Listen to the screams, listen! That is the sound of your own extinction. - CABAL


Defecting from Nod, the artificial intelligence CABAL launched a genocidal campaign against humanity after gaining the alien Tacitus.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-A (the Core Defender and CABAL Obelisk)

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: CABAL's Cyborg Army

Origin: Command & Conquer, Tiberian universe

Classification: AI driven cyborg army

Kardashev Level: The Civilization’s level in the Kardashev Scale

Age: Coexisted with Nod for several decades, lasted about 2 years after separating from Nod.

Population: Several thousand cyborgs

Territory: CABAL's forces overran several cities. His core was somewhere in Africa.


Artificial Intelligence: Being run by an AI the Cyborg forces act with a single mind and will making decisions with pin-point accuracy.

Cybernetics: Naturally all soldiers are cyborgs able to wield powerful weapons like chainguns and plasma guns. Being Tiberium based they can heal in Tiberium and are resistant and toxins and radiation.

Advanced vehicles: CABAL commandeered several GDI and Nod vehicles including tanks, walkers, hovercraft, subterranean tunneling vehicles, and aircraft. The most powerful was a unique one called the Core Defender.

Laser weapons: Having been part of Nod, CABAL deployed the Obelisk of Light as well as two unque variants, the more powerful CABAL Obelisk and an anti-air variant the Obelisk of Darkness.

EMP weapons: CABAL used EMP weapons to disable enemy vehciles when needed. His Core Defender was made resistant to EMP weapons.

Stealth Technology: CABAL utilized Nod invisibility technology to hide his forces.

Forcefields: CABAL made use of GDI's Firestorm Defense to protect his core. CABAL's variant could remain active indefinitely but was dependent on outside control stations to remain active.

Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level for the Core Defender. Large Building level for Cyborg Commandos. Most standard forces are around Small Building level to Building level for tanks, missiles, artillery, and aircraft.

Power Source: Uses gas and thermal power plans. CABAL power's itself with some biological energy from bodies.

Industrial Capacity: CABAL can quickly concert captured people into cyborgs in areas he controls. The Cyborg Reaper specializes in capturing both civilians and soldiers in battle to be processed into cyborgs.

Military Prowess: Likely in the thousands.

Notable Individuals: The only real member is the ruthless Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform, or CABAL, himself. CABAL incorporates organic components in the form of numerous humans placed in suspension capsules. These humans apparently serve as CABAL's processors, increasing it's computing power.

Weaknesses: If CABAL himself is destroyed the cyborgs would cease to function. To prevent this, CABAL employed decoy CABAL Cores and GDI's Firestorm defense system to protect himself.


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