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A young skyfarer takes the blue-haired girl's invitation to journey through the boundless skies toward that promised place. Although their path is fraught with peril, the connections they make along the way will surely lead them to the island of the Astrals.

~ In the beginning

Conqueror of the Eternals.png

One day, a skyfarer seen as a threat to the entire skydom shall bond with powers eternal. Upon donning these garments worthy of the ten Eternals themselves, the skies will recognize a new legend.

~ Conqueror of the Eternal's description

Alter Ego Conjurer Granjeeta.png

A hero attempts to reject the red thread that binds their fate to the vortex of chaos, but the unspeakable void refuses to relinquish its new toy. Whether this puppet acts for the benefit or the detriment of its allies and loved ones, only the power itself can decide.

~ Alter Ego Conjurer's descriptions

Gran & Djeeta SSJB.png

One day, a skyfarer who has obtained supreme command over all creation shall awaken a power eternal. Upon triumphing against the ten Eternals in a fight for the ages, a new world is revealed to the victor—but just what do those eyes behold?

~ Guider to the Eternal Edge's description


Gran/Djeeta is the protagonist of Granblue Fantasy. Growing up on the Island Zinkenstill with their dragon friend Vyrn, they one day received a letter from their father. After a fateful encounter with Lyria and her guardian Katalina, the group decides to follow the letter and find Gran/Djeeta's father, who is supposedly in Estalucia, the legendary home of the Astrals.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A | 5-B likely 4-C | At least 4-A, likely Low 2-C | Low 2-C

Name: Gran/Djeeta

Origin: Granblue Fantasy

Gender: Male or Female, depending on the player's choice

Age: 17

Classification: Skyfarer, Captain, Singularity

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Capable of navigating through completely dark areas), Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Earth, Electricity, Light, and Darkness), Skilled Martial Artist (Skilled in wresting, grappling, Kung Fu, ninja and military techniques), Skilled in the usage of a variety of different weapons (Expert at using sabres, daggers, axes, spears, guns, bow and arrows, staffs, knuckles, music instruments and katanas, capable of wielding even a literal fish with finesse), Limited Instinctive Reaction, Curse Manipulation (Capable of cursing the opponent to take damage over time, drop their strength and speed, creating various status effects, etc), Resistance Negation (Capable of dropping all resistance to debuff and status effects), Status Effect Inducement (Capable of inducing various status effects with mere hand signs), Statistics Amplification (Capable of increasing speed, power, etc), Statistics Reduction (Capable of reducing opponent's strength and speed), Chi Manipulation (Can use their chi to restore health and increase defense), Limited Gravity Manipulation (Capable of binding using gravitational force that also delays their abilities from being available), Summoning (Capable of summoning various characters for both offensive and defensive purposes), Invulnerability (Capable of becoming invulnerable to physical harm for limited period of time), Forcefield Creation (Capable of creating forcefield that can take limited amount of damage before it breaks), Healing (Can heal herself and others), Resurrection (Can resurrect others by themselves and with summons and can automatically resurrect themselves for once depending on the viable summons), Power Nullification (Capable of nullifying any negative or positive ailments), Magic (Expert at using various magic), Life-Force Absorption (Capable of healing himself by absorbing it from the opponent), Transmutation, Empathic Manipulation (Capable of manipulating emotions of their own allies or opponents. Capable of reducing their will to fight by using their melodies), Explosion Manipulation (Capable of creating explosions with bombs), Illusion Creation and Smoke Manipulation (Capable of dropping smokes, creating illusions), Preparation (Needed for the Assassin Branch), Perception Manipulation (Capable of forcing others to focus on him, blinding them or lower their own perceivability to conceal their presence), Poison Manipulation (Capable of inducing poison with Venom), Damage Boost (Capable of increasing their ability's damage with Aether Bane and Elemental Focus), Probability Manipulation (Can increase the chance of a target to drop a rare item), Technology Manipulation (With Mechanic skills), Holy Manipulation (Capable of blessing their own teammates and has holy weapons, can also attack with holy light), Energy Manipulation, Body Puppetry (Capable of causing their ally to copy their own moves), Acrobatics, Biological Manipulation, Creation, Durability Negation (Capable of negating opponent's armor and defenses), Damage Reduction (Capable of cutting down damage that will be taken), Attack Reflection (Capable of reflecting a percentage of the damage taken back to the opponent), Power Modification (Capable of cursing weapons to make them to heal their health instead of reducing it, capable of turning harmful effects to helpful ones), Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of hitting souls, such as will-o'-the-wisps), Sound Manipulation (Capable of creating various melodies that will have various effects on himself and opponents), Sleep Manipulation (Capable of inducing their opponents to sleep using Sheep Song), Paralysis Inducement (Capable of inducing paralysis with Ninjutsu), Petrification (Can petrify his opponent with Unpredictable), Immortality Negation (Type 1, 2, 3 and 5), Regeneration Negation (Up to Mid-Godly; Able to kill Primals such as Celeste who is able to regenerate from her concept), Acausality (Type 2; Magisa wasn't able to see her past or future), Weapon Creation (Capable of manifesting any of the ten Revenant Weapons and even all of them from thin air, can fully utilize their power and command them for offensive purposes simply via gestures; While Conqueror of the Eternals's Revenant Weapons has blue glows and creates strong impact effects, Guider to the Eternal Edge's incarnations has purple glows and create powerful explosions upon impact, implied to be far stronger than the weapons's original awakened state), Telekinesis (Can levitate himself and create forcefields to block incoming damage), Electricity Manipulation (Emits electric sparks passively; Emits massive electricity output actively while preparing for Reginleiv: Zenith), Energy Projection with Reginleiv: Azimuth and its ultimate incarnation, Reginleiv: Zenith), Teleportation (Gran can teleport a short distance to position himself for Reginleiv: Azimuth and Reginleiv: Zenith), Space-Time Manipulation (Bow Sterling Can summon Two-Crown Bow at will, whose arrows can shoot through space and time).

Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Capable of fighting in places with extreme heat), Madness Manipulation (Resisted the madness-inducing effects of Marduks awakening), Telepathy (Resists Marduk talking directly to his head to make him mad), Memory Manipulation (Able to resist Magus erasing his memory to an extent), Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Able to resist Bahamut's atomization aura), Precognition (His future can't be seen by any means), Petrification (Medusa commented during the raid how he escaped her eyes), Fate Manipulation (Singularity can change their own and the world's future, rending pre-established fate null), Death Manipulation (Capable of wielding Sword of Pallas without taking his own life as a result), Corruption (Type 1; Capable of wielding Seraphic Weapons without turning into something else), Power Nullification (Some of his status effects can't be removed by any means), Corrosion Inducement (Capable of wielding Phantasmas without having his soul and body corroded upon use), Statistics Reduction, Sleep Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Empathic Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement and Poison Manipulation (Has debuff resistance due to her job such as Paladin and Chaos Ruler, which has all of these effects)

Animal Manipulation (Can manipulate fish to attack their opponents with Albacore Blade), Matter Manipulation (Capable of punching down opponents down to their atoms), Death Manipulation (Capable of causing instant death with Aluminum Bat), Regeneration (Low; Capable of passively increasing their health over time), Weather Manipulation (Capable of creating raging winds and tornadoes), Deconstruction (Capable of reducing their opponents to dust), Space-Time Manipulation (Capable of cutting through dimensions and space-time, or destroying it entirely), Heat Manipulation (Capable of creating extreme amount of heat with contact), Purification (Capable of purifying any creations), Life Manipulation (Capable of transforming the environment with life energy), Reality Warping (Capable of warping reality to change the area to their advantage, capable of creating extreme bizarre phenomenons), Fate Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Capable of severing opponent's fate itself, leaving no trace of their existence), Void Manipulation (Capable of engulfing Heaven and Earth in a storm, leaving nothingness from the beginning of time), Soul Manipulation (Capable of devouring countless souls), Madness Manipulation (Capable of creating melodies that will make a person insane), Fear Manipulation (Capable of inducing fear to the heart of their enemies), Homing Attack (Capable of sealing fate, making their attacks never be able to miss), Law Manipulation (Capable of yielding laws of nature everytime he strikes and even capable of altering it), Dream Manipulation (Capable of creating sweet dreams), Clairvoyance (Capable of shining light to their own future), Supernatural Luck (Some of their weapons grant him extreme luck to the point that their mark never misses), Regeneration Negation (Capable of causing irreversible wounds), Probability Manipulation (Capable of creating misfortunes to anyone he cuts), Hellfire Manipulation (Capable of producing hellfire), Precognition (Capable of identifying possible threats with Two-Crown Bow), Absolute Zero (Capable of causing absolute zero with Dante Alighieri and Xeno Glacial Dream Staff), Necromancy, Time Travel (Can travel through time via Keraunos), Plant Manipulation (their mere swings can let plants to grow), BFR (Capable of vanishing others to the stars or to the mother sea), Extrasensory Perception (Capable of gazing into the void with Scythe of Belial) and Absorption (Capable of consuming hearts of others)

