Crimm Wep

I am Crimm, pursuer of beauty, and the one who will light this place in an exquisite ablaze... with my Detonation Septima. Have you heard the saying, Art is an explosion! Wait... wasn't it, Explosions are true art!? Well, either way is fine. Everything should be done with jaw-droppingly gorgeous artistic flair!
~ Crimm to iX


Crimm is a boss in Gunvolt Chronicals: Luminous Avenger iX. He believes the explosions he makes with his Septima, Detonation, are the greatest form of art possible. He became a member of The Falcons to create his art with no legal consequences.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 7-A

Name: Crimm, "The Explosive Artiste"

Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Classification: Adept

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsExplosion ManipulationForcefield CreationEnergy Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Mountain level (Fought Copen evenly)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic+ (Can keep up with Copen)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Mountain Class (Can damage Copen by ramming into him)

Durability: Large Mountain level (Can take hits from Copen), Higher with his barrier (Neither Copen nor himself can damage it)

Stamina: At least Average

Range: Standard Melee Range. Several Meters with Septima.

Standard Equipment: His Falcon Quill, which lets him transform into his weaponized state.

Intelligence: Likely at least average

Weaknesses: Is obsessed with explosions. If his barrier is up, he can't use his explosive projectiles, though he can still attack physically (It should be noted that he's not likely to abuse this due to his obsession with explosions). Piercing attacks can destroy Crimm's claws, causing his barrier to shatter. If he doesn't have his barrier, he can't use explosions for mobility without damaging himself.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Detonation: Crimm's Septima. Unlike Viper's similarly named Septima, Explosion, Crimm's Septima uses pure energy to create explosions instead of fire.
    • Barrier: Crimm has a barrier in his weaponized form, which is able to block all damage on his level. Piercing damage can destroy his claws and by extension his barrier.
    • Blast Jump: Crimm creates an explosion at his feet to launch himself into the air. When he lands, he creates explosions on either side of himself.
    • Blast Rush: Crimm launches himself with an explosion at his foe. If he hits a wall, he creates an explosion on a said wall as well.
    • Luminary Mine: Crimm fires two balls of energy that he then detonates
    • Discord Mine: Crimm jumps to a wall and carpet bombs the floor with energy balls that detonate on impact. He can also shoot these to the ceiling, causing rubble to fall down.
    • Exquisite Artillery: An attack Crimm uses after chanting Dazzling blasts bloom upon my canvas / The world engulfed in radiant conflagration / Come now, let me hear your screams. Exquisite Artillery! Crimm creates a massive, long-lasting explosion in mid-air and also creates chains of explosions on the walls and ground.


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