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I ask myself if Shadow Energy studies were really worth it for me. No drama at all, just... a little touch of regret.
~ Bolo
Bolo, ha! Really, he always wanted to dig into Shadow Energy with his logic. He thought he could solve it like a puzzle. And I told him: it's you who needs to be solved. So sit down in silence, and let the Energy itself solve you.
~ Ling


Bolo was once a young man called Itu who was Bolo's best student and who threw away his life to escape the torture he was forced under by his master. He secretly erased his mentor from existence and replaced him with himself, gaining his identity and appearance in the process. He moved time itself to merge his timeline with another in which he was still his former self, rewriting the world matter, and as such created a copy of himself to act in his place as the Itu everybody knew. He blocks his memories of his past self in order to not remember his dark past using the tech of a rogue Herald citizen named Mnemos, which can cause amnesia. Time passes by, and Bolo starts experimenting with time travel to the past, practicing it many times and as such creating many clones of himself as a side effect. All of the clones inherited his worst traits and only them, and so they have caused lots of misfortune for a large amount of people, most of them inevitably facing off against The Descendant during the latter's adventure. The feat of him traveling many times to the past has also made people from many timelines refer to him as "The Stranger". He is the manager of the Heralds's Dome and the creator of the Void Room. Despite ultimately being the one responsible for Shadow getting the Accelerator Core prototype and the destruction of his reality, he is the one who created three individual copies of Descendant in three individual worlds, and will use them to make Descendant a lot stronger than Shadow so that when Shadow Mind undos the destruction of the world via turning back time, the latter and Descendant will be able to defeat Shadow and save the world. He is the only survivor from his erased timeline outside of Shadow Mind.

During Transformation: June's Plane and Itu's Plane he loses some of his memories stored into his Rectangle of Dimensions as a side effect of it getting heavily damaged after his timeline got erased. In June's Plane he is an episodic character, appearing briefly during a mission when he lets himself get captured by some rebels so that he could meet the Descendant's first clone in person and give them advice on what to do, after which he leaves.

In Itu's Plane he takes the role of a protagonist, this time being dragged into this world by a Shadow Bot named Nanami. He is on the verge of going insane from not talking to any human in so long, and fixes a damaged Shadow Bot that looks strikingly similar to a human, which reminds him of his homeworld and family and makes him not want to separate from it at any cost. This bot turns out to be the second clone of Descendant and Bolo hacks into their software, making them his right hand bodyguard for a good period of time before they gain the ability to think independently. On his adventures here Bolo will witness a world stranger than any other he has ever seen before, both in terms of its advanced technologies and because it appears that nobody remembers his existence in this world, due to the fact that Descendant's copy erased him from history here and replaced him, although he is not aware of this fact until later on. His friend, the Emperor, is dead and Marcus, one of his greatest enemies, is a shadow of his former self. Ultimately, he collaterally regains his blocked memories after so many years by letting Descendant's clone browse his Rectangle of Dimensions in order for the latter to make him remember the Void Room's true name. Shocked from relearning his dark past, he becomes dizzy and struggles to think straight for a bit. During this whole time, Bolo, Descendant and Shadow Mind are all three being hunted by the Void Room that wants to send the former to judgement for the many crimes against humanity he has committed in the past, and the latter two for leading the world to its end, like they did in the main timeline.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, at least 8-B, likely higher. Low 2-C via Hax.

Name: Bolo, Master Bolo, Mister Bolo, Itu, The Real Itu, The Authentic Itu, The Stranger, The One Who's Hidden Beyond Time, The Time Traveler, The Third Arrow, Arrow of Knowledge, Arrow of Arrogance, Arrogance, Bolo the Sixth (Clone)

Origin: Shadow Fight 3

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, physically appears to be in his early 70's; in his early 30's mentally.

