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I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.


Doctor Who is a British Sci-Fi TV show about a time traveling alien called The Doctor fighting off monsters with his or her companions using the TARDIS to travel. It is the longest running science-fiction show in the world. The Doctor regenerates into a new form when he or she dies. So far there have been 13 Doctors, 14 including the War Doctor.

This verse can be called the "Doctor Who Universe" ("DWU" for short) or just the "Whoniverse".

Power of the Verse

Doctor Who is an immensely formidable verse. The Timelords alone are able to destroy the multiverse and erase concepts on a universal level. Many characters and weapons can easily destroy entire universes, and even the entire multiverse. Beyond the multiverse there are other multiverses, collecting into an omniverse. The standard multiverse has 11 spatial and temporal dimensions; five lower dimensions and 6 manifold dimensions that exist in the Six-Fold Realm. However, more spatial/temporal dimensions exist in the omniverse and certain multiverses (such as the multiverse after this one), with the total amount of dimensions being infinite.

Note: These profiles cover Expanded Universe profiles, as well as for the main continuity show.





Time Lords

3ldki7 The Master profile Rassilon profile Omega profile


Dalek profile Cybermen profile Sutekh profile Silence profile Sontaran VP Weeping Angel VP Judoon VP The Mire VP Slitheen VP Roboforms VP Zygons VP The Ood VP The Empty Child VP Nobody NoOne VP The Sandman Profile

Transcendent Beings

Eternals profile Chronovore profile Kronos profile Death profile Quantum Archangel profile Black Guardian profile White Guardian profile Celestial Toymaker profile The Grace profile Great Intelligence profile Fenric profile Carnival Queen profile Gods of Ragnarok profile Nestene Consciousness VP Guardians profile Menti Celesti profile

Other Entities

Swimmers profile



The Glory profile Reality Bomb profile Type-40 TARDIS VP


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