Healing Negation (Capable of slowing down regenerative processes and healing processes by summoning Celeste), Flight (Lots of their summons can fly), Disease Manipulation (Can summon Silph, who can create Karma which caused sickness to a town so that any children and old will instantly die), Soul Manipulation (Can cause massive amounts of souls to form Celeste by summoning her), Weather Manipulation (Capable of summoning storms by summoning Tiamat), Fate Manipulation (Capable of summoning Mithra, who controls fate by its gears), Fear Manipulation, Reality Warping (Can summon Fafnir who has power of miracles), Madness Manipulation (Capable of inducing madness by summoning Mammon), Clairvoyance (Can summon Poseidon who has ability to see the entire history of a family line), Chaos Manipulation (Capable of summoning Veselago, who can bring forth chaos to the world), Existence Erasure (Capable of summoning Behemoth, who gorges the opponent so hard that no trace of their existence will remain), Mind Manipulation (Can summon Mahisha who can command any life by its light), Dream Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation (Can summon Ikelos who can put people to sleep forever and show them dreams), Animal Manipulation (Can summon Queen Bee who has control over bees), Death Manipulation (Capable of summoning Death who can induce death), Purification (Capable of summoning Seraphim Cradle which purifies souls), Illusion Creation, Memory Manipulation and Sealing (Can summon Magus, who can create island wide illusions, erase memories and seal other people, even itself), Telepathy and Madness Manipulation (Can summon Marduk who can threaten an entire island to go insane with their presence and can talk with others telepathically), Immortality (Type 4 and 5) and Necromancy (Capable of summoning Celeste, who can rob people of their deaths within its vicinity, thus become deathless and constantly resurrects upon defeat and turning them to zombies or ghosts), Duplication (Can summon Marduk who can forcibly copy another person), Aura (All summons have an aura that has some effects to the user or to the opponent one way or another), Vibration Manipulation (Can summon Zarchanel Flame who can create earthquakes with ease), Matter Manipulation (Capable of summoning Bahamut who can atomize by his aura alone), Space-Time Manipulation (Capable of summoning Colossus who can cut through space and time), Heat Manipulation (Capable of summoning Colossus who can create heat passively), Magma Manipulation (Capable of summoning Colossus who can make magma erupt from the ground), Corrosion Inducement (Capable of summoning Leviathan who can putrefy his opponents), Life Manipulation (Capable of summoning Yggdrasil who can manipulate life), Plant Manipulation (Capable of summoning Yggdrasil who can create plants), Clairvoyance (Capable of summoning Yggdrasil who can make the user see eternal knowledge), Power Bestowal (Capable of summoning Yggdrasil who can bestow others powers), Fusionism (Capable of summoning Luminiera who can fuse with other people and objects to overtake them), Weapon Creation (Capable of summoning Luminiera who can create blades out of light), Blood Manipulation (Capable of summoning Celeste who can create enormous amount of blood at once), Probability Manipulation (Capable of summoning Apollo who can bless fortune across all of Underworld), Portal Creation (Capable of summoning Baal who can create portals), Creation (Capable of summoning Bahamut who has power over creation), BFR (Capable of summoning Qilin who can send other people to shadowy side of the heaven), Chain Manipulation (Capable of summoning Prometheus who can manipulate chains), Radiation Manipulation (Capable of summoning Hector who can use the rays from the sun), Absolute Zero (Capable of summoning Cocytus who can induce absolute zero), Possession (Capable of summoning Mammon who can possess an object or person to make someone mad), Information Analysis (Capable of summoning Inchoate World who analyzed all the realm creating new Primal beast from the remains of war that will be used as pawn to destroy the old one to create the new ideal world), Time Stop (Capable of summoning Inchoate World who has Genesis's End and World's End, which seems to completely stop time before absorbing everything around), Petrification (Capable of summoning Medusa who can turn people to stone), Empathic Manipulation (Capable of summoning Sharom who can manipulate willpower), Causality Manipulation and Power Mimicry (Capable of summoning Veselago who can copy abilities)

