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Creation feats are feats in which a character creates objects from nothing by means like Reality Warping or similar. This separates them from feats in which objects are created from already existing materials, which would be calculated by conventional methods, or feats that qualify for Mass-energy conversion feats, which are calculated via the mass-energy formula.

These feats can not be calculated, and hence can't be quantified, within normal physics. However, at the same time, they are too impressive and relevant to simply be labelled as unquantifiable. As such tiering them poses a special challenge requiring its own rules and considerations. Feats performed via Size Manipulation or Transmutation, such as when a character increases the mass of something, can also be considered and calculated like creation feats, as they involve creating mass from nothing to add to the initial mass.


In order for a creation feat to be tiered and applied to a character's Attack Potency, several conditions need to be fulfilled.

The first obvious requirement is that it must be certain that an actual creation feat took place. If, for example, stars appear to have been created it must be certain that those aren't just minor light sources looking similar.

Furthermore, the object in question must be of physical nature. Energy beams and hard light are typically not considered quantifiable by this method.

In order to apply to a character's capacity to harm other characters, that is their usual Attack Potency, their Creation has to be connected to their other abilities. Often that is due to a common power system, in which the same energy used for creation is used for attacks. For example, it can be reasoned that a mage which expends mana from its energy pool to make a city and then channels a similar or greater amount of mana into another attack can scale to its creation feat. However a character who can create objects without other ways of harming their opponents by using an equal amount of energy from their energy pool wouldn't be able to harness that power to hurt another character, and would fall under a light form of Environmental Destruction.

Lastly, the creation of the object(s) in question needs to happen within a reasonably short timeframe for the whole result to apply to the Attack Potency.


The quantification of valid creation feats follows a general rule of thumb and common sense. Things should be ranked at a level roughly equivalent to the size or, more specifically, the mass of the objects that get created. In regards to Size Manipulation and Transmutation, to quantify the creation, take the initial mass and subtract it from the final mass to find the mass that was created. In order to keep this rule of thumb classification fair and consistent throughout the wiki, the following table of values was decided, which contains the lower borders for a creation feat to be ranked within a certain tier. This table doesn't consist of physics based values or otherwise universal truth, but merely reflects a piece of community consensus.

Tier Mass (kg)
10-C 0.0E+00
10-B 5.4E+00
10-A 1.1E+01
9-C 2.7E+01
9-B 1.9E+03
9-A 2.4E+06
8-C 1.2E+08
High 8-C 9.7E+08
8-B 5.4E+09
8-A 5.4E+10
Low 7-C 5.4E+11
7-C 2.7E+12
High 7-C 5.4E+13
Low 7-B 5.4E+14
7-B 2.7E+15
7-A 5.4E+16
High 7-A 5.4E+17
6-C 2.2E+18
High 6-C 5.4E+19
Low 6-B 5.4E+20
6-B 2.7E+21
High 6-B 1.1E+22
6-A 1.9E+22
High 6-A 2.7E+22

Creation Feats of objects with 7.342E+22 kg (the mass of the moon) or more mass are ranked as if they were a celestial object of corresponding size and mass. How celestial object creation is ranked is explained here.

As the entire judgement of the feats follows no precise method of quantification, no precise energy value should be assumed. If absolutely necessary to do so, it is advised to default to the baseline of the tier the character was given.

Pocket Reality Feats

Feats that involve the creation and manipulation of pocket realities are recurrently used to define a character's capacity to harm an opponent. Those feats are granted the same tier as creating the things contained inside them would.

However, before such feats can be considered valid, there must be conclusive evidence that the pocket reality in question was created by a certain character, and that they didn't simply transport other characters to one that existed previously.

If the Pocket Reality in question encompasses celestial bodies, gravitational binding energy is used. If there are multiple celestial bodies and space in between them, the inverse square law is used, assuming equivalent power to an explosion that would destroy the most distant celestial bodies within the pocket reality.

As such creating a dimension large enough to contain a starry sky does qualify as a 4-A Tier feat; however.

  • There should be evidence or a well detailed explanation that a pocket dimension was created, and not simply an illusion or teleportation to another location.
  • There should be some reason to consider the backgrounds stars, not just painted decorations within a throne room or museum.
  • Even though there is concrete evidence for pocket reality creations to qualify as an Attack Potency feat; it should not be assumed to scale to physical statistics without some notable scaling reasons. Examples include on screen demonstrations, examples of destruction, or information that the same pool of energy used to create said dimension can translate to the same amount of energy being used for other abilities including but not limited to physical strikes.

If the pocket reality is of comparable size to a universe and has its own timeline, this would simply be a Low 2-C feat according to the tiering system. Similarly Multiverses or even higher levels of reality would get their corresponding tier.

In cases when a pocket reality encompasses areas smaller than celestial bodies, the Attack Potency is estimated by determining the mass created, applying the corresponding tier from the table above.

As such the regulations match those for creation feats in general.

Naturally, case-by-case analysis has to be used, and these methods need not apply for every pocket reality feat. Outliers, inconsistencies, plot-induced stupidity, and similar should be considered as well.

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