Classification: Human, Shadow, Time Traveler, Scientist, God of Time (By the Moths), Herald, Councellor of the Heralds, Manager of the Dome, Creator of the Void Room, The Third Arrow, Former shadow blacksmith, Ling's rival, Darkness' embodiment of arrogance

Powers and Abilities: 

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Skilled in both Herald and Dynasty fighting styles), Weapon Mastery (Skilled Nodachi, Naginata, Staff, Chakrams, Shurikens and Folding Blades user), Reactive Evolution (Is capable of learning fast an opponent's fighting tactics if they are repeated too much and thus gets better at defending himself against them and countering them), Energy Manipulation (Utilizes Shadow Energy), Magic (Shadow Energy is considered magical by some characters), Unholy Manipulation (Shadow Energy has been constantly referred to by many characters as being a demonic source of power), Invisibility (All original Heralds know how to turn themselves invisible using Shadow Energy; Can turn objects invisible using Shadow Energy), Corruption (Type 1; Shadow Energy causes corruption on those who come in contact with it and that are unworthy), Soul Manipulation (Can corrupt souls using Shadow Energy), Fear Manipulation (Can extract raw Shadow Energy out of the ground, which causes hallucinations), Biological Manipulation with Mind Manipulation (Should he insert Shadow Energy inside of one's body, it can destroy their body and mind), Disease Manipulation (Shadow Energy can infest people with terminal shadow disease, with some shadow illnesses automatically turning people's bodies into Shadow Energy), Sleep Manipulation (A person who falls ill with shadow disease will experience a fever and will suddenly fall asleep), Necromancy (Scaling from a group of young Heralds, who brang Tiberius back to life as a mindless undead using Shadow Energy on his remains), Poison Manipulation (Shadow Energy can cause contamination to those who come in contact with it), Fragrance Manipulation (The corpses of people who die from Shadow Energy release a stinking smell), Weather Manipulation (Scaling from a Herald who was generating shadow storms), Explosion Manipulation (Splitting a single Shadow Energy particle causes a blast of Shadow Energy to occur, creating even more Shadow Energy particles), Existence Erasure with Shapeshifting (Can erase a person from existence and take their place after hitting them with a specific Shadow Energy attack, although this process takes 30 years to be completed), Illusion Creation with Madness Manipulation (Type 3) (Can create Shadow Anomalies which passively form illusions around them that can brutalize those who expecience them, making them go on a raging rampage; Cloaked the Void Room in illusions so that it could no longer be found), Portal Creation (Can create dimensional portals which lead to alternate timelines), Matter Manipulation (Can change the structure of any material using Shadow Energy), Duplication with Existence Erasure (Each time travel to the past activates a time line. The side effect of time travel to the past is that in said activated timeline, another person with Bolo's personality (also called a clone) starts existing in that timeline. This "Clone side effect" causes mass paradox: the world itself of that activated timeline erases someone else, so Bolo's copy can take their place, erasing them physically and from history and stealing their identity. There is a catch to this paradox though, as the world will only erase somebody who is as "important" to the world's history as Bolo is in order to make room for his clone), Acausality (Type 1, 3 [Was not affected by the erasure from history of himself done by the Descendant's clone; Should scale to The Stranger, who Bolo claims is his future self, was able to freely interact with his past self without any issues; His clones can survive the erasure of the original and take his place]), Fate Manipulation (Is part of the Historical Importance Index mechanism, which allows him to passively change the fate of the world so that his wishes come to fruition), Causality Manipulation (Via Time Travel), Memory Manipulation as Information Manipulation (Via Rectangle of Dimensions, which allows him to recollect his memories from all time lines, storing them inside of it in the form of information, thus allowing him to be aware of changes done to the past via Time Travel by somebody else, and who got erased from history via Time Travel paradox. Can retake his memories after they are taken away by somebody else, although he needs somebody to connect to it first so this is not combat aplicable), Teleportation (Can teleport himself and other people. Brought three Shadow Bots (each from individual timelines) to his main timeline, and Descendant back to his main timeline with the Rectangle of Dimensions), Space-Time Manipulation (Can make spacio-temporal shadow rifts and bend their energy to his will in order to expand or stabilize them. Can create spatial loops and destabilize them), Time Manipulation (Can reverse the flow of time and stop it for 30 years, turn time into Shadow Energy, and create Shadow Anomalies which passivley cause time diffusion around them, making time loop constantly. Spacio-temporal shadow rifts cause temporal distortions around them), Reality Warping (Spacio-temporal shadow rifts emanate "time" energy that warps and distorts everything it touches. Can merge two timelines together, rewriting world matter in the process), Gravity Manipulation (Space-time rifts cause nearby gravity to stop working, making everything float in the air), Duplication (Can create Shadow Anomalies which passivley create doppelgangers replicas of people who are near them), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created a spatio-temporal loop dimension located inside the Void Room and was able to set Marcus as the person who will hold the anomaly with his sheer will), BFR with Sealing (Can send people to a spatio-temporal loop located inside the Void Room, between the dimensions. Bolo can choose the "key" person of that time loop that will hold the whole cycle with their sheer willpower. The more that "key" person is willing to get out, the stronger the time loop will become and the more impossible it will be for them to get out. The only way the time cycle can stop and the "key" person trapped inside can escape to the real world is if that person is defeated [in this case they will have to defeat themselves]; Can banish people into spacio-temporal rifts and seal them away), Hacking (Can hack advanced Shadow Bots, reprogramming them with protocols which he can activate to make a bot obey his commands. Can take away a bot's ability to speak), Dimensional Travel (Can open the way to entering the Void Room, which is a place located between the dimensions; while inside of a spatio-temporal loop dimension, he can find an echo to catch his doppelganger, and after catching it he can use its reality to escape the loop), Genius Intelligence (Boosted his brain to unprecedented levels with Shadow Energy), Social Influencing (Is incredibly charismatic to the point where he managed to change Emperor's mind about researching the Sphere into letting him achieve his evil plan of covering the Dynasty with his Dome, and convincing Queen Iolanda into replacing all her human body parts with mechanial ones, while also convincing her to assassinate every Elder and let the Heralds take over the Legion in secret, all while making her protect the society of Heralds from any harm of Legion opposition), Resistance to Illusion Creation (Can overcome the illusions of the Anomaly Forest around the Dome), Radiation Manipulation and Mind Destruction (Can survive being near the extremely powerful Shadow Anomaly that is May's grave, which turned his cryptkeepers into aggressive and mindless husks due to their high levels of shadow radiance, and can even go through it without getting affected by the previously mentioned negative effect of it), Corruption (Survived multiple Shadow Energy injections in his body), Can survive outside of space and time

