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The Castle Series is a flash series created by Oscar Johannson. It consists of stick figure animation for the first three installments plus the "Reprecussions" extras and 3D animation in the fourth and final chapter. The series follows the mission of Etrius and his Elite Team as they explore an alternate dimension for an alternative resource to end the current Resource War/Crisis back on a dying Earth. This Elite Team often combats The Evils. Creatures of darkness that are the only remnants of the ancient species that once inhabited the world, besides three stone Castles.

Since its debut on Deletion Quality, in 2002, it has rose in popularity. Spawning many tributes, in the forms of fanart and fan animations. The series is mostly shrouded in obscurity, but can be found on many popular flash sites such as Newgrounds.

Power of the Verse

Compared to most verses, The Castle Series has quite underwhelming feats. Although, this does not mean they're pushovers. The Common Evil, the weakest creature in the canon, is high end Street level. All human characters have shown to overpower the Common Evil on at least one occasion. Most characters are unknown in their physical capabilities, due to limited screen-time for feats to be shown.

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