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Doctor Doom
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I have looked into the future, I have seen how one violent action after another spins the world toward a future where all that remains of Earth is a burned out cinder. Every time I have looked into the future, that is what I have seen. Every time but one.

In one possible future mankind becomes united. Cures for all diseases are found. Global conflicts end. Hunger is abolished. Education is universal. And no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment.

Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish... and survive. Only one. Doomworld.

~ Doctor Doom


Doctor Victor Von Doom is the dictator of the small European country Latveria and the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four. The son of a Romani witch, Cynthia von Doom, he was orphaned at a young age and grew into a brilliant, stubborn man who used his technology to protect his people. He travelled to the United States to study, where he met Reed Richards and immediately disliked him. However, after a machine he created to communicate with the dead malfunctioned, his face was badly scarred, and he blamed Richards for the incident.

Expelled, he travelled the world, ultimately collapsing on a Tibetan mountainside. There, he was rescued by monks, whose martial arts he mastered before taking control of their order himself. After creating himself a complex suit of power armor, complete with a mask to hide his badly scarred face, he named himself Doctor Doom. He conquered Latveria and looked to the future, immersing himself in sorcery and science so he could conquer the planet and rule over it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-C himself. Doombots, non-standard technology or preparation can reach up to 3-C to 2-A | High 6-C | Low 1-C, possibly higher | Low 1-A

Name: Doctor Victor Von Doom

Origin: Marvel Comics

Age: Likely in his 40s or 50s

Gender: Male

Classification: Human scientist & sorcerer, Monarch of Latveria

Powers and Abilities:

Genius Intelligence, Master Swordsman (Trained under and surpassed Europe's greatest swordsmen. Reflected an energy beam at close range) and Martial Artist (Caught Captain America's shield, and is skilled enough to be a match for him and Black Panther even when his armor's been depowered), Accelerated Development (Was able to learn magic at an extremely fast pace)[1], Enhanced Senses (His hearing is superhuman), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Electricity Manipulation (Can manifest electricity around himself), Energy Manipulation and Absorption (Drained all of Count Nefaria's power, leaving him an old man, and absorbed Nightmare after converting him into energy), Ice Manipulation (Has refrigerating units built into his armor that can freeze Reed Richards), Magnetism Manipulation (Reversed his armor's polarity to turn Magneto's powers against him, and caught Cap's shield in a magnetic field), Mind Manipulation (Has "Instant Hypnotism Inducers" that he can use to control others built into his armor, and scrambled Grey Hulk's nerve impulses to render him incapable of controlling his body), Invisibility (Has a portable cloaking unit installed into his armor that makes it so that not even Wolverine can sense him), Reactive Evolution (His armor's defenses are adaptive and nearly self-aware, using adaptive technology), Supernatural Willpower (Resisted the Purple Man's control through will alone, and endured the Marquis of Death turning his heart to stone and his blood to acid while destroying his atoms), Teleportation (Can teleport using his emergency transport beam and has teleporters located all across Earth), Time Travel (Has time circuity built into his armor, letting him travel through time, and used null-time sequencers to travel across time while fighting Reed, defeated Galactus by repeatedly travelling back in time to find a new angle), Transmutation (Can convert matter into energy), Power Mimicry and Information Analysis (His armor's micro computers can analyze the techniques of other magic users and replicate them in seconds)[1], Sleep Manipulation (Possesses sleeping gas)[2], Biological Manipulation (Can scramble neural impulses)[3], Underwater Breathing (Type 1) and Resistance to Gases (His suit is sealed and able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen)[4][5]

