As with any wiki, Chat is a feature that allows near-instantaneous communication between users of a community. You can access the Chat by visiting the "Special:Chat" of the community, and clicking the "Chat" option on the Wiki Navigation.

You can add emoticons by typing in the appropriate command in parentheses "()". This excludes regular emoticons. Our list of emoticons can be found here.

You can request that an admin adds emoticons

Linking works the same way that it does in the source mode editor by using brackets "[[ ]]". However this is only for VSBW links. You can alternatively just past the url in the chat box.

For links to other wikis, you can use the w:c function for example to link the page "Aang" from avatar wiki, use the command w:c:avatar:Aang and it will link the page to another wiki.

To use the "me" function (i.e. "Your Name is eating burgers) type /me in the chatbox followed by what you are doing.

For example:

/me is eating burgers would appear as:

*YourName is eating burgers.

The command for italics bold, and underlining are [i]insert here[/i] [b]insert here[/b], [us]insert here[/u] respectively.

It is also a very good idea to read the Chat Rules before entering Chat for the first time.

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