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A world full of magic and wonder, Divinity focuses on the the individuals that shape the world they know. Decisions are made at every turn, and the fate of the world lies within them. Depending on the path that is taken, the world can be exalted, destroyed, or somewhere in-between.

Power of the Verse

The Divinity verse is very powerful. Magic abounds in the world, and even normal opponents can use potent spells, turning enemies into chickens or stones with a touch. Almost everyone has a way to teleport and ignore durability in some way. To compensate these potent magics, Magic Armor in the game completely nullifies the extra effects that magic can have. This means the armored target is immune to being stunned, mind controlled, petrified, and more. Similarly, Physical Armor blocks physical debuffs. An armored unit is unmovable; they cannot be knocked down or stopped until the armor is broken.

Though normal magic is already strong, the true power of the verse lies with Source. Source is the language of creation. All life and existence stems from Source, and the wielders of it are known as Sourcerers. Even a completely untrained Sourcerer is far more powerful than a normal mage, with those experienced in it being capable of destroying the planet. True masters of Source can create entire pocket dimensions, filled with stars, and manipulate souls to unfathomable levels. The Gods (master Source users) can create, destroy, break, jump into, hide within, and combine other souls. They are able to fuse their own soul to another, joining the two together as one, linking their fates together. But even all 7 Gods are nothing compared to the primary antagonist. The Lord of the Void, the King of the Eternals, The God King. Armageddon incarnate, The God King would single-handedly bring the world to its knees, should he be allowed to return to the real world.

Expansive in hax abilities and power, Divinity is not a verse to be trifled with.

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