Cyber City Oedo 808 (Japanese: サイバーシティ, OEDO 808) is a 1990-1991 cyberpunk original video animation. It was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and animated by Madhouse. Set in the year 2808 in the city of Oedo (Tokyo), it tells the story of three criminals who are enlisted into fighting crime in exchange for reduced sentences. They are Sengoku, an anti-social maverick, Gogol, a mohawk wearing hacker, and Benten, an androgynous bishōnen. To combat computerised crime more effectively, the Cyber Police unit of the future Japanese city of Oedo has restarted the feudal practice of hōmen (放免), employing hardened criminals with a history of hi-tech offences and other crimes such as murder as officers themselves.

Three such criminals are Sengoku, Gogol and Benten who are serving their 300-or-more year sentences in an orbital penitentiary. For duty served, each criminal will receive a reduction in their prison time. Desperate to get away from the boredom and monotony of jail life, they half-heartedly agree to the deal. (Link)

Power of the Verse

This Verse is not notably powerful, the low tiers are Athetic Human level police officers and Human level civilians. The mid tiers are Peak Human to Street level gangsters while the high tiers range from Wall to Small Building level (possibly higher) characters in terms of attack potency and durability. In terms of speed, the characters range from Peak Human to Transonic / Supersonic in terms of reaction speed, with up to Superhuman regular travel speed. The verse has characters with some hax such as Technopathy, Teleportation, Immortality, Regeneration, among others (relatively minor) things. Overall, at best this verse has at most Room level top tier characters and impressive regeneration and speed for their tiers.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series


The Living Tribunal1









Yoshikazu Amachi (arguably)

Dave Kurokawa

Kazuo Shiroyama


Shuzo Saionji

Kelley Takakura


Juzo Hasegawa


Remi Masuda

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