Celeste is a game telling the story of Madeline, a teenage woman with severe anxiety and panic attacks, along with heavy self-doubt. When she decides to climb Celeste Mountain, reality is flipped upside down as all of her inner emotions are personified by its power in a challenging adventure, where she not only has to overcome her negative emotions on the inside, but on the outside as well.

Power of the Verse

Though the main protagonist is Madeline, she doesn't have many skills, besides building-busting power and her dashes/parkour. However, Part of You, her personified anxiety, has the same abilities and more, with possession, dream entering/exiting, beam attacks, projectile orbs, telekinesis and more.

The main drawback is that even Part of You has to draw her abilities from the mountain. If she is not supported by it in battle, or there are exceptions to this weakness, she cannot fight.


Part of You destroys a stone wall: Scales to both Madeline and Part of You. Small Building level+ to Building level+






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