Cosmic Cubes are immensely powerful artifacts, energy matrices drawing power from the realm of the Beyonders. They grant their wielders the power to warp reality on a massive scale, controlling matter, energy, space, and time with a thought. Cubes can mature into fully sentient Cube Beings, such as the Shaper of Worlds and Kubik.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A

Name: Cosmic Cube

Origin: Marvel Comics

Age: Varies

Classification: Energy containment unit

Wielders: Momentarily used by Thanos, Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, Captain America, Star-Lord, the Silver Surfer and others

Powers and Abilities:

Existence Erasure, Causality Manipulation, Physics Manipulation & Life Manipulation (Causality, physics and life become choices a user of a cube can make), Perception Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Power Absorption, Electricity Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Resurrection, Size Manipulation, Transformation & Omnipresence (One was used by Thanos to become the universe), Soul Manipulation (Thanos' very soul was also turned into the universe), Non-Corporeal & Non-Physical Interaction (Thanos left his physical body in that state and continued to absorb power from the cube), Antimatter Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Size Manipulation, BFR, Plant Manipulation (Absorbing power from one allowed Thanos to attack others with plants), Absorption (One was used by Thanos to constantly absorb power from it), Status Effect Inducement (One was stated to give Thanos "the power to imprison all his foes with the slightlest thought"), Cosmic Awareness & Nigh-Omniscience (After becoming the universe Thanos could sense where others were despite not being visibly with them and was said to be all-knowing), Transmutation (The power of one was used to turn metal and concrete into demon-like creatures), Memory Manipulation (The power of one was used to restore the full memory of Draw and Bucky), Fire Manipulation (Shown here), Telekinesis (Shown here), Homing Attack (Shown here), Age Manipulation (Absorbing power from one allowed Thanos to attempt aging Captain Marvel to death), Resistance to scientific & natural laws

Attack Potency: Multiverse level+ (A battle between Kubik, a Cube Being, and his equal, would shred the fabric of existence across infinite universes. Using a Cube, Reed Richards defeated Doctor Doom, who had stolen Galactus' power. The Badoon used a Cube to keep dozens of Celestials imprisoned, and Magus used five to defeat Eternity and keep him catatonic)

Speed: Immeasurable

Durability: Multiverse level+

Range: Multiversal+

Weaknesses: None notable

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