Gravity Manipulation (Can increase the effects of gravity with his Sensitizer), Matter Manipulation (Possesses technology that can reduce others to atoms and trigger the atomic destruction of their bodies, transformed his own body on molecular scale, used a device to reconstitute Shadowcat's body from molecules, gave Ultron the ability to cancel the force binding subatomic particles), Mind Manipulation (Hypnotized UN delegates with a device hidden in a statue, used his "Emotion Charger" to make every villain on Earth active, affecting even Super Skrull in another galaxy and Kang the Conqueror in the future, and his Vibration Bomb would wipe out patriotism and loyalty across the world, destroying the personalities of everyone on Earth and replacing it with complete loyalty to Doom, making his thoughts their own), Plot Manipulation with the Prime Mover (Can control reality as if it were a chessboard, dictating the actions of others, and can retroactively remake the lives of others, as proven by when he made it so that he had always been a thoughtform created from the darker side of Reed's mind), Reality Manipulation (Using an Actuality Shield, Doom could transform unreality into reality, keeping reality stable in Latveria when Nightmare was warping the rest of the Earth, eventually using it to reduce him to a real, physical being), Size Manipulation (Can shrink others to a subatomic size with the Reducing Ray, trapping them within the Microverse, another dimension, and created a device to scale himself back up. Can alter the mass of objects with his Molecular Expander), Space-Time Manipulation (Can apparently turn time into space with his technology, possesses a Time Cube incorporated into his armor that he can use to reverse time, reconstructing his destroyed castle. Can freeze time with a certain device and can transport people to a time platform in his castle where they will be frozen in time), Technology Manipulation / Hacking (Hacked into all of America's electronics to shut down technology all across the country, and has access to the computer systems of all the world's Great Powers, including the Avengers', took control over Avengers Headquarters), Attack Reflection (His Psionic Refractor can reflect mental attacks), BFR (Can teleport his opponents to another dimension using certain spheres and sent Daniel Drumm to the Land of the Dead), Healing (Can heal injuries that modern medicine cannot), Illusion Creation (Can make others see whatever he desires using a special drug), Power Absorption (Can absorb the powers of Silver Surfer, Galactus, and even Franklin Richards, drained the Power Cosmic from both Terrax and Silver Surfer with his Siphon Suit), Power Nullification (Disabled Scarlet Witch's powers with a device), Transmutation (Transmuted Storm into chrome with a special globe), Paralysis Inducement (Using this device)[10], BFR (Can send people to another dimension)[11], Radiation Nullification (Used a particle projector to render all radioactive isotopes inert, meaning no radioactive energy can be used by anyone in the world expect for him)[12]

In addition to his normal abilities; Precognition, Biological Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (The Power Cosmic grants the wielder control over matter, and Doom has used it to alter his own atomic structure at will), Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Can destroy souls), Weather Manipulation, Transmutation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Black Hole Creation, Shapeshifting, Intangibility, Astral Projection, Portal Creation, Spatial Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Time Travel, Sealing/Absorption (Can absorb other beings into the Silver Surfer's board), Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Void Manipulation, and Time Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (High-Mid; High overtime)

In addition to his normal abilities; Reality Warping (Holds Battleworld together with his will and his tantrum could destroy all Battleworld; Altered New Attilan and shifted Black Bolt and Medusa's position in society, turning Black Bolt into New Attilan's king and Medusa into the leader of the insurrection based at the Quiet Room with a snap of his fingers), Conceptual Manipulation (Controlled Eternity who only encompassed Battleworld at this time), Death Manipulation (Could have ended Reed Richard with a snap of his fingers), Life and Light Manipulation (Created light and life), Matter Manipulation (Created mechas during his fight against Black Panther), Memory Manipulation (Wiped out the memories of the residents of Battleworld with Doctor Strange's help), Mind Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation (Control time and space), Creation, Deconstruction (Disintegrated Doctor Strange with a gesture of his hand), Power Bestowal (Created the Mjolnir for the Thor Corps), Resurrection (Resurrected Earth-15513 Galactus), Teleportation, Regeneration, Resistance to Heat Manipulation/Fire Manipulation (Fought Black Panther in the sun without any issues) and Transmutation (Reformed after being turned into glass and then shattered)

Attack Potency: Large Island level himself (Can trade blows with and overpower the likes of the Thing. Destroyed a group of Doombots that were almost comparable to him. Fought and matched Iron Man's Model 29[16] and Model 42[17] Armors). Doombots, non-standard technology or preparation can reach up to Galaxy level (Doombots peak at this level, as Doom possesses a small army of them powered by an artificial emulation of the Power Cosmic comparable to the real thing. Can cut through Hulk's skull with an adamantium chainsaw to perform brain surgery, and recreate the Destroyer by draining the Odinforce from a bunch of Asgardians. Can artificially emulate the Power Cosmic) to Multiverse level+ (After millions of years of mastering black arts he killed a Watcher with an "off-the-scale power source", it being an alternative dimension version of Uatu[18]. Can channel the mystic energy that exists in vibranium to connect himself to every piece of vibranium on the planet, gaining power greater than that which he had when he held a Cosmic Cube[19], when said cube was used by Reed to defeat Doom with a well-fed Galactus' power, at a point where Doom was so powerful that he said he could "end all time -- all existence -- with a simple thought"[20]. Through Power Absorption, he stole Galactus' power in the scale said before, siphoned the cosmic powers of a Watcher[21] [who should be on the same level as fellow Watchers like Uatu], turning it into an armor, and attempted to claim Uatu's power for his own too[22]. On another occasion he absorbed the Life Force power of Scarlet Witch, which he stated even the power of the Beyonder was nothing compared to it[23]). Can ignore conventional durability in several ways. | Large Island level (Wears and utilizes Iron Man's Armor Model 51) | Low Complex Multiverse level, possibly higher (After the Molecule Man absorbed the power of The Beyonders, Doom was allowed to channel a part of it from which he was able to utilize enough to fight and overpower a user of The Infinity Gauntlet and kill Phoenix Force Cyclops with ease. Has re-created Galactus to be Franklin Richard's servant) | Low Outerverse level (Gained the power of the Beyonder)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can keep up with the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man. Caught the shield of Captain America midair, and countered Black Panther with relative ease). Doombots, non-standard technology or preparation can reach up to Massively FTL+ (His strongest Doombots should be capable of keeping up with the Silver Surfer after being empowered by the Power Cosmic, and Doom can reach similar speeds himself) | At least Sub-Relativistic+ (Comparable to Iron Man), Massively FTL+ flight speed | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Class G | At least Class G | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Large Island Class himself. Doombots, non-standard technology or preparation can reach up to Galactic to Multiversal+ | Large Island Class | Low Complex Multiversal | Low Outerversal

