Chronicle Legion is a light novel series written by Takedzuki Jou and illustrated by BUNBUN.

It is the late 20th century. The progress of mystic arts led to the development of Legions, winged giant soldiers, and the noetic arts, rendering conventional forces outdated. Wars are now decided by Legions and their summoners, the Chevaliers. Between these Chevaliers, there are those people known as Resurrectees, past heroes who have returned to the present world with eternal life and the ability to summon an entire Legion army. One of these Resurrectees, Caesar, hero of the newly created Eastern Roman Empire, has made Imperial Japan into his vassal state. Princess Shiori Fujinomiya, who harbors ambitions of becoming the leader of Japan, decides to take action and enlists the help of Masatsugu Tachibana, a high-school student that is an amnesiac Resurrectee, to become her trusted general.

Power of the Verse

The verse is in the realm of what the real world can fight. The main fighting force in the verse are Legions, soldiers summoned by Chevaliers to fight, which have Building level strength and Superhuman speed. Save rare exceptions, humans in the verse lack superhuman capabilities beyond the use of magic to summon Legions and other magic beings.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series





Imperial Japan

British Empire

Eastern Roman Empire