Shadow Form: Immortality (Type 1, 5), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2, body is made out of Shadow Energy), Intangibility, Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2, 3), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with non-corporeal shadows), Enhanced Senses (Can see invisible objects), Resistance to Void Manipulation (The Shadow Energy walls of the Void Room are able to contain the void without getting erased by it)

With Shadow Abilities: Teleportation (Via Displacement), Energy Manipulation (Via Blast), Afterimage Creation (Via Flow), Telekinesis (Via Thresh, Roll, Grinder), Weapon Creation (Via Deactivation), Levitation with Telekinesis (Via Windmill), Teleportation (Via Blink), Electricity Manipulation (Via Bolt), Resistance to Physics Manipulation (By using Shadow Abilities, he can defy the laws of physics)

With Unique Abilitites: Spatial Manipulation with Paralysis Inducement (Via Vortex), Enhanced Senses (Via Enhanced Reflexes), Time Manipulation with Telekinesis, Levitation and Healing (Via Cuboid of Time)

With Perks: Limited Damage Boost (Via Prepared Strike), Energy Manipulation (Via Shadow Affinity, Shadow Leech, Shadow Kick, Discharge, Recharge), Damage Boost (Via Vaporization, Precision, Wolverine, Cornered Cat, Flurry), Power Nullification with Damage Boost (Via Backstabber), Statistics Reduction (Via Fortification, Weakness), Power Nullification (Via Pluck, Interference, Critical Mass), Damage Transferal with Poison Manipulation (Via Poison Skin), Regeneration (Via Regeneration), Poison Manipulation (Via Poison), minor Time Manipulation (Via Time Bomb), Statistics Amplification (Via Aphotic Barrier), Damage Reduction (Via Deflection), limited Damage Reduction (Via Primary Protection), Healing (Via Transfusion), limited Healing (Via Shadow Remedy)

With Equipment: Limited Time Travel (Can time travel with his time-traveling protective coat (Saccadic Masking) and helm (Neurovisor), although they are not a muli-purpose model, so he cannot travel to the future), Damage Boost with Power Nullification (His Shadow Piercer periodically glows yellow, indicating any one of his next attack will break though the opponent's block and be a guaranteed empowered Critical Hit), Damage Boost with Aura (Dealing a combo of 3 hits when wielding his Gilded Staff will put a buff on Bolo that will make his next strike inflict double the damage, indicated by a blue aura around his hands), Electricity Manipulation (Via Electromines)

