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Some Danmaku patterns from Touhou


The ability to produce a great amount of projectiles at once, in order to overwhelm the target by the sheer number of shots. Some users also add complex patterns to make dodging additionally difficult.

Note: To qualify for Danmaku, the user has to be shown to create tens or dozens of projectiles in a very short timeframe (i.e., at least 20 to 24 minimum). The projectiles don't need to be created simultaneously but they should all be shown in motion at roughly the same time.


  • Various different kinds of projectiles can be used.
  • Linear projectile trajectories or curving shots.
  • One directional, multi-directional or omni-directional.
  • From one origin point or multiple origin points.


  • Use for extended periods of time might be exhausting
  • Might be incapable of controlling the trajectory of each individual bullet or be limited to patterns.