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When the fight comes to you, you have to be ready to fight back.
~ Daniel LaRusso


Daniel LaRusso is the main protagonist of the Karate Kid Trilogy. He was born in New Jersey on December 18, 1966, where he and his mother lived until moving to Reseda, California at the beginning of the series. His first debut was in the original film, The Karate Kid (1984). He also appeared in Part II and Part III. Although he didn't make an appearance in The Next Karate Kid (1994), he was briefly mentioned by Mr. Miyagi. Alongside Johnny Lawrence, Daniel is also one of the main protagonists of the 2018 web drama series Cobra Kai, where he has two children and owns the LaRusso Auto Group, a chain of auto-dealerships, with his wife Amanda.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, far higher when focused and precise | 9-B, far higher when focused and precise

Name: Daniel LaRusso, Daniel-San, Danny-Boy

Origin: The Karate Kid

Gender: Male

Age: 17-18 in The Karate Kid Trilogy | Around 52 in Cobra Kai

Classification: Human, Two-Time All-Valley Karate Tournament Champion/All-Valley Karate Tournament Grand Champion, Martial Artist, Present Day Sensei of Miyagi-Do, Likely Martial Arts Master, Master Arts Teacher, Car Dealership Owner

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Accelerated Development (Trained for only months, and was capable of fighting in a tournament with Johnny and his fellow 1984 Cobra Kai students trained by John Kreese, which Johnny has trained for around 5 years. 6 months later, was capable of taking on an unbalanced Chozen, who has been training for years if not his lifetime as the nephew of Sato, to which Chozen is a top student of Sato. Months later, was capable of countering Mike Barnes' in a tournament when Daniel no longer feared him. Mike Barnes is implied that he was one of the best up-and-coming professional Karate fighters in the country, with a tenth-degree black belt), Karate (Daniel is portrayed as a skilled karate fighter, though lacks experience. Despite that, in a tournament, he was capable of besting Brown-Belts, Black-Belts, & Cobra Kai students in a point-fighting tournament. He was even able to score 2 points on a Pre-Time Skip Johnny, who has Martial Art experience from Kreese, for 5 years. 6 months later, was capable of fighting to the death with an unbalanced Chozen, and was capable of countering his blows and getting several hits on him, though Chozen eventually got an upper hand till the Drum Technique. Though he struggles against opponents who physically overpower him, such as Mike Barnes)

Same as before all to a greater extent, Accelerated Development (Trained for barely anytime with Chozen, and was capable of learning the offensive way of Miyagi-Do, and was capable of replicating Chozen's moves and fighting style in his battle with Kreese. As well as do Pressure Point Techniques, just by watching Chozen doing them to him), Weapon Mastery (Shown to be heavily skilled with a Bo, as he can trade and defend hits from Chozen with one, who has been training his lifetime, though was quickly defeated. Should have an experienced extent with the weapons in his dojo, as the Sensei of Miyagi-Do. Should be much superior to Samatha, who can fight like this with a Bo Staff), Karate (Implied to be much better than his Teen counterpart. Fought on par with Post-Time Skip Johnny, twice briefly. Which Post-Time Skip Johnny who could easily counter, and avoid Robby's attacks, with little effort, and not even fighting back. Daniel could also fight opponents much larger than he is something his Teen counter-part struggled with in general, and take on a group of thugs with the help of Johnny, uninjured. Shown to be much more efficient with counter-attacks, throws, and powerful attacks than his Teen counterpart when taking on opponents. Even while fighting alone, he was capable of taking out two thugs at once, and take on a much larger thug after, and efficiently and quickly take them out), Pressure Points (Capable of hitting parts of the body, capable of rendering the part of the arm he hit temporarily immobilized, ranging from half a minute to a minute)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Fought with an unbalanced Chozen for an extended period of time, and traded numerous blows in battle with the latter. Which Chozen kicked off a piece of a stone statue. Fought in the All-Valley Championship point-fighting, and was capable of beating Cobra Kai Students, and Black-Belts his age. Was capable of launching blows that could knock down, and knock back opponents. To which all of them are trained and experienced Martial Artists, around his age. Capable of trading blows, and fighting with Pre-Time Skip Johnny, in a point-fight. Could very briefly keep up with Mike Barnes in close-range, block his attacks, before being overwhelmed by his strength. Could break wooden boards, a feat that Terry Silver could perform. Beat and threw one of Barnes friends around his age, hard enough to break a Cabinet with ease), far higher when focused and precise (Karate chopped in half 6-foot plates of ice, unfazed in a single chop. To which men "Twice his size" could only break two in half. Hurting their hands in the process) | Wall level (Implied to be much stronger, than his Teen counter-part. Could briefly keep up and trade a blow with an injured 72-Year Old John Kreese. Before being tackled through a window. Fought on par and traded blows with Post-Time Skip Johnny, twice briefly. Could take on a group of thugs, and efficiently take them all out with Post-Time Skip Johnny, completely fine with no injuries after. Beat a large thug, two other thugs, efficiently and quickly without exerting himself much. Sparred with an older Chozen multiple times, while beaten he was capable of countering and taking him down one time), far higher when focused and precise (Should be much superior to before. Implied to be capable of performing the 6-Foot Plate feat again and should be much superior to his Teen counter-part, who could perform the feat)