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Capable of fighting against Tiamat, capable of defeating normal showdown Primals like Ifrit and Cocytus) | Planet level (Superior to Primal Beasts like Medusa) likely Star level (fought and defeated Luminary Knights and defeated Eternals such as Seofon) | At least Multi-Solar System level, (Able to defeat Base Sandalphon and comparable to Archangels, who are far superior to Shiva and Europa, and Acquired all Seraphic Weapons from Primarch without being consumed by it) likely Universe level+ (Fought and defeated Avatar) | Universe level+ (Capable of fighting against Ultimate Bahamut, defeated all 10 Eternals with their Revenant weapon at the same time, defeated Wardant, Beelzeub, Belial and Lucilius)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Albert who is as fast as lightning, also comparable to Vaseraga who ran and blocked Thunder God's electricity mid-flight. With using light element, she can use cloud to ground lightning with Ascension) | Sub-Relativistic (Superior to Baal, who is this fast) likely Massively FTL (comparable to Seofon) | At least Massively FTL+, likely Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with Sandalphon and Avatar) | Likely Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Ultimate Bahamut who can throw countless stars far from outer space and Inchoate World who can disperse stars in to the space in seconds. Superior to The Moon, who fly so fast that he sees distant stars as mere blurs)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Superior to Primal Beasts like Colossus and Fafnir, who should be that strong via their sheer size) | At least Class K likely Stellar | At least Multi-Stellar, likely Universal | Universal (Comparable to Ultimate Bahamut)

Striking Strength: Multi-Continent Class | Planet Class likely Star Class | At least Multi-Solar System Class, likely Universal+ | Universal+

Durability: Multi-Continent level | Planet level (Could tank attacks from Medusa and Athena) likely Star level (taken hits from Seofon) | At least Multi-Solar System level (taken hits from Base Sandalphon), likely Universe level+ (Taken hits from Avatar) | Universe level+ (blocked attacks and survived hits from the likes of Lucilius and Ultimate Bahamut)

Stamina: High (Can fight for hours against hordes of enemies)

Range: Extended melee range with weapons, tens of meters with magic, bows, and guns, At least kilometers, up to planetary with summons.

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: High, mastered many scientific and magical branches within a short time. Fought and beat the greatest martial artists and weapon masters in the Sky world.

Weaknesses: Tries, if possible, not to kill their foes. Captain is connected with Lyria by life force and would any of them die, so would the other. Cant use summons if Lyria isn't conscious. Has some sort elemental weakness depending on what main weapon he is using.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Berserker render.png

  • Full Arsenal: Captain empowers himself for the next attack, triggering the special attack of their weapon
  • Rage: Captain strengthens himself and the people around them
  • Armor Break: Through a swift strike Captain damages the defence of their foes directly
  • Brave Soul: By steadying their body, Captain strengthens their body further, getting stronger the better their body condition is.
  • Rampage: Captain raises the fury of their attacks, raising their speed and allowing him to attack more often in the same span of time he would have needed for a single attack.
  • Power Raise: Captain enhances their attacks for a more devastating attack against weaknesses.

