TDX-Coily Rattler

Coily Rattler DX

A giant snake statue revered by the People of the Sky since the dawn of time. Its body lies sheathed in celestial golden armor, but the old texts say that its head lacks protection!
~ VS Coily Rattler • Kirby: Triple Deluxe


Coily Rattler is a boss in Kirby: Triple Deluxe that is fought in Wild World.

This statuesque snake was once seen by the People of the Sky as a symbol of peace. However, it's since been corrupted by an evil magic and has become a scourge on the land. Its weak spot is its head.

Power and Stats

Tier: 5-A

Name: Coily Rattler

Origin: Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown. Revered since "the dawn of time", which is likely to be an exaggeration to an unknown degree

Classification: Snake Statue

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Longevity, Body Control (He can separate the 12 parts of his body and reassemble them again for offensive purposes), Regeneration (High-Mid. Losing half of his health causes his body to be blown into pieces, which happens due to the damage it got instead of being something he generates on purpose; Can quickly reassemble its body from that), Immortality (Type 2 & 3), Can fire volcanic rocks, Can be only damaged in his head, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Planet level (As a boss, he is stronger than minor enemies like Knuckle Joe, who is able to crack planet Popstar, and Schwarzs, who can create black holes)

Speed: FTL (Comparable to Kracko and other bosses who are above Knuckle Joe)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Planet Class

Durability: Large Planet level (More durable than Knuckle Joe)

Stamina: Likely high

Range: Standard melee range normally, higher when throwing volcanic rocks

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Its head.



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