Speed: Peak Human, possibly Subsonic (Can blow attacks from Miyagi, albeit knowing where to block. Can keep up with those who can land blows on him. Can keep up with Chozen and land multiple blows on him, who can beat multiple Karate masters at once. Can land strikes and keep up with an aggressive Pre-Time Skip Johnny in battle. Can keep up and dodge numerous blows from Mike Barnes, despite being afraid of him), Peak Human, possibly Subsonic reactions speeds (Reacted to where a fly was going, and caught it, through "Beginner's Luck" [By Miyagi's words], something that was incredibly difficult for Miyagi to do) | Peak Human, possibly Subsonic (Can keep up with Post-Time Skip Johnny, and a 72-Year Old Kreese briefly in battle, which Johnny could casually react and avoid almost all of Robby's blows while holding back), Peak Human, possibly Subsonic reactions speeds (At least comparable to his Teen counterpart)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (As a 17-18-year-old Teen. He should at least be comparable, to a younger Miguel, and other Cobra Kai students around his age. Who a few of which, physically pushed and rotated a cement mixer around over time. Carried a kid down a later, while stressed, slightly tired, and electrocuted slightly beforehand) | Peak Human (Should be comparable to Post-Time Skip Johnny, and a 72-Year Old Kreese. Restrained Johnny briefly)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Could harm Pre-Time Skip Johnny with his blows. Harmed Chozen numerous times throughout his battle with him. Though a singular hit did not faze him much, multiple strikes staggered him for several seconds. Kicked Terry Sliver off his feet. In the All-Valley, could kick and punch hard enough. To make his opponents go knocking back, collapse immediately, and stagger. Including Cobra Kai students, and Black-Belts. All of which are Teen trained Martial Artists. Makes Chozen collapse and briefly incapacitates him immediately with an uppercut to the balls. Briefly, KO's a grown man with a critical punch, who could get up after being thrashed by a serious Miyagi. Threw and hit Barnes hard enough in the side of his torso, to make him clench himself in agony for seconds. Before the latter shrugging it off in anger), far higher when focused and precise (Implied to be capable of killing Chozen in a single hit, albeit to the head) | Wall Class (Should be much stronger than before. Beat up a 2 thugs, including a really large one, without much hits. Could harm Post-Time Skip Johnny with his blows and hits. Could faze a weakened 72-Year Old Kreese with his blows and even break his grip. Though he quickly shrugged them off. Implied to be on par physically with Johnny), far higher when focused and precise (Implied to be capable of killing Kreese in one hit, albeit to the head)