Spartan render.png

  • Phalanx: Captain creates a protective field around them and their party, stopping a big part of the damage.
  • Overdrive Surge: Captain swiftly attacks an opponent, dealing more damage if said opponent is in an agitated status
  • Centurion: Captain reduces the attack strength of their opponent and nullifies the next incoming attack
  • Reflection: Captain enhances himself to reflect a quarter of all the damage he receives back to their opponent
  • Tetsudo: Captain enhances their defence continually
  • Guardian: Captain enhances their defence further and takes a taunting stance, forcing the enemy to focus on him
  • Hardend Shield: Captain strikes the enemy with their Spartan Shield, giving them a strength boost while the enemy suffers from reduced stats and getting their ability delayed for a short moment

Sage render.png

  • Panacea: Captain restores a large amount of health for themself and their allies
  • Grace: Captain blesses their party to raise their own and allies defences
  • Clarity: Captain cures themself and all allies from status ailments such as petrification, paralyzes etc
  • Blessing: Captain attacks their enemies with holy light, dealing light damage
  • Revive: Captain revives a party member from the dead
  • Dispel: Captain dispels positive effects from their opponents
  • Veil: Captain creates a veil that preemptively dispels all ailments that befalls them
  • White Wall: Captain creates a barrier that protects them until it breaks

Warlock Render.png

  • Aether Blast: Captain cast a magic bolt that adapts to Captains current element
  • Fire: Captain cast a fire spell, dealing fire damage
  • Ice: Captain cast an ice spell, dealing ice damage
  • Blind: Captain inflicts blindness onto their opponent
  • Venom: Captain poisons their opponents, dealing additional elemental damage
  • Laser Focus: Captain raises their concentration, sacrificing a small amount of defence but raising their magical power
  • Bounce: Captain deals elemental damage that is amplified by opponents buffs and debuffs
  • Choke: Captain enhances their attacks, turning them into Area attacks
  • Dark Haze: Reduces the physical stats of their opponent, while further poisoning and blinding them
  • Aether Bane: Inflicts the Aether Bane status onto their opponent, raising the Aether Blast damage against them
  • Chaser: Captain enchants theirs and all allies weapons to deal bonus elemental damage with every strike

Bandit Tycoon Rende.png

  • Crack Shot: Captain empowers their next attack, dealing massive damage to foes in exhausted states
  • Tricky Moves: Captain moves in such a way that exhaust their opponents
  • Lethal Aim: Captain increases their aim, enhancing their attack speed
  • White Smoke: Captain drops a smoke bomb, veiling themself and making landing attacks nearly impossible through illusions
  • Rupie Flip: Captain throws a variable amount of money at their opponents, dealing plain damage, that ignores forcefields and defences

Chaos Ruler Render.png

  • Stall: Captain throws a disruptive attack, that prevents the usage of abilities for a short time
  • Elemental Focus: Captain enhances their own and their party's ability damage
  • Quick Strike: Captain enhances their own and their party's speed
  • Miserable Mist: Captain curses their opponents, reducing their attack and defence
  • Gravity Wave: Captain binds their enemy through gravitational waves, delaying the usage of abilities over a long period of time
  • Quick Down: Captain curses their opponents, reducing their speed
  • Blood Sword: Captain curses their weapon, allowing them to restore their own health through the damage they dealt.
  • Uprising: Captain enhances a person of their choice, strengthening and speeding them up
  • Unpredictable: Captain curses their opponents further, inflicting them with various status effects
  • Chaos: Captain curses the entire battlefield, dropping all resistances towards status effects and debuffs continually
  • Absorption: Captain enchants themself and their party, reabsorbing lost health through damage being dealt to them

