Marvel Comics Celestials
But there were others. Multicolored rebles. They wanted their creation to evolve, to gain the power of universes-- --and for the universe to evolve with them. To know growth and change and morality. It was madness and sacrilege. It was war.
~ The First Firmament narrating the Celestial War

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A for normal Celestials, higher for Exitar the Exterminator and The One Above All.

Origin: Marvel Comics

Members: Arishem the Judge, Ashema the Listener, Eson the Searcher, Exitar the Executioner, Gammenon the Gatherer, Hargen the Measurer, Jemiah the Analyzer, Nezarr the Calculator, The One Above All (not to be confused with the Supreme Being), Oneg the Prober, Scathan the Approver, Tefral the Surveyor, Tiamut the Dreaming Celestial, Ziran the Tester

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Invulnerability, Regeneration, Telepathy, Teleportation, Precognition, Energy Manipulation, Transmutation, Reality Warping, Space-Time Manipulation, Telekinesis, etc.

Attack Potency: Multiverse level+ for normal Celestials (The Celestials of the Fourth Host were stated to be equal to their mad counterparts. They effortlessly pierced the strongest version of the Destroyer Armor and also effortlessly melted it into slag. Arishem allowed the Odinsword to penetrate his armor in order to analyze it, and then casually melted it), higher for Exitar the Exterminator and The One Above All (Exitar is stated to be so powerful that the Fourth Host is nothing to him, and The One Above All should be stronger still).

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Capable of outpacing Odin when he was in the Destroyer Armor and empowered by all of Asgard's life force)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Multiversal+ for normal Celestials, higher for Exitar the Exterminator and The One Above All

Durability: Multiverse level+ for normal Celestials (Celestials are capable of tanking the reflected attacks of their comrades), higher for Exitar the Exterminator and The One Above All

Standard Equipment: Various equipment and weapons, depending on the Celestial

Notable Individuals:

  • Arishem the Judge
  • Ashema the Listener
  • Devron the Experimenter
  • Eson the Searcher
  • Exitar the Executioner
  • Gamiel the Manipulator
  • Gammenon the Gatherer
  • Hargen the Measurer
  • Jemiah the Analyzer
  • Nezarr the Calculator
  • The One Above All (not the Supreme being with the same name)
  • Oneg the Prober
  • Scathan the Approver
  • Tefral the Surveyor
  • Tiamut the Dreaming Celestial
  • Ziran the Tester
  • The Mad Celestials
  • The Black Celestial


Kubik's statement that Celestials are far beyond the Cube Beings in power is frequently contradicted and is likely an outdated inconsistency.

Do not use the Ultimates storyline by Al Ewing to scale the Celestials' own power to the Multiversal Abstracts, as said storyline treated combat on the highest level of reality as a metaphor. It is considered as Plot-Induced Stupidity.

Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics.


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