Durability: Wall Class (Could take a punch to the face, swinging back fist, critical punch, critical elbow, and beating from Chozen. Could get up after being hit straight in the face by Pre-Time Skip Johnny, twice. Withstood his ground and shrugged off 3 kicks from Mike Barnes. Got up after being slammed into a window by Mike Barnes. Withstood being thrown into a wall, hit 3 times in the stomach critically, hit one time in the face critically by Mike Barnes, and was capable of running afterwards. Shrugged off a hit to the side from Tommy. Got up shortly get up after being kicked in the face by Dutch. Should be able to take his own punches. Could take beatings, twice from Johnny before even training with Miyagi) | Wall level (Should be able to take his own hits. Can take hits from Post-Time Skip Johnny, and a 72-Year Old Kreese. Got up after being kicked into a TV by Post-Time Skip Johnny, exerting himself beforehand. Got up after being kicked, and tackled through a window by Kreese)

Stamina: At least Above Average (Fought to the death with Chozen. Able to get up after being punched to the face, critically hit, collapsing blows from Chozen. But was able to get up each time. His fight with Chozen caused bruises, blood, and was able to keep fighting against Chozen. Despite stumbling at points, with Chozen being a physically much stronger opponent. Fought Johnny with a damaged leg. Was able to keep fighting despite Johnny attacking his attacking leg numerous times, and getting punched and kicked to the face by him. Johnny is also a much physically superior opponent. As well as able to get up and fight against Mike Barnes. Being hit multiple times, collapsing, kicked to the back several times, hit to the balls, punched to the face when off-guard, and lowly motivated. Which Mike Barnes is also a physically superior opponent. Able to paint a whole house, wax a car, and wax a floor for an entire day) | Athletic (At least comparable to his Teen counterpart. Withstood being tackled through a window, with cuts over him, and could still continue to fight, block, and stand up just fine after)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Standard Melee Range with Nunchucks, Extended Melee Range with Spear and Bo Staff

Standard Equipment: None notable

  • Optional Equipment: Spear, Bo Staff, Nunchucks

Intelligence: Above Average (A natural gifted in Martial Arts. While hot-headed, he was capable of learning Martial arts rather quickly and was capable of fighting Martial Artists, Black-Belts and Cobra Kai students. Later on fighting Chozen, who was possibly training for a lifetime. Then countering Mike Barnes, a national champion, 10th-degree Black-Belt. After being with Miyagi, he was knowledgeable in gardening, and with his wife was capable of opening a car dealership. Later on, mentored Robby, who would go on to fight in the All-Valley, and mostly win [Though lost to Miguel due to a broken arm and exploiting that weakness]. He was also gifted, that he was able to replicate Chozen's offensive Miyagi-Do, in barely anytime)

Standard Tactics: Daniel's style is a heavily strong defensive style. He empathizes with the opponent, to counter and goes offensive at the right moment, using standard attacks and throws to accompany them. His offence does seem to be solid, though mostly only uses it to back an opponent away, or when an opening happens. He also avoids attacks a lot and waits for openings for the right time to strike. When focused and precise, he is capable of launching a much stronger blow. He does a strong attack he does is the "Crane Kick" which is said that no Human can block it if performed correctly by Miyagi's words, which visually looks like a jump kick. | The same style as before, though implied to be better than his Teen counterpart. He has a much better offence and doesn't need to always wait for openings. He is an even more effective counter-attacker, using stronger and more effective moves. Shown much more efficiently smarter in fights, using his counter-attacks, and standard strikes, to incapacitate his opponents much more effectively than his younger counterpart. After learning with Chozen, he learned the Offensive way of Miyagi-Do, which is a defensive style, with strikes and moves that are meant to beat the opponent more effectively, while using the defensive style

Weaknesses: Human limitations. He is very panicking and reactionary in the face of threats, tends to stray from balance and focus without Mr. Miyagi. Hotheaded, and will get out of focus at times.



Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Miyagi-Do Kata: The foundation of Miyagi-Do Karate. This Kata, is based around the workings of the Bonsai Tree. You start with your fists pointing down to the ground, your roots. Then you move your arms up to your chest and push them outwards, while opening your hands. The palms facing upwards as you do. Representing the branches growing and the leaves blooming. Then you raise your right hand up to your forehead with your left hand pointing downwards. Your body turning and facing right as you do so. Then alternate positions, switching your hands and your stance so you're facing left. Representing the tree growing up and the limbs waving in the wind. Then repeat the pattern until it becomes a natural flow to you.
  • Wax On, Wax Off: This technique refers to a drill Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel in order to master blocking. This particular block (often referred to as the Chudan Uke in Karate) is performed in a circular motion, preventing oncoming attacks towards a fighter from hitting the person's face or body.
  • Paint The House: Another nickname given to the Karate block Kakuto Uke, where by sticking one's wrist out and striking the arms in an upward motion, they block attacks in a similar motion to stroking a paintbrush up and down.
  • Sand The Floor: A downward block which involves swinging the hands below one's waist, moving them like one would if they were sanding a floor. Unlike Wax On, Wax Off and Paint The House, which are meant to intercept punches aimed at the face and body, Sand The Floor is for blocking kicks towards the legs, groin and body.
  • Honk: A psyche out technique Daniel used after beating Choze. He first pretends that it'll be the finishing blow that ends the opponent's life, but instead follows with a playful tap on the nose. Despite not causing any physical harm, the intimidation factor of it has caused numerous fighters to lose their will to fight and even faint.
  • Drum Technique: A form of dodging where the martial artist rotates their body from side to side, much like how a Japanese pellet drum is played.
  • Crane Kick: A variation of a jumping front kick where one stands on a single foot and raises their arms up spread outward (resembling a position a crane bird would make) The fighter then jumps off the foot they are standing on and kicks with the other.
  • Bo Kata: Daniel typically fights hand to hand, but he has shown to be extremely skilled with a bo staff fighting and has taught his daughter how to fight with one.
  • Nunchaku Kata: Although Daniel hasn't been seen wielding nunchucks, he had a pair in his dojo, suggesting he has some degree of skill with them.
  • Miyagi-Do Pressure Point Attacks: A form of a strikes aimed directly at vulnerable nerve endings, which can temporarily paralyze the limbs of an opponent. Daniel initially did not learn these attacks, as they went against Miyagi's pacifist style. However in Cobra Kai season 3, Chozen taught them to Daniel, who then used the technique against Kreese.

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  1. Should be noted in the speed section. That this doesn't mean Daniel is better/on par, with speed and skill. The fly was in the right position, but reaction speeds regardless

Key: Pre-Time Skip | Post-Time Skip


Through Miyagi's training, Daniel's inherited style is strong in defense and solid in offense, with a notable emphasis on effective countering his opponent's attacks. These skills assist him during his fights with Johnny and Chozen, the first of which emphasizes his ability to sneak in behind his opponent's guard to strike, whereas in the latter Daniel's karate has become more rounded, due to his experience.

Daniel however struggles when his opponent is much stronger physically and a dirty fighter. Some instances include his fights with Chozen and Mike, where Daniel finds it difficult to overcome the former and nearly impossible to overcome the latter due to their superior physical strengths, and the latters illegal and dirty moves. Despite struggling when his opponents fight more aggressively or underhandedly, Daniel often has one last tactic in the end which allows him to emerge victorious such as the Krane kick, and the Kata which Miyagi taught him.

Even after Miyagi's death in 2011 Daniel still remembers Miyagi's lessons and practices what Miyagi taught him. He later uses his teachings to instruct Johnny's son Robby and open his own dojo which he named after him. He also uses Miyagi's techniques to defeat Robby's attackers with astonishing ease and efficiency, which clearly demonstrates just how far Daniel has come from his teenage years when he struggled to take on multiple opponents.



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