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I've got places to go! Birds to meet! Let's see if we can't speed things up a little bit!
~ Chuck in Angry Birds IDW comics


Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in Poached Eggs, Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series. His special ability is to speed up to up to 100 miles per hour (160.934 kilometers per hour).  

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C. Higher w/ Power Potion and special slingshots

Name: Chuck, epithets "Yellow Bird", "Maching Bird", "Accelerator Bird", "Speed Bird" or "Woodpecker"

Origin: Angry Birds

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Bird, Yellow Warbler (Maybe), velocist

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Vehicular Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Superhuman SpeedSize Manipulation (Via Power Potion), Earth Manipulation (Can create earthquakes via Birdquake), Summoning and Explosion Manipulation (Can summon TNT crates via Allaka-BAM)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman SpeedGravity Manipulation (Can accelerate at space in sharp angle and straight line ignoring gravity; also can summon Wingman and his can attract objects and enemies with its own gravitational field via Wingman Power-up), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Duplication (Via Flock of Birds Power-up), Black Hole Creation (Via Space Egg Power-up), Air Manipulation (Can inflate enemies via Pig Puffer Power-up), Summoning (Can summon Wingman and Space Eagle)

Attack Potency: Small Town level (Has defeated pigs like Corporal Pig and King Pig countless times, and both were able to survive an explosion that destroyed Pig City. Comparable to the rest of the flock and other characters who can harm him). Higher w/ Power Potion and special slingshots

Speed: At least Subsonic+, possibly Transonic or higher (Was stated to move at 100 mph in a website and is easily faster than Red), possibly higher reaction speed while serious (Easily dodged lightning). Higher w/ King Sling

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Lifted a giant tree log to use as a battering ram. Comparable to Chef Pig who fished up a giant whale and a Minion Pig who seemingly pushed a cart with a big pile of chopped wood on it). Higher w/ Power Potion and special slingshots

Striking Strength: Small Town ClassHigher w/ Power Potion and special slingshots

Durability: Small Town level (Survived a gigantic explosion of Pig City from Bomb). Higher w/ Power Potion and special slingshots

Stamina: Very high (Is able to run long distances without breaking a sweat)

Range: Standard melee range normally, higher with weapons/spells. Possibly thousands of kilometers via slingshot (Slingshot can go to one side of Piggy Island and launch the bird at the other sideThe slingshot can fire a giant bottle of hot sauce from Bird Island to Piggy Island)

Standard Equipment: Nunchucks, various power-ups and spells, and mage items in Epic.

Intelligence: True to their name, Chuck and the rest of the flock (with the exception of Red and Stella) are "bird-brained", so while they're skilled at controlling each trajectory, they're easily fooled by the Pigs (i.e. were befuddled by some rocks that were painted to look like eggs).

Weaknesses: Chuck is very impulsive, and often runs headfirst into battle without a plan. He's incredibly cocky and can sometimes put the eggs and himself in jeopardy thanks to his overconfidence (i.e. was responsible for breaking the slingshot in Toons and in the comics).

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Chuck speeding up
  • Chuck slowing down time
  • Speed Boost: Chuck accelerates mid-flight.
  • Chuck Time: Chuck slows down time to increase his speed even further.
  • Color Pop: Chuck uses a slingshot to launch a special bubble that destroys anything that matches the color of his target.
  • Rage Ability: Chuck launches a lightning ball that destroys a chain of bubbles at a certain angle.

  • Chuck being fired out of the slingshot
  • The Jingle Sling in action
The Angry Birds use their slingshot to catapult themselves into action whenever the eggs are in danger. However, there is only one, so Red insists on a regular slingshot maintenance programme to make sure that it doesn't break.
~ Slingshot trivia in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide
  • Slingshot: The slingshot is the main weapon/utility the birds use in order to attack the pigs. Chuck can pull back on the slingshot strap, then release to fire items or even himself right into the enemy's face.
  • Wood Chipper: This special sling doubles Chuck's destructive potential for everything made out of wood.
  • Stone Crusher: This special sling doubles Chuck's destructive potential for everything made out of stone.
  • Glass Smasher: This special sling doubles Chuck's destructive potential for everything made out of glass or ice.
  • Golden Slingshot: This special sling gives Chuck an 1.5x increase to his destructive potential for everything made out of wood, glass, ice, or stone.
  • Jingle Sling: Instead of a regular slingshot, the Jingle Sling is basically a weaponized Christmas tree that will not only launch Chuck at his chosen target, but several ornaments as well for extra destruction.
  • Bouncy Sling: When fired out of this special slingshot, Chuck's bounciness will be increased, causing him to ricochet into other objects and cause more damage.
  • Diamond Sling: When fired out of this special slingshot, Chuck will somehow be able to ignore the laws of gravity and fly in a completely straight line.

  • Super Seeds/Power Potion
  • King Sling
  • Sling Scope
  • Birdquake
  • Blizzard
  • Hot Chili
  • Pig Puffer/Inflator
Unleash these outrageous spells to wreak havoc on pork kind! Those swindling swine won’t know what hit 'em.
~ Angry Birds 2 official website
  • Super Seeds/Power Potion: Chuck can use these to increase his size and striking power.
  • King Sling: The King Sling is a metal slingshot with stronger rubber bands that provide a lot more power for bird launches, allowing them to fly further and faster.
  • Sling Scope: The Sling Scope is a device that allows Chuck to view his flight path to help increase his accuracy.
  • Birdquake: This power-up creates massive earthquakes capable of collapsing structures.
  • TNT Drop/Energy TNT/Allaka-BAM/Boombox: This power-up summons multiple explosive crates onto the battlefield which Chuck can hit to detonate.
  • Flock of Birds: This power-up creates 4 smaller clones of Chuck.
  • Space Egg: Chuck can summon the Space Egg to create a vortex that can pull in objects and targets.
  • Pig Puffer/Pig Inflater: This power-up inflates multiple targets, making them easier to hit.
  • Mush-Bloom: This power-up blooms magenta-colored mushrooms in multiple areas of the enemy fortresses, causing the fortress to become less stable, and sometimes, damaging targets in the process.
  • Golden Ducks: This surprisingly effective spell causes rubber ducks to rain onto the battlefield, damaging anyone who happens to get hit.
  • Blizzard: This spell turns every object on-screen into ice, making them easier to destroy.
  • Hot Chili: This spell causes a random target to ignite and explode.

  • The Mighty Eagle in action
  • The Mighty Dragon in action
Stuck on a tricky level? Out of levels to play? Bring on the Mighty Eagle!
~ In-game Mighty Eagle popup
  • Mighty Eagle: With a tin of sardines, Chuck can summon the Mighty Eagle to swoop in and destroy everything in sight. This is most often used as a last resort.
    • Space Eagle: When summoned by a tin of sardines, the Space Eagle shall enter the fray through a wormhole and destroy everything in sight. This is most often used as a last resort.
  • Mighty Dragon: With a red koi fish, Chuck can summon the Mighty Dragon to swoop in and destroy everything in sight. This is most often used as a last resort.


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