Durability: Large Island level (Inside the armor, survives attacks on this level either relatively fine or harmed while running the risk of being killed, but the armor itself is more durable. He can take blows from the Thing) to Country level (His armor is at this level and Doom has survived unconscious and with minor cracks being near an explosion over a part of the moon). Doombots, non-standard technology or preparation can reach up to Galaxy level to Multiverse level+ | Large Island level | Low Complex Multiverse level, possibly higher (Tanked blows from a user of The Infinity Gauntlet) | Low Outerverse level

Stamina: Superhuman. Doom's willpower is one of his greatest assets, along with his intellect, allowing him to fight off legions of demons in Hell after losing his demonic mystic powers. He has even managed, through sheer hatred, to survive the Marquis of Death turning his heart to stone and his blood to acid while destroying his atoms, right before being tossed millions of years into the past and being torn limb from limb by Megalodons.

Range: At least Kilometers with normal blasts (Can blast most other places in Latveria from his castle), Planetary with other technology (Can affect people across the planet), Interstellar with teleportation (Can teleport himself, and others to far off planets). | Low Complex Multiversal | Low Outerversal

Standard Equipment:

  • Power Armor: Doom is never without his signature power armor, a technological marvel he magically forged at a Tibetan monastery and which he has extensively upgraded and modified over the years. It incorporates many systems, some optional and others almost always present, and Doom builds on it whenever necessary. These systems include jet systems, advanced sensory systems that can scan on all frequencies, many computers that allow it to automatically track and attack targets, a nearly self-aware AI that constantly works to improve Doom's defenses, supported by other adaptive technologies, and life support systems that produce air, water, food, and energy. Doom's armor also contains many weapons, such as grenades, lasers, missiles, plasma cannons, repulsor beams, and so on. It is also protected by an electrical current that shocks anyone who touches it, and a powerful forcefield. The armor even has fragments of the True Cross incorporated to fend off vampires and demons. It has fail safes to make sure that only Doom can make full use of its abilities, to ensure his technology cannot be used against him, and even if it is worn by someone else, it will slowly brainwash them and replace their personality with Doom's. Other systems include;
    • Ectoplasmic Ionizer: Built into Doom's armor, this allows him to dispel the spirits of the dead, sending them to the afterlife.
    • Inhibitor Ray: Doom's inhibitor ray can be used to dampen the supernatural powers of others and subtly affect their minds to make it impossible for them to attack him.
    • Instant Hypnotism Impulsers: Doom's gloves have these hypnotic devices built into them, which allows Doom to hypnotize others by pointing his hand at them.
    • Miniature flying spy camera: A flying camera no bigger than a pea that is controlled by Doom. It can be used to stealthy see and hear enemy territory for Doom to gain valuable information.
    • Molecular Expander: Doom carries a Molecular Expander with him that he can use to expand pebbles and even atomic particles to the size of boulders.
    • Nerve-Scrambler Ray: Using this weapon, Doom can scramble his opponents' nerve impulses to prevent them from properly controlling their body or coordinating their movements.
    • Unknown booby traps and point-singularity power supply: Even with Doom captured and his armor's power drained, heroes like the Avengers may fear the many booby traps awaiting any who dare attempt to remove the armor from Doom, despite the likes of Thor and She-Hulk being in the team and thus implying either a reaction at their level of power or some form of hax. The zone of his ankle also houses a secret button that can restore the power of his armor[24].
    • Power Cosmic Siphon Harness: A device that Doom built that allows him to absorb the power of others. Originally a clunky harness, it has decreased in size over the years, eventually becoming a part of Doom's armor. It allows him to near-instantly drain the power of even cosmic beings such as Terrax, Silver Surfer, Watchers such as Uatu, and Galactus.
    • Refrigeration Gloves: Doom's gloves have a refrigerating device built into them that can quickly fully freeze others when contact is made.
    • Time Cube: Doom has a Time Cube incorporated into his armor, which he can use to manipulate time, reversing it to reconstruct his destroyed castle.
  • Skin Armor: After making a pact with the Hazareth Three, and sacrificing his lifelong love, Valeria, Doom gained this mystic armor and all the knowledge he would've possessed if he had devoted his entire life to mastering magic. However, after failing to deliver on his end of the pact, he lost these powers.
  • Iron Man Armor Model 51: As the Infamous Iron Man, Doom has carried on Iron Man's legacy and wears his newest armor, Model Prime.

