Crowbars are tools used for opening nailed wooden crates or prying away boards, or in criminal applications, for prying open doors and safes in burglary. In mining, they can be used to break and remove rock. They are usually made from medium-carbon steel, but can also be made out of titanium, which is lighter. In a fight, they are capable of stabbing their opponent to the point of penetrating bone in addition to the ability of being used as a club-style weapon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Crowbar, wrecking bar, prybar, pry bar, pinch-bar, prise bar, prisebar, jimmy, jammy, jimmy bar, jemmy, crow, iron crow, gooseneck, pig foot

Origin: The Real World

Length: Typically around 1 meter

Weight: Typically around 2.25 kilograms

Age: Has existed since at least 1400

Classification: Club, prying device

Wielders: Miners, burglars, carpenters

Attack Potency: Street level (Capable of killing an adult man. Can penetrate a teenager's skull.)

Speed: Varies. Depends upon the user

Durability: Wall level (Made out of steel or titanium, difficult to break)

Range: Extended Melee Range


  • Being made out of metal, crowbars conduct electricity. Hence, they would be a poor choice of weapon against an opponent with Electricity Manipulation.
  • Being made out of metal, crowbars can rust and lose their efficiency. While it’s unlikely that this would be notable in combat, characters with the ability to speed up chemical reactions could easily destroy a crowbar via oxidation.
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