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Thermal detonators are a kind of grenade consisting of a baradium core encased in a metallic shell of thermite plus axidite. Their affordability, ease of use, impressive power relative to size, and the various tactical options they provide have made them an extremely popular weapon with all sorts of factions across the galaxy and across galactic history. Class-A thermal detonators in particular are quite popular and the most commonly seen class of thermal detonator.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Class-A thermal detonator

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Hand grenade

Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.

Users: Grand Army of the Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Death Watch, Shadow Collective, Mandalorian Protectorates, Galactic Empire, Mining Guild security forces, Alliance to Restore the Republic, The Partisans, New Republic, Imperial Remnants, various planetary militias across the galaxy, various pirate groups, various smuggler groups, bounty hunters, spies and hitmen working for various crime lords, some religious extremist organisations

Material: Baradium core, thermite and axidite shell

Attack Potency: Large Building level+ (Yield equivalent to roughly 8 tons of TNT per grenade)

Speed: Superhuman (Speed varies depending on the wielder who throws. But any physically fit humanoid being should be able to throw one of these at superhuman speeds)

Range: Dozens of meters when thrown (Any physically fit humanoid being should be able to throw one of these out to such distances)

Blast Radius: Wielder can adjust the blast radius depending on mission requirements. Blast radius can be adjusted to a few meters or at most twenty meters.


  • Takes time to explode after activation.
  • An improperly tuned thermal detonator that wasn’t thrown far enough might be harmful to the user as well (they can be harmed in the explosion or by shrapnel).
  • Anyone who is fast enough to notice and act or telekinetics can potentially hurl the detonators away where they might do no harm or even right back at the user.
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