Choujin sensen

Summary on this verse

Initially seven fights are set up by a mysterious beautiful woman by the name of FEE, who created these death battles for an unknown reason. An Expert, someone who has reached their peak human limit as a result of training, would be faced off against an Esper, someone who has unlocked a supernatural ability whether recently or since long ago in the past. They will fight to the death only until one of them lives.

However as seven victors are found, the revelation of MATE and his warriors change the situation, and it becomes clear that the world itself is in danger. And once again, these seven will soon have to face these Carbonoid Warriors. Even if it means they're going to have to face reincarnations of past geniuses.

The English title is "The Front of Superman".

The Power of this verse

The power of the verse started off initially weak, relying on their wits and simple abilities and skills to win. Most of them are superhumans while the others are espers with simple abilities ranging from X-ray vision, telekinesis, and metal manipulation.

However upon the revelation of the Carbonoids, the powers and skills of each one are enhanced. Some of the Carbonoids themselves are pretty powerful, each one able to bring destruction to Japan if not the entire planet. Isaac Newton is an example, being capable of destroying a town with so little effort. Haxx such as distance manipulation and time manipulation are also shown by the other players of the game.

Supporters and Opponents




Character Profiles



  • Baron Saijou
  • Sasamura Kouichi
  • Colonel Thomas "Dr. Hell" Hellgoro
  • Ye Hao Yue
  • Aisha Hario
  • Mishima Daigo
  • Hitman Hanzaki



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