Luchador Render.png

  • Counter: Captain takes a counter stance, dodging all attacks and retaliating in the same moment
  • Taking Chances: Captain takes an offensive stance, sacrificing defence for attack power
  • Chi Channeler: Captain channels their inner chi to restore their health and to raise their defence
  • Fighting Spirit: Captain empowers themself for a faster special attack
  • Pandemonium: Captain raises the speed in which they gain energy for a special attack
  • Spirit of Training: Captain continually empower themself slightly for a growing strength boost
  • Horizontal Solace: Captain takes a taunting stance, raising the number of counterstrikes they can throw
  • Ring Ruler: Captain hypes up themself and their allies for a unique strength boost
  • Mic Hype: Captain slightly energizes themself and their allies continually over time
  • Tag Team: Captain coordinates a group attack, blitzing their enemies with a surprise attack

Nighthound Render.png

  • Quick Step: Captain takes evasive manoeuvres, dodging the next incoming attack while boosting their own attack power
  • Rain of Arrows: Captain fires a rain of arrows, dealing elemental damage and weakening the enemies offence
  • Hard Line: Captain fires an elemental shot, dealing more damage if the enemy is inflicted with a debuff
  • Steady Aim: Captain focuses entirely on their enemy, energizing themself and raising the effectiveness of their attacks against them
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Captain fires an attack while simultaneously dodging all incoming attacks while further raising their own attack power. Every successful dodge leads to the enemy being blinded
  • Frequenzy Jam: Captain distorts the enemies perception, raising the dodge rate of themself and their allies and making the enemy open for hits against weak spots
  • Twillight Zone: Captain enchants the battlefield, raising the advantages of elemental damage against opponents
  • Judicious Shot: Captain fires an aerial strike, dealing massive damage and destroying the elemental resistances of their enemy

Elysian Render.png

  • Overture: Captain plays an enchanting melody, making healing effects for themself and allies more effective
  • Angelic Voice: Captain plays a manipulating melody, charming enemies to reduce their will for battle
  • Bard Song: Captain plays a healing melody, regenerating their and their allies health over time
  • Soul Soloist: Captain plays a cursing melody, making all enemies more susceptible for debuffs and status effects while raising their own and allies resistance towards them
  • Sky Realm Song: Captain plays an enchanting melody, doubling the speed of themself and their allies
  • Sheep Song: Captain plays a calming melody, luring all enemies to sleep and prevent them from using abilities for a short moment
  • Tremor Round: Captain plays an enchanting melody, raising their and their allies physical stats depending on how many allies participate in battle
  • Concludere: Captain plays an enchanting melody, further raising the effectiveness of healing effects and raising elemental strength for themself and their allies
  • Dirge for the Dead: Captain plays a cursing melody, strongly weakening the enemies defence to physical and elemental damage
  • Voice Unveiled: Captain plays an enchanting melody, reverting indirect damage like poison back to health and further regenerate their and their allies' health. If Captain is at full health while the enchantment runs, they will be energized instead
  • Call of the Abyss: Captain plays a double-edged melody, nearly tripling their own and allies speed, but will be cursed with an energy penalty, slowing down their energy gain for special attacks

Apsaras Render.png

  • Drive it In: Captain throws a vicious thrust, dealing damage and exhausting their enemy
  • Doublte Trouble: Captain triples their speed for a single attack, raising the speed of their allies while decreasing the speed of their opponent at the same time
  • Battle Scar: Captain throws a thrust, dealing more damage the more the enemy is energized and agitated, raising their own physical stats and getting burned in the process
  • Resonating Surge: Captain throws a thrust, amplifying the strength of their abilities
  • Randgrith: Captain destroys the defence of their opponent
  • Einherjar: Captain continuously strengthens their body to raise their physical strength
  • Swan Song: Captain enchants themself and their allies, raising the energizing rate, the strength of attacks against weak points, the potency of their debuffs and gives them life drain with every attack
  • Dance of Zeal: Captain dances a zeal inducing dance, giving all allies a strength boost with a defence down demerit, all allies inflicted will devote themself to protect Captain
  • Springwater Robe: Captain activates their robe, creating illusional shades of themself and activating their weapon expertise to its fullest potential
  • Crestfallen Flower: Captain enchants themself and their allies with a weakened veil, raising their resistances towards status effects and debuffs, and a unique strength boost depending on how high and low the health is, with the weakest point being the middle

