For the efficiency of calculation evaluations and requests, all requests should contain the following information:

  • Importance/Priority:
  • Name of the Verse/Character:
  • Brief Feat Description:


In order to provide assistance to those who require it the most, while providing structure to our calculation threads, we have come up with a priority system that would provide the calculations team with a working order.

Simply choose from one of the four priority levels below, and place your selected tier in the "Importance/Priority:" section.

  • Priority 1: Verse dependent. Affects the majority of the cast within the verse.
  • Priority 2: Scales to a decent number of characters. Can put characters into different tiers within the verse (mid to high, low to mid, etc.), but does not affect the majority of the characters within the verse.
  • Priority 3: Gives an important statistic (Durability, Attack Potency, Speed) to a single character.
  • Priority 4: Gives an unimportant or supportive rating to a character or verse; recreational and unnecessary calcs. This includes feats that are blatantly below ones that have been calculated and applied previously.

It is also useful if you mention whether or not the franchises and characters that the calculations support are prominent/popular, of average renown, or obscure.


All calculation blogs should additionally include the following:

  • Feat Video/Picture When Applicable:
  • Feat Description and Context:

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