Brine IV

Brine does double damage if the opponent's health is half or below


Attack Boost is an ability that induces the phenomenon in which the power of an attack is boosted if a condition is met. This differs from Statistics Amplification in the fact that the user isn't boosted, rather the attack itself. Furthermore, it isn't limited to Attack Potency, in which other effects can be done if the condition is met. The effect is temporary, lasting as long as the condition allowing for its increased power is met. Due to this, the attack's usage is normally boosted considerably.

Possible Uses

  • Increasing the damage of an attack.
  • Adding on an effect to the attack.


  • Sometimes a negative condition is added on to increase the stakes.
  • If the condition isn't met, it's a normal attack.


  • Many Pokémon, including users of Hex, Brine, and Acrobatics (Pokémon)
  • Several Digital and Appli Monsters (Digimon)
  • Several monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!
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