Law Manipulation, which grants Life Manipulation/Death Manipulation (Via Open Wound), Power Nullification (Via Despair), Healing (Via Dangerous Vampire), Regeneration (Via Hydra), Energy Manipulation (Via Meddling Shadows, Shadow Adept), Life Manipulation (Via Life Fountain), Durability Negation (Via Fragile Opponent), Damage Boost (Via Vicious Circle, Juggernaut, Aggressive Environment, Doomed Slayer), Poison Manipulation (Via Venomous Touch, Cruel Snake Charmer), Darkness Manipulation (Via Eclipse), Statistics Amplification (Via Fading Armor), Damage Transferal with Damage Boost (Via Vengeful Fighter), Fire Manipulation (Via Cautious Step)

Attack Potency: Unknown, at least City Block level, likely higher (Fought on par with The Descendant, who was fused with and previously defeated Shadow Mind, the latter which fought on par with Shadow). Universe level+ via Hax (Created a space-time loop reality stored inside the Void Room that he can deactivate. Activated three time lines before Descendant time traveled to the past. Merged two timelines together, rewriting world matter in the process). Can ignore conventional durability with Shadow Energy.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Kept up with Descendant who was fused with and previously defeated Shadow Mind, the latter which kept up with Shadow in combat. Can speed blitz Descendant with Enhanced Reflexes), possibly higher (Shadow Energy can make fighters move faster, but it is unknown by how much exactly)

Lifting Strength: At least Athletic Human (Can swing around extremely heavy weapons like his Nodachi with little issue)

Striking Strength: Unknown, at least City Block Class, likely higher (Can trade blows with Descendant)

Durability: Unknown, at least City Block level, likely higher (Can take hits from Descendant)

Stamina: High (Does not show any signs of being tired or needing to rest throught the events of the game after constant walking, fighting and sustaining battle wounds). Very High, likely Unlimited in Shadow Form (Fought the Original Bolo for 30 years without rest while in Shadow Form)

Range: Standard melee range with his Hermit Katana, kicks and fists. Extended melee range with his Nodachi, Shadow Piercer (Naginata) and Gilded Staff. Several meters with his Supernova (Folding Blade), Steel Dragonflies (Shurikens) and Dragon Chakrams. Tens of kilometers with Shadow Energy (Itu states he wouldn't be surprised if his weaker clone could expand the Dome by himself), up to Low Multiversal (Can manipulate the time of two separate universes at the same time with Shadow Energy)

Standard Equipment: Shadow Energy, Nodachi, Saccadic Masking (Armor), Neurovisor (Helm), Supernova (Folding Blade), Massive Mines (Electromines), Hermit Katana (Iaido Katana), Turquoise Coat (Recolored), Red Arrow (Harpoon), Shadow Piercer (Naginata), ABL-12 (Modified) (Armor), Steel Dragonflies (Shurikens), Gilded Staff, Prefect's Robe, Dragon Chakrams, Wave Cutters (Boomerangs)

Intelligence: High in the field of combat, Extraordinary Genius in the field of science

Weaknesses: His old age, combined with his muscle pain and the Nodachi's weight, restrict Bolo's movements significantly. He cannot move a lot or fight aggressively, and he is unable to perform kicks, roll and jumps or run. His Rectangle of Dimensions gets heavily damaged when his timeline is destroyed, causing it to dramatically lose energy and thus his memories. Galen states he loses his power for a while when he makes his rifts.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Displacement: Bolo slashes forward with the Nodachi and then teleports behind the enemy, thrusting his Nodachi backward into the enemy.
  • Blast: Bolo slams the ground with one fist, creating an upwards close-range ring of damaging Shadow Energy around him that knocks back those who get hit by it.
  • Grinder: Bolo throws the folding blade upwards. If hit, the enemy will continue to take damage whilst being lifted into the air.
  • Deactivation: Bolo stomps the ground, spawning a shadow electromine from the ground that spins in the air. Bolo punches the bottom of the mine in midair, firing a forward horizontal blast of Shadow Energy from the top of the mine at the enemy.
  • Windmill: Bolo levitates forward and telekinetically spins his katana directly in front of himself.
  • Blink: Bolo quickly ducks down and disappears in a flash of Shadow Energy on the ground, reappearing instantly and standing up behind the enemy.
  • Bolt: Bolo charges up and fires a harpoon at the enemy. Upon contact, the enemy is struck by a Shadow Energy lightning bolt from the sky.
  • Dash: Bolo dashes forward and through the enemy, damaging them and ending up behind them.
  • Flow: Bolo charges up and rapidly swipes a burst of 12 shadow shurikens at the enemy, spawning numerous afterimage copies of his arms in the process.
  • Thresh: Bolo throws and telekinetically spins his staff vertically in midair in front of him, striking upwards many times, before pulling the staff back with a final downwards swing.
  • Peg-Top: Bolo tucks into a breakdance windmill, rapidly spinning horizontally forward while twirling his legs in the air, kicking the enemy many times.
  • Roll: Bolo charges up and rolls a chakram charged with Shadow Energy on the ground, which spins forward through the enemy's legs, before returning and hitting them again from behind.
  • Cage: Bolo charges up and leaps, throwing a boomerang towards the enemy. Upon hit, a shadow boomerang flies in circle around the enemy for 3 seconds, damaging them if touched.

