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Chrono Clock follows Sawatari Rei the next in line to manage a large corporation. Rei inherited one very important item from his grandfather, a pocket watch within which a mysterious power lurks, the power to go back in time five minutes.

Using his power, there's no telling what he could accomplish, he could even save the world, but he didn't have any grand ambitions like that, he uses his power in order to have fun adventures every day.

On top of his priorities was finding a girlfriend before the end of summer, so Rei created a list of cute girls, who he confesses his feelings to one after another, then he uses the power of the pocket watch to turn back time, investigating the girls who might be interested in him without any risk.

After school, on a day just like that, a girl fell from the roof of the school building, splattering against the ground.

When Rei turned back time to find out what on happened, he found the first year girl, Suzuki Miu, right in the middle of confessing her feelings to his best friend. Miu was an extremely shy, brilliant, and unlucky girl, who used all her courage just to tell someone her true feelings.

Rei, who could only tell someone his feelings with the help of his pocket watch, was deeply impressed by Miu's determination and decided to help her so that her second confession would succeed.

That was the beginning of their bizarre three-way relationship. At the same time, Rei must gather up the courage to confess his feelings to one of the other heroines.

This was only the prologue to Rei Sawatari's story.

Power of the Verse

Most characters are just regular humans with the strongest humans being peak human. Goddess like Chronos however view infinite universes as tiny in comparison to her own existence and are beyond the linear concept of time and exists everywhere. Even a single part of Chronos is able to merge timelines together.




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