T7 ion disruptor

The T7 ion disruptor became infamous after its usage during the Fall of Lasan and was banned by the Imperial Senate. However, many imperial agents continued using them. Many also made their way into the hands of arms dealers and criminal syndicates.


Disruptors are a kind of powerful handheld directed energy weapon capable of atomizing organic targets and disabling even well armored vehicles and small starships. Produced by various unscrupulous arms manufacturers and even criminal syndicates with ties to or control of manufacturing guilds, these weapons are widely feared but also favored by the likes of assassins, bounty hunters, even government agents. They are banned on most planets and merely possessing one can earn hefty sentences. They were officially banned by the Galactic Empire as well but high ranking Imperial Security Bureau agents were allowed to use them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | High 8-C

Name: Disruptor Pistol | Disruptor Rifle

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Handheld directed energy weapon

Users: Galactic Empire (Imperial Security Bureau), Alliance to Restore the Republic (albeit against regulations), assassins and bounty hunters, various criminal syndicates.

Material: Various kinds of unspecified alloys, power pack likely has Dedlanite and Tibanna gas

Needed prerequisite for use: Skilled marksmanship and expertise with the weapon

Attack Potency: Building level (A single shot can atomize an adult human being. This requires roughly 3 Gigajoules of energy) | Large Building level+ (Can atomize much larger creatures than humans, such as Lasat. A single shot can take down an AT-DP)

Range: Several meters | Dozens of meters


  • Quite bulky and unwieldy. This makes them especially difficult to use in close quarters.
  • They have very limited range compared to conventional blasters. Disruptor pistols have a maximum effective range of just several meters (compared to several dozen meters for conventional blaster pistols) while disruptor rifles seemingly have a maximum effective range of dozens of meters (compared to several hundred meters for conventional blaster carbines).
  • Extremely low rate of fire (one shot per couple of seconds).
  • After just a few shots, they need to go through a cool-down and recharge time before they can be used again. During this time, if the user has no backup weapon on hand, they can be left defenseless.

Key: Disruptor Pistol | Disruptor Rifle

Note: The Disney continuity book Droids in Distress explicitly states that disruptors atomize and that targets are ripped apart “atom by atom”.

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