  • Vortex: Bolo throws out Shadow Energy from his hand to the ground in front of himself. Upon contacting the ground, a shadow rift will be formed and will last for 7 seconds. If the enemy steps on it, the rift will trap the enemy from chest below, making them unable to move and vulnerable to attacks. There is no way to get out of the rift once the enemy is trapped aside from waiting for it to disappear. However, while the rift is on the ground, the enemy can make the rift disappear instantly by striking Bolo, whether he blocks the hit or not.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: As the best shadow weapon maker of the Heralds and formerly the best shadow blacksmith of the Dynasty, Bolo has learned the ability to coat his Nodachi in Shadow Energy, greatly enhancing his reflexes and speed. While in this state, Bolo can parry any melee attack of the enemy, countering with a slash to the head with his Nodachi at a blinding speed, and can also block any ranged attack of the enemy. Bolo loses his enhanced senses buff whenever he misses an attack with his Nodachi or throws out a ranged weapon, indicated by the lack of Shadow Energy glow on his sword, and will recover this state after a few seconds. Bolo also cannot block throws or Shadow Abilities with this ability, rendering him vulnerable to such attacks.
  • Cuboid of Time: Bolo telekinetically pushes the enemy away and levitates, giving time itself shape by channeling the creation of a huge Shadow Energy cuboid made of Time on the battlefield. While Bolo is building said Temporal Anomaly, he gradually restores all of his lost health by reversing the flow of time, while the cube turns into a black, solid matter. During this period, Bolo cannot take damage from any source of attack, and any attempt at getting to the other side of the cube to get to him is futile since Bolo will instantly fly to the other side of the cuboid. When the cuboid is fully built into a solid object, it explodes, stopping time and rendering anything but Bolo immobilized (including the enemy's inner Shadow Energy) while he fully recovers his health. Bolo then walks towards the enemy and delivers two slashes to them before time moves normally again. The cuboid can be disintegrated if the enemy hits it with a lot of attacks before it gets to explode. Once the cuboid is destroyed, Bolo will lose all the regained health and will be immobilized for a few seconds.

  • Prepared Strike: The first hit to the enemy during the first 4 seconds of the round deals 100% more damage.
  • Precision: A 100% chance to cause 100% additional damage with a Critical Hit.
  • Discharge: A 20% chance to reduce the enemy's Shadow Energy equal to 230% of his inflicted damage dealt.
  • Recharge: A 20% chance to gain Shadow Energy equal to 250% of his damage dealt.
  • Interference: A 26% chance to forbid the enemy from blocking his attacks for 7 seconds after hitting them.
  • Time Bomb: A 20% chance to set a bomb on the enemy with an attack which will detonate after 2 seconds and inflict 140% of Bolo's inflicted damage dealt with the initial attack.
  • Aphotic Barrier: After Bolo exits Shadow Form, his defense increases permanently by 80%.
  • Critical Mass: An 18% chance of penetrating the enemy's block with a non-critical attack.
  • Deflection: A 36% chance to receive just half of the damage taken from an enemy attack.
  • Primary Protection: Damage taken by Bolo in the first 5 seconds of each round is reduced by 80%.
  • Shadow Remedy: Bolo recovers 32% health when entering Shadow Form. This perk may be activated only once per round.
  • Transfusion: Shadow Abilities recover Bolo's health equal to 70% of the damage dealt by them.
  • Shadow Affinity: At the beginning of each round Bolo fills his Shadow Energy bar by 25%.
  • Vaporization: The more Shadow Energy the enemy has, the more damage Bolo inflicts. Damage raises up to a maximum of 50%.
  • Backstabber: Bolo ignores his enemy's block and deals 100% additional damage when attacking from behind.
  • Shadow Leech: A 14% chance to steal 120% of his enemy's Shadow Energy.
  • Fortification: A 35% chance to reduce his enemy's damage by 45% for 2 seconds after receiving a hit.
  • Pluck: A 26% chance to Shock (unarm) his enemy with a hit after a Combo of 3 hits.
  • Weakness: A 30% chance to reduce his enemy's hit damage by 50% over 2 seconds.
  • Shadow Kick: A chance to replenish a part of his Shadow Energy when kicking.
  • Poison Skin: A 50% chance to deal 100% of incoming hit damage to his enemy over 6 seconds.
  • Regeneration: A 35% chance to replenish 100% of incoming hit damage as health over 2 seconds.
  • Poison: A 16% chance to cause his enemy to lose health equal to 160% of his attack damage over 6 seconds.
  • Wolverine: A 50% chance to deal +50% damage for 2 seconds after a successful attack.
  • Cornered Cat: Bolo gains +80% damage if his health is under 30%.
  • Flurry: Bolo gains increased damage by 40% for each hit while maintaining a Combo of 3 hits.

