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For detailed information about this series, visit Wikimon or the Digimon Wiki.


Digimon or Digital Monsters was at first a virtual pet created by WIZ co.,ltd that was released on June 26, 1997 that expanded into a franchise centered around the creatures living inside them that quickly eclipsed the popularity of the Virtual Pets themselves and as such began as a series of Virtual Pets, but was later made into a large multimedia franchise hosting various anime, manga, novels, card games and video games.

The original stories establish Digimon as computer viruses that have evolved to act as living beings and are covered by a texture that gives them an understandable format to humans that complements their wireframe. The Digimon began to be identified by the scientific society in 1997 when one was discovered in a personal computer, through this discovery a series of devices were created to connect to the world of the Digimon. These devices were originally used by researchers or hackers to directly influence the Digimon and the Digital World, but at one point they began to be distributed in a generalized way making the Digimon into something of general knowledge, but which is usually treated only as a fictional franchise. A human who trains a Digimon is known as Tamer, and being the greatest of the Tamers is the desire of many.

In other stories, it is established that in fact, the Digimon are primordial souls that existed long before the Real World was created as a conceptual world known as Idea, the true form of the world. The multiverse is established as a hierarchy of levels of existence that are usually isolated from one another by a balance. However, sometimes the balance is broken and the worlds end up connecting. In moments like these beings of different levels of existence end up strangely manifesting in other worlds. In the past, the inhabitants of Idea were eventually detected by humans in the form of ghosts, deities and demons that could be conjured by spells. In today's world, technology is the new source of magic for humans and in it, spirits are easily detected when there is an imbalance in the world, because of this the humans of today see the problems caused in technology as computer bugs and then they see the souls as computer viruses, in this case, the Digimon. Because of information feedback between worlds, Idea adapts to human interpretation and ends up acting like a computer world in the eyes of humans, just as many Digimon end up acting according to human common sense, which establishes them the way humans expect them to act.

Digimon stories vary between these two interpretations, with some stories being based on lore more oriented to human interpretation of the Digimon and others focused on the deconstruction of human interpretation. The stories in Digimon usually occur in two worlds, one is the Human World and the other is the Digital World. Specifically, the Human World is located in an infinite multiverse described by quantum physics with some stories occurring in the same world, but most end up occurring in different worlds. The presence of the Digital World ends up being contradictory in some media since its structure eventually changed through time. Nowadays it is explained that the Digital World is, in fact, an "infinite multiverse" and that often what one sees is only one of the infinite Servers that composes it. Sometimes stories can occur in the same server and the past the idea of travelling between different servers was rarely used, but in more modern games and anime these concepts began to be more work which is sometimes used to explain the encounter of protagonists of different worlds.

Besides these worlds, other worlds are also presented. Curiously, sometimes these worlds are actually other franchises developed by Bandai Namco, or more specifically WIZ co., Ltd. Franchises like Tamagotchi and Magical Witches are common examples of such things. A more current example is Appmon, Appli Monster, basically Digimon, but focused on mobile applications. Specifically, these characters reside in the Network that exists between the Real World and the Digital World.

Currently, Digimon is a multimedia franchise that expands every day. A short time ago the new version of V-Pets, "Digital Monster X", was released bringing a new setting for the franchise being a sequel to the old V-Pet known as "Digimon Pendulum X". A new game, based on the occult Digimon setting, called "Digimon Survive" is currently in production with release forecast for 2019, if the game is a success, it is possible to start a new series of games alongside the series "Digimon World" and "Digimon Story". In parallel to the production of "Digimon Survive", a new game of the "Digimon Story" series is in production, but there are no more details on this. A new movie from the series "Digimon Adventure" is in production, but other than focusing on the development of the characters with ties to their friendship, little is known about it. No Digimon manga is currently in production for what is known, in addition, the manga "Digimon World Re: Digitize Encode" continues on hiatus.

Power of the Verse

Contrary to its name, Digimon are not exactly digital beings as is usually established by common sense, but in fact, they are beings that exist in higher planes of reality that ended up manifesting in our world with manifestation bodies through the ages and today they are manifested as computer viruses. Because of the Platonism-based cosmology, all Digimon are Incorporeality beings with Non-Physical Interaction being able to interact with metaphysical substances far superior to things like the human mind or soul. Due to interesting physiology, the Digimon have bodies that are actually shielded for their true essence, the Digicores, which gives them extra protection to what corresponds to their souls/minds. Aside from the body being only protection, it is the only texture that covers the wireframe, being this is completely modeled and ideas like wounds only exist for the Digimon in case they wanted, since normally they can simply regenerate from any wound. In addition to this all Digimon have Immortality, Absorption, Power Mimicry, Reactive Evolution, Reality Warping, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Law Manipulation and many other abilities. In addition to general abilities, each Digimon has specific abilities that make them even more powerful as Conceptual Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Existence Erasure and enhanced forms of the abilities presented above.

