considered the first game of the Mario series, as it actually starred Mario (known as "Jumpman") as the protagonist (while Donkey Kong was the villain).

Like the Mario series, the Donkey Kong series is a media franchise made up of video games, comics and cartoons. After the initial series of arcade and Game & Watch titles (many of which included Mario), the series ended until Rare, Ltd. created Donkey Kong Country, which was drastically different than the earlier Donkey Kong games: it focused solely on Donkey Kong and his kin, and was set in and around their jungle home on Donkey Kong Island. This led to two more games in the Donkey Kong Country series, three similar Donkey Kong Land games, and various other installations and spin-offs. The Donkey Kong Country series is considered a classic in the platformer genre, and is always a best seller , the first in the series being the second best seller on the SNES. The series is also acclaimed for its amazing soundtracks, often considered some of the best in the genre, and even of soundtracks period.

Two spin-offs to the series, Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers and Diddy Kong Pilot were canceled. The series faced a five year hiatus until Nintendo EAD released Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Since then, Paon and Retro Studios have taken Rare's place and kept the series alive.

Power of the Verse

The Donkey Kong Universe (Part of the Marioverse) is a quite powerful verse mostly for the fact that the highest destructive feats are country busting and planetary reality warping as seen by characters like Wizpig. In addition, King K Rool pilots the Blast-O-Matic which is capable of island busting, Donkey Kong Island is filled with alternate realms/worlds to other areas (same with the island from Diddy Kong Racing), and DK can easily punch a moon out of orbit.







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