The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.
~ Tom Clancy


Clancyverse is a general term to refer to the works of Tom Clancy, be they in the form of books, movies, or video games. Tom Clancy's works are known for their similarity to real life military actions and harsh political critique, as most pieces of his combined verse center on some facet of military politics.

Common themes include the war on drugs, terrorism, and espionage- among other common tropes.

Power of the Verse

The Clancyverse is relatively weak when compared to other fictional verses- it has no evidence of country-wiping blasts, no universe-busting strikes, but rather focuses on somewhat-superhuman protagonists using technology that would be feasible in the real world.

Most characters reside comfortably in Tier 9 with little variation. Abilities vary heavily, though common examples include Hacking, Blindness Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, and Electricity Manipulation. Nearly all characters are superhuman in their attributes and skillsets- largely the verse is comprised of the best skills of all militaries on the planet. The verse is also renowned for being one of the few whose characters can single-handedly kill the Predator.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon






Splinter Cell

Rainbow Six

SAS Operators:

FBI SWAT Operators:

GIGN Operators:

  • Twitch
  • Montagne
  • Doc
  • Rook

Spetznaz Operators:

  • Glaz
  • Fuze
  • Kapkan
  • Tachanka

GSG 9 Operators:

JTF2 Operators:

Navy SEALS Operators:

  • Blackbeard
  • Valkyrie

BOPE Operators:

SAT Operators:

  • Hibana
  • Echo

GEO Operators:

  • Jackal
  • Mira

SDU Operators:

  • Ying
  • Lesion

GROM Operators:

  • Zofia
  • Ela

SMB Operators:

  • Dokkaebi
  • Vigil

CBRN Operators:

  • Lion
  • Finka

GIS Operators:

  • Maestro
  • Alibi

GSUTR Operators:

GIGR Operators:

  • Nomad
  • Kaid

The Division

Division Agents:

Faction Leaders:

  • Charles Bliss
  • Joe Ferro
  • Larae Barrett

Ghost Recon

Hunter Team:

  • Kozak
  • 30K
  • Pepper
  • Ghost Lead

Operation Kingslayer:

  • Nomad
  • Holt
  • Midas
  • Weaver

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