  • Actuality Shield: A personal shield that can transform the unreal into real things, allowing it to counteract Nightmare's powers and reduce him to a physical being.
  • Doombots: Doom is well-known for his legions of Doombots, robotic doppelgangers created to fool others into thinking that they have defeated him or to act in his stead. Each Doombot's mind is near completely identical to Doom's, preventing telepaths from telling the difference. His most powerful Doombots are outfitted with replications of the Power Cosmic, making them equal to the likes of the Silver Surfer.
  • Emotion Charger: Doom used this device to make every villain on Earth active at once, affecting even Kang in the future and Super-Skrull within the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • The Prime Mover: One of Doom's most powerful inventions, the Prime Mover allowed him to control reality and dictate the actions of others by entering in commands and directing reality as if it were a chessboard. With the Prime Mover, he can retroactively remake the lives of others and even himself, temporarily making it so that he had always been a tulpa formed from the dark side of Reed's subconscious.
  • Reducing Ray: A shrink ray that Doom created while in Reed's body that allows him to shrink others down into "nothingness" - in truth, this shrinks them down to below subatomic size, sending them to the Microverse.
  • Time-Shift Bomb: A bomb that throws those affected 2 seconds back in time, distorting their perception and allowing Doom to easily avoid their lagging movements.
  • Vibration Bomb: A bomb that erases the loyalties and personalities of all those caught in the blast and replaces it with complete and utter loyalty to Doom, making his thoughts their only thoughts, and his will their own will.

  • Cosmic Cube: A powerful cosmic artifact that contains the power of a 4-dimensional space-time continuum and grants its wielder the ability to fulfill their wishes by warping the world around them. In the storyline of Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine, Doom acquired a Cosmic Cube by travelling into the past and took it for himself. He can use it to create constructs in the shapes of others and with their powers, banish others to alternate dimensions, nullify the powers of others, even those as powerful as Galactus, and even become one with the universe itself. At one point, Doom's scientists even created their own Cosmic Cube, which was able to layer other universes over the prime 616 reality.
  • Cosmic Control Rod: Annihilus' symbol of power, a device that allows its wielder to control the cosmic energies of the Negative Zone and halt their aging process. During the aforementioned storyline, this is one of the artifacts that Doom acquires.
  • Helix of Randac: An endless supply of bio-energy used by the Inhumans, which Doom stole in the aforementioned storyline and used to alter himself so he could survive while utilizing the Ultimate Machine.
  • Ultimate Machine: The Ultimate Machine is an ancient device owned by Uatu that contains all the information in the universe and can be worn like a helmet to access this knowledge. However, for most beings, even those as smart as the Leader, these billions upon billions of sensations would prove lethal, making it impossible to use it. Doom, however, was able to draw upon its knowledge after modifying himself with the Inhumans' Helix of Randac.

