Brute wyverns coated with an explosive green substance, a material that is thought to be a unique slime mold that is primed to explode by an element in the monster's saliva. They are also capable of powerful foreleg strikes.
~ In-game Description


Brachydios is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and a member of the Brute Wyvern class. It inhabits a variety of harsh climates, from volcanic to arctic. Brachydios are easily identifiable by their glowing, green slime-covered horns and "fists," as well as their shiny, armored hide covered in many plates and ridges that are made of obsidian. Unlike other Brute Wyverns, Brachydios sports a pair of long, highly developed forelimbs that it uses as its primary means of defense. Brachydios' forelimbs and horn seem to secrete a mysterious slime.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | High 8-C | High 8-C | High 8-C

Name: Brachydios | Raging Brachydios | Evangelion Brachydios | Iceblast Brachydios

Origin: Monster Hunter

Gender: Varies

Age: Varies

Classification: Brute Wyvern

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Statistics Amplification (Becomes stronger, faster and more durable when enraged), Rage Power, Sound Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Covered in a special slime-mold which is incredibly volatile, can apply slime to several surfaces with fists and horn, when enraged this slime will explode almost instantly), Large Size (Type 0 in terms of height; Type 1 in terms of length), Resistance to Fire, Disease Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (His armored shell is built to protect himself from his own explosive blasts), Thunder and Heat Manipulation

Same as before alongside Longevity (Immortal Reactor keeps him alive for longer amount of time than other monsters)

Same as before, except the addition of Fire Manipulation (Explosions are also capable of causing Fireblight now, besides Blastblight) and Resurrection (Will be able to coming back once if killed at which point it will be in a constant rage mode)

Same as regular Brachydios, except the addition of Ice Manipulation (Capable of freezing the ground when it roars and making giant ice spikes rise from the ground, explosions can spawn ice on the ground) and Status Effect Inducement (Can cause the Snowman status effect)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Comparable to, if not stronger than, other large monsters like Agnaktor and Lagiacrus) | Large Building level (Has the same abilities as regular Brachydios, but can perform them on a much larger scale) | Large Building level (Should be at least as powerful as a regular Brachydios, if not stronger due to being a Variant) | Large Building level

Speed: Supersonic (Able to fight and react to Agnaktor) | Supersonic | Supersonic | Supersonic

Lifting Strength: At least Class 100 (Should be stronger than Tetsucabra) | At least Class 100 | At least Class 100 | At least Class 100

Striking Strength: Large Building Class (Should be at least comparable to other large monsters) | Large Building Class | Large Building Class | Large Building Class

Durability: Large Building level (Capable of withstanding its own explosions and Agnaktor's heat beam) | Large Building level (Capable of resisting its own explosions which are more powerful than those of a regular Brachydios) | Large Building level | Large Building level

Stamina: High (Capable of fighting for dozens of minutes and sustaining large amounts of damage and still able to fight)

Range: Extended melee range with physical attacks, Tens of meters with explosions

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Above Average (Has a higher weakness to the Dragon Element, which directly attacks the mind, than the average hunter: Brachydios has -5% resistance, while an average hunter has 0% resistance)

Weaknesses: Weak to Water, has to make sure to lick its forearms to re-apply slime mold | Weak to Ice and Water, its explosions will be least effective when a part of its body has been wounded | Weak to Water and Resurrection works only once | Unknown

Feats: Can defeat an Agnaktor with ease.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Punch: Uses its foreleg to deliver a punch. Will coat its target with a slime mold, which will explode after a short time (4-6 seconds). When enraged, slime will explode faster, and sometimes instantly.
  • Eruption: Sticks its horn into the ground, causing a large area of the ground to erupt all around itself.

Key: Brachydios | Raging Brachydios | Evangelion Brachydios | Iceblast Brachydios



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