Doctor Render.png

  • Alchemize Green Potion: Captain creates a Green Potion, that upon usage restores a big amount of health
  • Just the Cure: Captain restores a big amount of health for themself and allies
  • A Little Pick-Me-Up: Captain creates an energizing Potion, energizing themself and allies by a small amount
  • Fury Capsule: Captain creates a strengthening drug, that, after some time past, gives a big strength boost to themself and allies
  • Potion Refinement: Captain creates another Potion and vaccines themself and allies, allowing their bodies to dispell debuffs and status effects on their own
  • Nutrients: Captain strengthens themself and their allies, making them stronger the more healthy they are and makes them more susceptible to healing
  • Maddening Vitality: Captain drugs themself for a great physical boost, raising their strength, reaction speed and resistance towards debuffs and status effects but at the cost of a permanently decreased health
  • Adrenaline Rush: Captain drugs themself and allies for a strong energy boost, but suffer from energy withdrawal after the drug runs out

Runeslayer Render.png

  • Ninjutsu/Runeweaving: Captain calls forth the power of the Tetra elements, allowing them to freely combine Fire, Water, Earth and Wind essences to call forth various enchanting, cursing and damaging spells. Those spells will mark the enemy through Ninjutsu with an element seal or themselves with Magic Circles through Runewaving depending on the spell, amplifying the next spell and various other abilities of the branch
  • Fuma Shuriken: Captain throws a shuriken at their opponent, cutting down their cooldowns doubling their speed and strengthening themself. Depending on the current element seal on their opponent, Fuma Shurikens can cause additional effects for themselves and the enemy
  • Haze: Captain creates a damaging fog, speeding themself up, raising their strength and the damage of weak spot hits while suffering from a defensive demerit
  • Home-Made Bomb: Captain stealthily attaches a small bomb onto their enemy. The bomb will detonate after a while and deals tremendous damage
  • Mana Burst: Captain fires a powerful spell. The power will be amplified with every Magic Circle
  • Dragon Break: Captain uses all their Magic Circles to enchant their weapon, dealing additional damage with every attack
  • Spellboost: Captain sacrifices a third of their current energy, to grant themself 1 Magic Circles of every Tetra element

Kengo Render.png

  • Nimble/One with the Blade: Captain boosts their speed up to a triple of their original speed but loses it when hit.
  • Self-Reflection: Captain sacrifices a small part of their energy to dispell all debuffs on themselves and strengthening themself with additional strength and damage against weak spot hits
  • Quiet Strategy: Captain takes a defensive stance that raises their physical defence and creates an illusionary shade of themself at the cost of their speed and strength
  • Into Thin Air: Captain evades all attacks for a short time
  • Eagle Reversal: Captain takes a counter stance, dodging all attacks and countering them
  • No More Doubts: Captain sacrifices a large portion of their energy to raise their speed to ninefold for a short moment
  • Rending Flash: Captain sacrifices a large portion of their energy to throws a fast attack, dealing massive damage and boosting their next special attack

Glorybringer Render.png

  • Awakening Blade/Glory Arts: Captain calls forth the hidden power of their current sword. Upon call, the sword unleashes its hidden power in form of its initial awakening, a resonance effect that Captain can call form automatically and 2 passive processes, that triggers upon attacks and defences respectively. Each of the forth actions are different from sword to sword and each activation runs on a to the sword special energy household. When empty, the sword goes dormant again and needs to be reactivated
  • Resonating Blade: Captain uses up a small amount of the swords energy to activate its resonance effect
  • Energize: Captain sacrifices a small amount of their energy to energize their activated sword again
  • Contrablade: Captain braces themselves for an all-out attack, withstanding normally lethal hits for a single time and countering all attacks
  • Espada: Captain throws a flurry of sword attacks, dealing more damage the more swords Captain has on them
  • Al Doble: Captain enchants their sword, dealing bonus elemental damage with every hit and guaranteeing attack effects of their sword with each attack
  • Colmillus: Captain takes an offensive stand, raising all offensive stats and overloading their sword, disabling the energy consumption of it until Colmillus is switched off. In that stance, the awaken sword can't activate defensive effects, only the offensive

