"This archive is mainly centered around a period of time (which is a term that doesn’t really make sense with the way time often works) in which the Abyss Walkers tried in mass to destroy creation."

Deluge of the Abyss is a web serial universe centered around the experiences of mortals alive during the first time that Abyss Walkers ever tried to destroy all of creation in mass.

The current and only story within the verse, Battle is an Art, follows the trials of Herah and Co. as they attempt to survive a series of trials crafted by their Maker, Norwe, while also entertaining him in the hopes of not having their universe destroyed.

Power of the Verse

With only a single ongoing serial as of now, this verse is surprisingly powerful. The mortals of the verse have shown many building level feats with an extension all the way up to city level with pure destructive output. This excludes a God-like being that is capable of destroying universes and a pencil that can destroy stars and planets. This only stacked upon once hax comes into the equation being that there is an entire species that has Type 1, 2, and 8 Immortality and are capable of conquering entire planets. The main cast of the current story all have their own hax, being that Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, and Durability Negation are what they hold. Then the true powerhouses of the verse come in with the Abyss Walkers and Makers, beings capable of destroying and creating universes respectfully. And the universe still has much room to grow in this department.






Battle is an Art