Brandon Rogers
I know you're a good person Sam... I made you...
~ Brandon to Sam


Brandon Rogers is the creator of several shows including Magical Funhouse, Theater Class, and Stuff & Sam! He is the creator and "God" of the world and has been manipulating the plot of the shows TV30 run which also affected reality. The source of his power lies within his book, known as The Creator's Book of Doings.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, Unknown with The Creator's Book of Doings

Name: Brandon Rogers

Origin: Stuff & Sam! (Brandon Rogers)

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Classification: Human, "God"

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, with The Creator's Book of Doings Brandon has Reality Warping (The book has been stated numerous times to be able to control the fabric of reality), Possible Time Manipulation (The book was stated to control both space and time but this has not been shown yet), Plot Manipulation (Events written in the book play out in real life), Fate Manipulation (Caused a bus full of school children to crash into a power plant), Biological Manipulation (Caused Sam to fart money), Weapon CreationDeath Manipulation (Elmer used the book to kill Bryce over and over again), Resurrection (The book brought Bryce back from the dead numerous times), Healing (Cured Elmer's broken legs), Creation (Materialised a pool table and a gun out of thin air), Body Puppetry (Controlled Bryce to stab herself with a pair of scissors), Teleportation (Teleported Sam and the camera crew from the TV30 offices to the Elmer bunker)

Attack Potency Street level (Should be stronger than Donna, who can snap a person's neck casually), Unknown with The Creator's Book of Doings (Was stated to control the very fabric of reality, but to what extent is unknown)

Speed: Unknown, likely Regular Human

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Street level

Durability: Street level (Was still conscious after being shot in the head. However, he died shortly after)

Stamina: Above Average (Was still conscious after getting shot in the head)

Range: Melee, tens of meters with firearms

Standard Equipment: The Creator's Book of Doings

Intelligence: Brandon wrote and orchestrated the entirety of Theater Class, Magic Funhouse, and most of Stuff & Sam! While his screentime was limited, he has been portrayed as being at least above the average intelligence of everyone in the show, which would make him slightly above average intelligence.

Weaknesses: The book only affects the characters created within it and thus, cannot affect Brandon himself.


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