Cad Banes
I'll take on any job... For the right price.
~ Cad Bane


Cad Bane, a Duros male, was the leading bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Clone Wars due to the death of Jango Fett at the Battle of Geonosis. He was specialized in fighting Jedi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically. 9-A with blasters. High 8-C with heavy weapons and explosives

Name: Cad Bane

Origin: Star Wars

Gender: Male

Age: Early 50s

Classification: Duros, Bounty Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human to Superhuman Physical Characteristics, master marksman, Flight (via rocket boots), His gauntlet is capable of basic level Hacking and can give powerful electric shocks as a self-defence mechanism and is even equipped with a flamethrower, Master strategist & tactician and over very combat savvy, Skilled hand-to-hand combatant

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (Comparable to Boba Fett. Capable of effortlessly overpowering Clone Troopers as well as Senate Commando Captains, who can match ARC Troopers in hand-to-hand combat). Small Building level with blasters (heavy blaster pistols such as Cad Bane's LL-30 pistols and military issue blaster rifles can pack these kinds of a punch; has collapsed a large section of a rock ledge with a few shots from his twin LL-30s). Large Building level+ with heavy weapons and explosives

Speed: Peak Human with Massively Hypersonic reactions (Comparable to Boba Fett. Specialized in fighting Jedi. Has reacted to close range blaster and laser cannon fire). Subsonic flight speed with rocket boots (Can keep up with slower moving shuttles/yachts and air-speeders, which can cruise at speeds of a few hundred kilometres per hour)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (Uninjured from being flung into a cliff face from several storeys and at high speed)

Stamina: At least Peak Human. Has never appeared to be tired out in battle, even after several hours without sustenance and rest.

Range: Several meters with flame thrower, dozens of meters with blaster pistols and grenades, hundreds of meters with blaster rifles.

Intelligence: Very high. Is a skilled combatant with years of experience fighting other bounty hunters and even Jedi. Is a master strategist & tactician who has outwitted foes such as crime lords and Jedi Masters, commanded various successful operations in conjunction with other bounty hunters, even infiltrated the Jedi temple.

Standard Equipment: His twin LL-30 heavy blaster pistols, bolas, wrist gauntlet mounted flame throwers and tasers, rocket boots which allow him to fly, a modified breathing apparatus connected directly to his trachea, various explosive devices and grenades.

Weaknesses: None notable


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