Celistia Ralgris

Celistia Lindwurm

Descend, royal dragon who inherited the blood of supremacy. Whirl the thunderous sound and make the heavens dance, Lindwurm!
~ Celistia reciting Lindwurm's pass code


Celistia Ralgris is one of the protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. She is known as the strongest student at Royal Knight Academy and the leader of Syvalles.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, 8-A with Sword Device | 8-A | 8-A | 7-C

Name: Celistia Ralgris, Celis, "Academy's Strongest"

Origin: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Classification: Four Great Nobles member, Drag-Knight, Royal Knight Academy student, Syvalles leader, Lux's Aide, Azure Division member

Powers and Abilities: Lance Mastery, Piloting, Martial Arts, Analytical Prediction (She observes the enemy's move before overtaking that movement and responds with the best reaction), Resistance to Madness Manipulation (A Baptism can drive humans into insanity, and Celistia has been able to resist it), Fear Manipulation (Even a small amount of Elixir can grant resistance to Mental Pollution, and Celistia went through Baptism), Mind Manipulation (A Baptism can burn and break the mind of a human by invading it, and Celistia has been able to resist it), Memory Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (Those who have received a Baptism attain resistance to Endless), Poison Manipulation (Elixir works like highly effective toxin that can instantly kill those who apply it, and Celistia was able to resist it), Corruption (Elixir is able to turn humans into Abyss, and Celistia was able to resist a 10% Baptism), Status Effect Inducement (Baptism is able to induce many different ailments, including fainting, and Celistia was able to resist it), Paralysis Inducement (Unaffected by the effects of her own paralysis) | Same, Flight, Enhanced Senses, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Forcefield Creation, Energy Manipulation (Can create and nullify energy blasts), Can bypass force fields, Electricity Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Teleportation, Paralysis Inducement (The electricity generated by her lance can paralyze her opponent's muscles, inabling them from moving), Shockwave Generation (All Drag-Rides are able to generate shockwaves with Howling Howl), Limited Light Manipulation (Can create a dazzling flash of light from the tip of her lance) | Same as before, Damage Reduction (By propagating the momentum of enemy attacks using her spear, she can halve the power of said attacks) | Same

Attack Potency: Athlete level, Multi-City Block level+ with Sword Device (The Sword Devices of Divine Drag-Rides are able to harm Abyss that fight said Divine Drag-Rides) | Multi-City Block level+ (Considered the only Drag-Knight in the New Kingdom to be able to kill a Ragnarok and later helped Lux Arcadia to kill Poseidon, Defeated both Krulcifer Einfolk and Lisesharte Atismata even when held-back, Her Starlight Zero is this strong) | Multi-City Block level+ (Fought Sacred Eclipse's First Incomplete Incarnation, She is still considered Academy's Strongest, so she should be superior to Krulcifer and Philuffy Aingram) | Town level (Fought Lux)

Speed: Athletic Human | At least Hypersonic+ (Kept up with Lux) | At least Hypersonic+, higher with Break Purge (By getting rid of the heavy parts of her armor, her speed increases two times) | Massively Hypersonic combat speed (Kept up with Lux) with higher reaction speed, higher combat speed with Break Purge

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human | At least Class G, possibly Class T (Should at least be comparable to Academy arc Philuffy Aingram)

Striking Strength: Athlete Class | Multi-City Block Class+ | Multi-City Block Class+ | Town Class

Durability: Athlete level | Multi-City Block level+ | Multi-City Block level+ | Town level

Stamina: Celistia shows high compatibility with Drag-Rides, allowing her to use a Divine Drag-Ride like Lindwurm for longer periods of time than the elite soldiers of the New Kingdom. During the New Kingdom arc, Celistia received a Baptism, which can inflict agony beyond imagination, being described by people who survive them as having their blood boiling in addition to feel pain across their entire body, and stated by Singlen to tamper a lot the nerves in the whole body, and recover from it.

Range: Extended melee range with Sword Device, Hundreds of meters with other weaponry

Intelligence: Despite being only a Drag-Knight student, Celistia is already considered the second most skilled Drag-Knight of the New Kingdom just behind Lux, with all different kinds of veteran Drag-Knights with decades of experience looking up to her, and with the Four Great Nobles council saying none of them could hope to compare to Celistia's skill.

Standard Equipment: Her Drag-Ride, Lindwurm

Weaknesses: Due to her lack of heavy armor, it is easier to deal heavy damage to Celistia after activating Break Purge

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Lightning Lance: A lance that can be imbued with lightning and thrusts at her opponent.
    • Lightning Flash: It emits lightning from her lance. Because the lightning attack also affects the Mithrildite, when it hits, the opponent will also receive damage through the armor, and they, as well as the weapons of the parts which received the attack, will see their movements dull for dozens of seconds.
  • Starlight Zero: It is a wide area ultra-powerful extermination weapon that shot a light bullet called "star" which compressed the energy amassed to its limit and exploded a few seconds later covering a space of 300 meters in radius.
  • Divine Gate: A Divine Raiment that allows the user to teleport instantaneously.
  • Break Purge: A basic technique to remove the excess of armor from Drag-Ride. Celistia's dexterity allowed her to transform this into her hidden technique, releasing the excess of armor to increase her destructive power and speed to the extreme, while severely reducing her defenses.

Key: Celistia | Lindwurm (Academy arc) | Lindwurm (Seven Dragon Paladins arc) | Lindwurm (New Kingdom arc)

Notes: For an in-depth explanation of Baptism, see here here.


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