Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez is Juni Cortez's big sister.

In the first Spy Kids film, Carmen and Juni fight throughout their adventure, but eventually the two siblings deepen their bond. Carmen is one of two main protagonists in the Spy Kids films along with her brother.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B to 9-C with gadgets | Likely 9-B

Name: Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez

Origin: Spy Kids

Gender: Female

Age: 12 (SK1), 13 (SK2), 14 (SK3), 22 (SK4)

Classification: Human, Spy kid (former), Co-Head of the Spy Kids Division

Powers and Abilities: Martial Arts, Can create boobie traps and ambushes, Stealth and infiltration, Hacking, Espionage and detective skills, Flight with rocket shoes and buddy pack, Acid Manipulation with acid crayon, Status Effect Inducement with electroshocks and instant cement spray

Attack Potency: Human level up to Street level with gadgets | Likely Wall level (should be above Cecil and Rebecca and comparable to Marissa who knocks people out with dirty diapers), potentially higher with gadgets

Speed: Normal Human, Subsonic with the Buddy Pack and Rocket Shoes

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Human Class | Likely Wall Class

Durability: Human level | Likely Wall level (Should be comparable if not superior to Rebecca and Cecil who was struck with a giant second hand)

Stamina: Above average

Range: Extended melee to few meters with some gadgets

Standard Equipment: Buddy Pack, Field Ambush Supplies, Electroshock Gumballs, electroshock bubbles, Acid Crayon, climbing wire, micro cameras, instant cement spray, spy watch, Machete's Elastic Wonder, rocket shoes, atomic lipstick, etc.

Intelligence: Can hack into any organization, is the head of the Spy Kids Division

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses

Key: Spy Kids 1-3 | Spy Kids 4



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