In the matter of Attack Potency, the level of power varies greatly in Digimon. To facilitate the use of Digimon, they are usually scaled to Real World equivalents within the Digital World unless this begins to influence the very structure of the Digital World. Baby I/Fresh and Baby II/In-Training Digimon are not focused on combat, yet they can train by destroying trees with a single attack, easily reaching Wall level as a result. Child/Rookie Digimon can vaporize or melt large amounts of metal and ice, and can easily reach Large Building level+ in power. Adult/Champion Digimon can reach mountains, islands and even countries with their powers. Some have already been able to cause storms, blizzards, droughts in entire countries as well as split entire islands apart reaching Island levels of power. Perfect/Ultimate Digimon and the most powerful Adults are far superior to even Devimon who split File Island apart and thus reaching Large Island level. The level of the Ultimate/Mega Digimon begins to vary a lot since from here begin the "most powerful" that begin to reach the whole Digital World. The most common can be considered Planet level because of Digimon like Ebemon being consistently noted to be capable of destroying entire planets in an instant.

By the level of complexity of the Digital World, even the most basic level of the Digital World transcends the structure of the Human Multiverse, which makes Digimon such as Clockmon minimally Low Complex Multiverse level. After this level most of the Digimon reaches a level comparable, and even superior, to that of the Four Holy Beast who have created a level of existence superior to all the others of the Digital World staying at the top of a long hierarchy of transcendence at the same time which are responsible for stabilizing the entire multiverse space-time, at the end reaching 9-Dimensional reality and being Complex Multiverse level. Above the Four Holy Beast are entities such as Yggdrasil and the Eaters, each existing on an even higher level of existence than the Four Holy Beasts. These characters reaching 10-Dimensional and 11-Dimensional respectively, being High Complex Multiversal. Above the Eaters, there are even more levels of existence to reach the level of the true Digimon gods, which are purely theoretical entities that have not yet been identified.

At speeds, the Digimon normally range from Massively Hypersonic+, Relativistic and FTL, but the characters at the level of the Four Holy Beast are already considered to be Immeasurable.

Important information

Since much important information to understand the franchise is hidden or in old materials, not available in English or simply difficult to find, much of what is used in the profiles are contents not very common, but necessary for a good understanding. That's why Digimon has a vast amount of explanatory blogs that can help someone who does not know this content to understand the necessary at once.

  • History of the Digimon Franchise: Important to understand the change in the structure of Digimon's narrative during the creation of Anime and then the return of this narrative during the Xros Wars era;
  • Souls, Ideas, Mythology: Explanation of Digimon's occult narrative based on neo-platonic emanationist theorists;
  • World Hierarchy: Digimon cosmology structure based on neo-platonic emanationism;
  • Digimon Gods: Establishment of the divine hierarchy of Digimon, a deepening of the layers of gods present in the previous blog;
  • Power of Darkness: Further explanation of the power of darkness in Digimon;
  • Data: A better demonstration of how Digimon works and the characteristics of a neo-platonic emanationist cosmology.
  • Digimon Cosmic Feats and Power Scaling: A general explanation of the cosmic feats in the Digimon franchise plus an explanation of the power scaling between the characters.
  • Canon: This blog explains Digimon Canonicity and overall what is accepted as canon in the Digimon franchise.
  • Evolutionary Stages: This blog post explains basic Digimon digivolution mechanics.
  • Seven Great Demon Lords: As well as this blog, that explains the individual abilities of the Seven Great Demon Lords.
  • Lower Tiered Digimon Feats: A list of feats and calculations used for the scaling of lower tiered Digimon profiles.
  • The Royal Knights: Explaining the feats and abilities of the individual members of the Royal Knights.
  • Light and Darkness: This details the powers of both light and darkness and their relationship with one another as well as what they mean in the franchise as a whole.
  • Digimon and Quantum Destruction: Details and compiles evidence explaining data and it's releation to quantum particles.

Note: Blogs in Digimon are constantly updated, and at any time they can be updated with even more information. If even after reading the blogs still have some doubt about Digimon, do not hesitate to ask in the Digimon Q&A Thread or Discussion Thread.

Note 2: Since the Digimon are naturally beings of a different plane of existence from the conventional one, the interaction between them and the beings of a lower plane in their normal conditions is not expected, what is translated in unfair disputes between Digimon and other characters in battles. Conveniently, in the franchise itself there is the process of Realize (Also called Re: Digitize) in which a Digimon manifesting itself in the Real World using pseudo proteins that follow its true form so that it is possible to equate its existence with that of Humans, although still being able to use their powers, although in a more "real" way. Thus in a battle, it is possible to specify the use of the Digimon's "Realized forms", so that we can disregard the factor of they being beings of a different plane of existence, making the fights fairer. Basically, when a Digimon fights a character outside of a Digital Space, the Realize form is automatically assumed to be used.

Note 3: Digimon have many diverging evolutionary lines and as such they can evolve and devolve and obtain multiple different abilities. The profiles take all canon evolutionary lines (minus lore based contradictions) into account. However, a Digimon should only be assumed to have its baseline skills (basically its own skills and it skills obtained from its mainline pre-evolutions) as a standard. When making a battle the original poster must state if the Digimon is allowed all its inherited skills as they are to be treated in a similar way to Optional Equipment.





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