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The Citadel of Ricks! It's the secret headquarters for the Council of Ricks...

...As you know, Morty, I’ve got a lotta enemies in the universe that consider my genius a threat. Galactic terrorists, a few sub-galactic dictators, most of the entire intergalactic government: wh-wherever you find people with heads up their asses someone wants a piece of your grandpa. And a lot of versions of me on different timelines had the same problem. So a few thousand versions of me had the INGENIOUS IDEA OF BANDING TOGETHER like a herd of cattle or a school of fish or those people who answer questions on yahoo answers.''

~ Rick C-137


The Citadel of Ricks was a society formed by the Ricks of the multiverse as a way to escape their enemies from their respective dimensions and meet leisurely. Some Ricks have taken up residence aboard the Citadel, and have made it their home. Originally, the Citadel was under the leadership of the Council of Ricks, but after Rick C-137 killed the council and dismantled their society, the Citadel democratically elected Evil Morty to be their new leader.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically, up to 9-A with weapons | 6-A to 5-A | At least Low 2-C

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: The Citadel of Ricks

Origin: Rick & Morty

Classification: Secret Society

Kardashev Level: At least Type II

Age: Unknown

Population: Millions

Territory: The Citadel, a massive space station capable of housing a few million Ricks and Mortys

Technology/Abilities: Ricks and Mortys have Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blasters that fire blasts that can go straight through a target, portal guns that allow Ricks to travel throughout the multiverse, Ricks should be capable of creating inventions that equal or exceed that of Rick C-137, Mortys cancel out the brainwaves of Ricks making them untraceable, the Citadel itself is capable of Teleportation throughout the multiverse, Ricks possess Concentrated Dark Matter, which is capable of fueling their spaceships for intergalactic travel, and spaceships with blasters

Attack Potency: Wall level physically, up to Small Building level with weapons (Ricks and Mortys can physically harm large aliens. Their blasters are capable of punching holes straight through targets. A Morty was capable of vaporizing an apartment building casually.) | Continent level (A single Rick is capable of enlarging a giant dead naked homeless person to the size of the United States of America and blowing him up) to Large Planet level with inventions (The same Rick was capable of creating an explosion the size of a large planet) | At least Universe level+ (A single Rick was capable of building a machine which can merge and eradicate entire timelines)

Power Source: Concentrated Dark Matter

Industrial Capacity: The Citadel was capable of recovering from near complete destruction and was fully functional and rebuilt in just a short ammount of time.

Military Prowess: Individual Ricks and their Mortys are formidable threats on their own, The Citadel possesses it's own military force known as the "Citadel Militia", with an elite branch known as Seal Team Ricks

Notable Individuals: The Council of Ricks, Seal Team Ricks, Evil Morty

Weaknesses: Ricks can sometimes be abusive of Mortys and the latter is seen as the inferior race. Without a Rick, most Mortys are helpless, unless led by one they consider the "One True Morty"

Key: Ricks and Mortys | With Various Inventions | With Sufficient Preparation Time


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