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Honey Kisaragi (如月ハニー, Kisaragi Hanī) is the main protagonist of Re: Cutie Honey. Compared to earlier counterparts, she is given a completely different appearance and personality: she is a bit more "cutesy" than previous ones, as she has a ditzy but loving personality combined with a hot-blooded temper. However, she likes to get along with all kinds of people including the ones critical of her like Natsuko Aki, getting very hurt when she feels that is not wanted.

As with all versions of Honey, her abilities are derived from the I-System that unlike other versions utilizes nanotechnology that allows her to create weapons, armor, and a large variety of disguises to use. As Cutie Honey, she is armed with a rapier called the Silver Fleurette, and a boomerang on her left forearm called the Honey Boomerang, along with high level acrobatics. The I-System however requires a lot of calories to use and when Honey is running low on power, her clothes start to deteriorate. She has to eat a large amount of food to regain her functions.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically | Likely 7-B. Possibly 6-C via the I-System

Name: Honey Kisaragi, Cutie Honey, Warrior of love

Origin: Re: Cutie Honey

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, designed to be Adolescence

Classification: Android, Vigilante, Office Worker, Assistant Detective

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Swordswoman, Vehicular Mastery, Very high hand-to-hand combat skills | Same as before but stronger, and has Cloth Manipulation (Can create clothing as long as she has enough energy), Duplication (Can create a multiple copies of her main body), Illusion Creation (Can create a projection of herself to distract the enemy), High resistance to radiation and temperatures (Able to withstand a nuclear explosion), Forcefield Creation (Can use her collar to create an energy shield), Immortality (Type 1 & 3, possibly 8, as long as even one single sub-atomic particle of her exists, the I-System completely restored not only Honey's body, but also her personality), Regeneration (High), Intangibility (Can turn into mist and reassemble elsewhere), Berserk Mode (Сan significantly exceed her performance in a stressful situation, but it may lead to I-System shut down), Limited Invulnerability via willpower, Shapeshifting (Able to take any form, limited only by her imagination), Transmutation (Can change the shape of objects and living beings at will), Explosion Manipulation (Able to control an explosion of sufficient power to destroy a major city), Has the ability to absorb excess energy, Able to convert matter at a sub-atomic level via the I-System, Technological Manipulation (Able to manage all networks on the planet by using the I-System to its limit), Levitation (She can hover in the air via the I-System, when she has a sufficient amount of energy), Limited Air Manipulation (Her attacks can create powerful gusts of wind), Limited Gravity Manipulation (Her boots are strong enough to make her walk upwards on the wall of a building), Durability Negation (Airborne Element Fixing Device allows Honey to freely manipulate the condition of any substance according to her own will on a sub-atomic level), Elemental Manipulation, Limited Light Manipulation (Honey Flash gives out a strong light that can temporarily blind others, and even completely destroy weak opponents), Age Manipulation (Can change age at will), Disguise Mastery (Imitates any person very well)

Attack Potency: Wall level | Likely City level physically (She can harm opponents who can harm her). Possibly Island level by pushing the I-System to its limit to control the world's nuclear weapon arsenal

Speed: Superhuman | At least Supersonic, possibly higher

Lifting Strength: Unknown | At least Superhuman, possibly higher

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Likely City Class

Durability: Wall level | Likely City level (Can withstand point blank nuclear explosions). Regeneration makes her very hard to kill

Stamina: Very high (Can fight even with a minimal amount of energy) | Extremely high (Her Nanomachines repair her at a subatomic level, and constantly propagate)

Range: Extended Melee Range with various weapons | Dozens of meters with her strongest attack, Thousands of kilometers by controlling the world's nuclear weapon arsenal via the I-System at its limit

Standard Equipment: Airborne Element Fixing Device, motorcycle, Silver Fleurette, Honey Boomerang

Intelligence: Average, but very inventive and quick-witted in battle

Weaknesses: Requires regular meals to keep a sufficient amount of energy for use the I-System

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Honey Boomerang: Item that Honey Kisaragi's Cutey Honey form has on her left arm and mainly used to distract enemies. She uses it also to attack enemies from a distance, mostly to disarm them.
  • Honey Typhoon: Creates a tornado by rotating the Silver Fleurette at high speeds and can blow opponents off their feet.
    • Honey Spiral Typhoon: Creates a tornado but is used to restrain enemies.
    • Honey Tornado: Guards against an enemy attack by creating a tornado but cannot be used for very long as it uses a lot of energy.
  • Silver Fleurette Lightning Shower: Thrusts the Silver Fleurette multiple times at high speed.
  • Honey Shining: Honey used the I-System to create a wall of shields that block oncoming attacks.
  • Honey Mirage: Honey creates illusionary copies of herself to confuse her opponents.
  • Honey Lightning Lancer: Honey transforms the Silver Fleurette into an electromagnetically charged lance which can destroy the nanites of a Panther Claw agent's body
  • The I-System: Honey powered by nanotechnology device, which is able converted matter at a sub-atomic level and can control energy, sufficient, to destroy the population of a large city.

Key: Honey Kisaragi | Cutie Honey



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