Will you write your way into her heart?

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Doki Doki Literature Club! is a Visual Novel created by Team Salvato, lead by Dan Salvato, one of the programmers of Project M. The story takes place in the eponymous literature club of the local high school. The protagonist is convinced by his childhood friend, Sayouri, to join the club. From now on, he will spend his day in the club alongside tsundere Natsuki, shrinking violet Yuri and the club's president, Monika.

Due to the nature of the game, note that this verse alongside all of its associated profiles contains heavy spoilers. Read at your own risks.

Powers of the Verse

Despite appearances, this game is extremely powerful, notably due to the president of the literature club, who possesses knowledge over the fourth wall and can affect the game in many ways, including erasing files or even changing the script of the game, acting as Plot Manipulation. Although the vast majority of characters are normal humans in every way, theoretically anyone can reach the status of "president" in the game, giving them the powers of the god tiers of the verse.






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