Buster Machine #3 is a superweapon developed during the war with the Space Monsters and designed to destroy the center of the galaxy. Also known as the "Black Hole Bomb", it is a gigantic bomb formed by compressing the planet Jupiter into a relatively tiny space and then triggering a chain reaction to create a black hole. Upon activation, it failed to detonate, forcing Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano to enter it in Gunbuster, rip out one of the mecha's power cores, and use it to start the reaction. This resulted in the two being left alone in space and isolated from humanity for 12,000 years.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-C, 4-A with Slave Generators

Name: Buster Machine III, Black Hole Bomb

Origin: Gunbuster

Age: 14 (Construction began in 2034)

Classification: Black Hole Bomb made out from Jupiter and Australia, detonating fuse

Pilot(s): Kazumi Ota

In use by: Earth Imperial Space Force

Crew: 1

Dimensions: 869 x 415 km

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Spaceflight, FTL, Forcefield Creation, Immense Gravity via sheer size and compression, Portal Creation, Flight, Subspace Travel, Physics Manipulation, Explosive Physiology/Self-Destruction/Black Hole Creation, Large Size (Type 4), Can absorb ether shockwaves, Can travel forward in time (via time dilation), Inertia Negation

Attack Potency: Star level (It adds an addition of 3.2 × 10^30 kg of mass to the already compressed 30,000th Jupiter), Multi-Solar System level with Slave Generators (Capable of destroying everything in a 10,000 light-year radius[1], shown to destroy the galactic core and created the supermassive black hole "Tannhauser 1" in its place[2])

Speed: Relativistic+, Massively FTL+ via warp (It is capable of FTL travel and went from Earth to the galactic core in a vaguely short period of time[2])

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Solar System level (It's shields are rated at 2 x 10^58 GeV, this translates to 2 x 1.6e48 joules[2])

Stamina: Quite high, still considered operational after numerous waves of billions of Space Monsters

Range: Interstellar (Capable of destroying everything in a 10,000 light-year radius)

Standard Equipment: Slave Generators (3,000 slave units laid over 10,000 light-years)

Intelligence: The intelligence of its operators

Weaknesses: Cannot be used by any other means other than a bomb, after the degeneration process starts it takes 56 minutes for the bomb to go off

Terrain: Space, Subspace

Needed Prerequisite for Use: Thousands of slave units activated, a pilot to move/direct it

Operational Timeframe: Indefinite due to being a black hole

Weaponry: Has no fixed armament

Defensive Systems: AT field barrier

Special Forms: None

Notable Features: Console Panel/Cockpit, 1/30,000th compressed Jupiter, Roche Canceller





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