  • Should one from a different universe fight Bolo in his own world, the world itself will reject the enemy like a foreign object and do anything it can to get rid of them by inflicting Fight Rules upon them. Said rules will give disadvantages to the enemy and buffs to Bolo. The only way the enemy can diminish the potency of these Fight Rules and potentially cause them to disappear is by achieving weapons, armors, helms and ranged weapons found in the hostile world. Collecting these items will grant Stability points to them. The more Stability points they have, the weaker the Fight Rules will become. When reaching a certain Stability points threshold, the Fight Rules will no longer be active on the battlefield. Due to the fact that the enemy appears in Bolo's world with non-existent Stability points, the Fight Rules are extremely powerful.

    • Open Wounds: The enemy's health is drained over time during the fight. With no Stability, the enemy instantly dies at the start of the fight.
    • Despair: The enemy's perks and set bonuses are disabled in thsi fight.
    • Dangerous Vampire: Bolo's attacks (even those that are blocked) that hit the enemy restore his health. With no Stability, Bolo's attacks restore all of his health.
    • Hydra: Bolo constantly regenerates his health. With no Stability, his health regenerates incredibly fast.
    • Meddling Shadows: Bolo gradually recharges his Shadow Energy when he stands on a pond of Shadow Energy that randomly spawns on the battlefield. With no Stability, Bolo's Shadow Energy recharges instantly.
    • Life Fountain: Bolo gradually restores his health when he stands on a pond of Life Shadow Energy that randomly spawns on the battlefield. With no Stability, Bolo's health restores instantly.
    • Fragile Opponent: Bolo's Shadow Energy attacks ignore his enemy's defense.
    • Shadow Adept: Bolo's Shadow Energy recharges much more from any source. With no Stability, Bolo recharges his Shadow Energy fully from any source.
    • Vicious Circle: Bolo gains more attack damage for each hit he takes. With no Stability, Bolo gains so much attack damage from even one hit he takes that his next attack can be lethal to the enemy.
    • Venomous Touch: Bolo poisons his enemy the moment they make contact with him. With no Stability, the poison does so much damage it instantly kills the opponent.
    • Eclipse: The enemy's vision periodically darkens. With no Stability, their vision is permanently darkened.
    • Fading Armor: Bolo gains a defense boost, but loses the boost over time. With no Stability, the boost fades away very slowly.
    • Vengeful Fighter: The damage Bolo takes partly returns to his enemy. With no Stability, the damage return becomes so powerful it can kill the enemy in one hit.
    • Juggernaut: Bolo gains more attack damage overtime, while losing health simultaneously. With no Stability, Bolo gains so much attack damage per second he can kill the enemy with one hit at any time, while his health drains very slowly.
    • Cautious Step: Some zones on the ground release fire that damages the enemy and Bolo if they are hit by them. With no Stability, said blast zones appear a lot more frequently.
    • Cruel Snake Charmer: Bolo can inflict a poisoning effect to the enemy from a hit, no matter if it is blocked. With no Stability, the poison effect does so much damage it instantly kills the enemy.
    • Aggressive Environment: The lower the enemy's Stability, the stronger Bolo's Unique Abilities are.
    • Doomed Slayer: Bolo loses health over time. The less health he has, the greater damage he deals.


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