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Now back off Anti-Spiral, I won't let you lay a hand on Simon!
~ Boota


Boota (ブータ, Būta) is the pet pigmole of Simon, and his travel companion by the end of the series. Although Boota's appearance in the series was mainly for comic relief, he's shown several times that he is a great asset to Team Dai-Gurren.

Power and Stats

Tier: 3-A | 3-A | 3-A | High 1-C

Name: Boota

Origin: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Pigmole, Team Dai-Gurren Member, Spiral Warrior

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Will Empowerment, Supernatural Willpower (Kept increasing his Spiral Power for Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, in order to match the draining, even though he was exhausted), Spiral Power, Energy Projection, Aura (Explosive), Forcefield Creation (Projected a large barrier of spiral energy which nullified The Anti-Spiral's energy shot), Reactive Evolution (Spiral Power is effectively the power of evolution itself, whether biological or cosmic. As a Spiral being is pushed further to their limits and retains their fighting spirit, they will inevitably grow increasingly stronger, and more capable of handling the threat before them), Technology Manipulation (Can control mecha via Spiral Power), Enhanced Senses (Can see the Anti-Spiral; a being stated to be invisible), Absorption (Absorbed Lordgenome's Spiral Power, and used it to evolve), Transformation, (Can evolve into a humanoid form), Awakened Power, Small Size (Type 1), Genius Intelligence, Underground Mobility, Resistance to Absorption (Can indefinitely increase his spiral energy with sheer willpower)

Same as before except Small Size (Type 1) and Transformation; Physical Combat, Non-Physical Interaction (Could disrupt the Anti-Spiral's physical manifestation)

Same as before, Transformation, Small Size (Type 1), Incorporeality, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 & 3), Regeneration (Low-Godly. His body had become a materialized thought, and can reform his body with just thought), Immortality (Type 3), Non-Physical Interaction (Can physically affect abstract beings and mecha), Acausality (Type 4. Scales to Post-Multiverse Labyrinth Simon, who has been stated to have broken through cause, effect and fate. It is said, that even when trapped, their feelings open the gate, and they will decide their own fate), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Can freely move within the Anti-Spiral's universe, which corresponds to a 10 + 1 dimensional reality), Resistance to Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation via powerscaling (Should scale to other Team Dai-Gurren members, who's powers are beyond time and space), Electricity Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Managed to escape the Multiverse Labyrinth) [note 1]

Same as before

Attack Potency: Universe level (Is one half of what powers Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, along with Simon. He is capable of releasing his spiral power, without the use of gunmen. It has been shown and stated, that those who have mastered spiral power, are just as powerful outside of the gunmen. Nullified The Anti-Spiral’s energy shot, by discharging spiral power) | Universe level (Significantly more powerful than before, after absorbing much of Lordgenome’s spiral power) | Universe level (Should be as powerful as before) | High Complex Multiverse level (As one of the pilots of Gurren Lagann, he has been exposed to such levels of Spiral Power, thus inheriting this power)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (As one half of which powers Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, he should be this fast) | Massively FTL+ (Should be far superior to his Pigmole self, after absorbing much of Lordgenome’s Spiral Power) | Massively FTL+ (Should be comparable in speed to his previous self) | At least Massively FTL+, likely Infinite (As one of the pilots of Gurren Lagann, he should be comparable in speed)

Lifting Strength: Class Z (As one half of what powers Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, he should be this powerful) | At least Class Z (Far superior in strength to his previous self, after absorbing much of Lordgenome's Spiral Power) | At least Class Z | Immeasurable (As a pilot of Gurren Lagann, should be far superior in strength to even Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Striking Strength: Universal | Universal | Universal | High Complex Multiversal

Durability: Universe level | Universe level | Universe level | High Complex Multiverse level

Stamina: Very High (Can resist the absorption of Spiral Power for a lengthy period of time within the ultra-dense space) | Very High, likely Limitless, depending on his willpower | Very High, likely Limitless | Infinite (Far superior to Post-Multiverse Labyrinth Simon, who was implied to have infinite amounts of Spiral Power)

Range: Below Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range when discharging Spiral Power | Standard Melee Range, at least Extended Melee Range when discharging Spiral Power | Standard Melee Range, at least Extended Melee Range when discharging Spiral Power | High Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Gifted (Knows how to encourage people, and has thus far never failed. Immediately learned how to talk and use his new body upon evolution. A prodigy in releasing Spiral Power; has used it to a higher extent than anyone else in Team Dai-Gurren the same day he first used it)

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Pigmole Form | Evolution Form | Post-Multiverse Labyrinth | Post-Apotheosis


  1. These are the standard passive abilities of the characters that have escaped the Multiverse Labyrinth. Boota has not shown any feats for the other abilities, thus leaving them out


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