  • Intelligence: Supergenius. Doom is a brilliant polymath only rivaled on Earth by Reed Richards, his greatest opponent, and the High Evolutionary, and is thus one of the three smartest people on the planet. His brain is faster than the world's most advanced computers, and even in his college years, he was smarter than his professors and revolutionized computer science simply because the computers available could not keep up with him. Doom has invented many extremely advanced weaponry and items, including his armor, more advanced than even that of Iron Man. He has a vast knowledge of science and sorcery amassed through his time travels, knowing enough of magic to be a candidate for Sorcerer Supreme, and having knowledge of spells that even Doctor Strange doesn't know. His mystic library contains texts from the dawn of writing. He can easily reprogram robots far more advanced than normal humans would be able to comprehend, and has even reprogrammed Ultron to be completely loyal to him. At one point, though the knowledge was later lost to him, Doom even learned how to create his own Cosmic Cube. Understanding Hyperstorm's advanced technology was a simple matter for him, and he's also a practiced brain surgeon. He also mastered the secrets of Vibranium, which not even Wakanda and T'Challa could accomplish. His consciousness was vast and powerful enough to download a planet’s worth of data. Loki has stated that he somewhat fears Doom's intelligence and states that he's confident that Doom could even clone Thor with time. Doom accounts for all possibilities in combat, building failsafe after failsafe into his armor to deal with any negative outcomes. Being nearly killed and sent millions of years into the past was not enough to kill Doom, who survived through his sheer hatred and mastered black arts that he couldn't even fathom before, spending millions of years waiting for his chance to betray the Marquis of Death. He is exceptionally skilled in close combat and strategy, catching Captain America's shield and matching Black Panther in hand-to-hand combat. He is a master swordsman and tactician, at one point switching places with a doppelganger while fighting Reed and simultaneously time travelling to fake his death. While on many occasions Reed has been said to be his only better, only Doom has been able to return Ben Grimm to his human form, and only Doom saved his unborn daughter Valeria. All in all, Doom is considered by many to be the most dangerous man on Earth, including the likes of Kang the Conqueror, and even Thanos recognizes him as a threat. | Nigh-Omniscient with the Ultimate Machine (It grants its wielder all knowledge in the universe, including of things that are currently transpiring)

    Weaknesses: Doom is very arrogant and overconfident, sometimes becomes bored and allows his opponents to win, and abides by a strict code of honor. He lost his "Skin Armor" and his enhanced magical abilities and knowledge after failing to honor his deal with the Hazareth Three. He cannot retain the Power Cosmic to the same extent as the Silver Surfer or Galactus, as he is still only a human, though his Doombots do not have this shortcoming. When wielding Galactus' power, Doom is subject to his hunger. During Secret Wars, he cannot fully control the immense powers of the Beyonder.

    Notable Attacks/Techniques:

    Psionics: Doom has studied and gained access to a host of mental abilities, evolving as a being through his extensive mental development.

    • Hypnosis: Doom has the power to hypnotize others through eye contact, dominating their minds with his overwhelming willpower.
    • Ovoid Mind Transfer: A mental power that Doom learned from the alien Ovoids. By making eye contact with another being, he can transfer his consciousness into their body, switching places their original consciousness, and leaving them in his old body. As he prefers his own body to that of any other, he dislikes doing this, but will do it if necessary, and can even use it multiple times in quick succession while fighting.

    Magic: Doom is one of the greatest sorcerers on Earth. He has amassed this magical knowledge from several tutors and sources over the years, reading from many tomes of black magic and training under Morgan le Fay, Doctor Strange, the Haazareth Three, and the Marquis of Death.

    His magical knowledge was far enhanced during his pact with the Hazareth Three, giving him his Skin Armor and all the knowledge that he would've had had he devoted his entire life to mastering magic rather than science.

    • Anti-Physics: During his demonic powerup, Doom's presence alone was enough to slowly repeal the laws of physics around him, weakening their influence.
    • Crimson Bands of Cytorrak: A spell that draws power from the god Cytorrak to create several red energy rings to bind an opponent.
    • Dreamtime: Thanks to his research, Doom can access the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime to communicate with others through their dreams.
    • Healing: Doom can use his mystic abilities to heal himself and others, such as to repair his broken neck.
    • Spirit Reversal: A spell that crippled The Sentry, but only due to his unstable mental state.
    • Summoning: Doom can summon a variety of demons and monsters, calling upon entire hordes of demonic abominations to fight against his opponents, some of which are strong enough on their own to match the likes of the Thing.
    • Teleportation: Doom's mystic abilities allow him to teleport, and he can even interfere with the teleportation spells of others, controlling and changing their destinations so they will arrive wherever he pleases, even on a far-off planet.
    • Temporal Banishment: Doom was able to easily banish Morgan le Fay back in time, stranding her in 1,000,000 B.C.

    Key: Base | Infamous Iron Man | God Emperor Doom | Original Secret Wars


    • This profile only covers the 616 version of Doctor Doom. Not all of the features described in his armor are present at once (although they could be), and many of them are devices that he made in the past.
    • Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics.


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