Daisaiyuuki Bokuhi Seiden - The Story of a Very Handsome Man


A story that is based on Journey to the West

500 years ago, The Monkey King, Son Goku, suddenly vanished, while a secret that the Heavens kept was that Konzenshi, the second disciple of Buddha, also vanished. After 500 years of searching in vain, a book filled with the spirit energy of the Monkey King appeared

Bokuhi, who dreams on becoming a Mangaka, changes his plans upon meeting Moku the 13th Elder and being told of his past, now setting out on a quest in order to find the reincarnation of Konzenshi to save the World

Power of the Verse

The Verse is fairly powerful with them currently sitting at Town level from Bokuhi summoning a huge rock which created a humongous crater


Bokuhi summons a huge rock which creates a giant crater

Bokuhi's punch results in a big crater

Supporters and Opponents of the Series