Soldier Render.png

  • Early Shot/Three-Round Burst: Captain fires a surprise attack, tripling their speed for that attack
  • Tripple Threat: Captain triples their speed for a single attack, amplifying the power of their attacks at the cost of their defence
  • Lock'n'Load: Captain discards all of their bullets and reloads their gun
  • Blitzburst:Captain uses up all of their current loaded bullets for a single special attack. Upon reloading, the next attack deals tremendous damage
  • Open Fire: Captain locks on their target and unleashes all bullets in a single moment
  • Fortitude: Captain braces themselves for an all-out war, enhancing the power of their attacks and their physical strength depending on how badly damaged Captain is, while further enhancing the damage against weak spot hits
  • Guerrilla Tactics: Captain becomes one with their surrounding, lowering the chance of being hit significantly, while sporadically firing attacks with every dodge. While deployed, Captain speeds up their energy gain

Nekomancer Render.png

  • Omnipotent Eye/Cat's Meow: Captain runs on a new energy form called mana, required for all abilities of the Branch. Once activated, Captain raises all their and their allies stats until they run out of mana. Captain suffers a short but strong demerit if the ability is deactivated (Either manually or through the lack of mana).

If not activated, all of Captains attacks have their range massively boosted, turning normal attacks into areal attacks.

  • Fate Forseen/Moonshadow: Captain sacrifices their energy to replenish their mana
  • Splitting Spirit: Captain sacrifices their health to replenish their energy
  • Third Eye: Captain grants themself or an ally a third eye, tripling their speed for a single attack
  • Black Cat's Path: Captain let out a cursing stare, weakening the stats of their opponent and slowing them down up to a third of their original speed. The ability can only be used while Cat's Meow is active, ending it without the demerits occurring
  • Paws of Power: Captain blesses themself with the strength of the cat, sacrificing mana to raise their speed and the damage behind hits against weak spots

Assassin Render.png

  • Selectivly Skilled: Captain uses a variety of assassin items called Secret Gear against their opponent. The effect varies from item to item. Captain only has a limited amount of them and needs to prepare them before the battle
  • Out of Sight: Captain redirects the enemies focus through assassin techniques, lowering their perceiveability
  • Retaliation Reprise: Captain uses a Secret Gear. This attack is a desperation move, as it allows Captain to chain to Secret Gears in an attack but at the cost of opening themselves up for attacks
  • Conceal: Captain further lowers their perceiveability and raises their speed

Drummaster Render.png

  • Drum Roll: Captain plays a motivating Drum solo, enhancing the damage of their and their allies special attack tremendously
  • Never Miss a Beat: Captain's masterful skill with The Drum allows them to manipulate the energy of themself and their allies, allowing them to move and absorb energy
  • Resounding Rhythm: Captain sacrifices a small amount of energy to motivate themself and their allies, strengthening them while reducing elemental resistances of their opponent
  • Resonating Rhythm: Captain plays a motivating Drum Solo, raising the energy household of themselves or an ally by a large amount

Dancer Render.png

  • Spellbound Salsa: Captain sacrifices a part of their health to triple their speed and make themself immune for a single attack
  • Classical Lead: Captain captivates everyone around them, forcing them to copy all of Captains movements
  • Two to Tango: Captain raises their speed to sixfold for a moment
  • Pas Seul: Captain forces themselves into the spotlight, forcing attacks onto themselves and raising their energy gain

Mechanic Render.png

  • Activate: Captain summons their Golem Companion. The Golems abilities and battle behavior depend on its programming and frame. The Golem runs on its energy called Power Cells, if the Golem runs out on them it deactivates itself. Abilities, offensive and defensive moves require Power Cells.
  • Costumized Action: Captain orders the Golem to use its special ability, depending on the Action Chip of the Golem
  • Refuel: Captain raises their physical stats and refuels the Power Cells of their Golem
  • Actuation: Captain sacrifices up to half of their health to refuel their Golem fully

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