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Enough talking. Unsheathe your weapon.
~ Itu towards Shadow's Descendant


Itu was once the talented disciple of Bolo, the leader of Heralds, who erased his mentor from existence and took his identity in a desperate attempt to escape the torture he was put under by his sensei. Itu was shocked to realize that despite him disagreeing with Bolo's cruel actions, when he replaced him in the timeline he did the exact same crimes against humanity as his mentor did in the past. Not being able to keep on living with knowing who he was before, he used a special device to cause amnesia to himself, so that he would forget anything related to who he was originally. From then on, he's been living his life for a long period of time as the Bolo everyone knew, up until he regained all his blocked memories while helping the shadow bot Nanami achieve her goal.

Itu has been intensely trained by Bolo in Shadow Drill Lessons from a young age, and thus has achieved a part of his powers, gaining all of them the moment he replaced his master. Lots of rumors go around claiming that he is the most dangerous human on Earth.

As Bolo, Itu is prone to being an arrogant person, putting Heralds who oppose his decisions under certain laws to suppress their potential of making him lose profit. In fact, human life often times is of petty importance to him, as he is ready to sacrifice and torture any people to achieve his goals. In spite of this, he is a survivalist, trying his hardest to ensure the safety and survival of the future of his nation of Heralds. He is a tricky old man who doesn't starve for fights because of his age, avoiding direct combat while preferring to use the many Shadow Tricks he holds up his sleeve instead. He is a cunning and charismatic liar, every bargain of his ending up always granting him advantages and boons all the while causing great misfortune to the people who agree on his terms. He sometimes also plays the good guy on his allies only to backstab them later on. Having the face of a troublemaker, some people find him as being a mysterious, dangerous and strange individual, as not much of his past is known to people. He participated in the endeavour of defending the Sphere from harm and using it for the good of all, becoming the Third Arrow - the Arrow of Knowledge -, who would be tasked with researching the Sphere to elevate the Dynasty and Heralds factions to new heights in technology and other scientific fields. He has been trying to prevent the end of the world many times by traveling back in time, but every attempt was futile, making him tired of revolting against the fate of the world.

After the destruction of his world, Itu is now a vagrant, wandering as a foreigner from one alternate plane to another, enduring loneliness, trying to help Descendant's clones in saving the world and at the same time trying to survive due to the mysterious sudden loss of his ability to use some of his powers.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C. Up to Low 2-C with Shadow Energy.

Name: Itu "the Authentic", Master Bolo, "The Countless", "The Third Arrow", "Arrow of Knowledge", "Arrogance", "Arrow of Arrogance"

Origin: Shadow Fight 3

Gender: Male

Age: In his mid-60's.

Classification: Human, God (by the Moths), Scientist, Inventor, Experimentalist, Time Traveler, Herald, True Master of the Dome, Heralds' Leader (formerly), Councellor of the Heralds (formerly), Manager of the Dome (formerly), Void Room's Creator, Shadow Weapon Maker

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Types 1, 3; His Rectangle of Dimensions gives him the ability to recollect memories from all time lines, storing them inside of it and thus allowing him to remember the way the world used to be before it was changed by him or somebody else via changing events in the past. This also allows him to remember the people who get replaced in their timeline by somebody else; Has hundreds of clones that can replace him after his death, with every time travel to the past done by him creating another clone of himself), Genius Intelligence (Has his brain boosted with Shadow Energy to unprecedented levels), Martial Arts (Is skilled in both the chinese-inspired martial arts of the Dynasty and the japanese-inspired ones of the Heralds), Weapon Mastery (Skilled Nodachi, Katana, Naginata, Double Edged Glaive and Staff user), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm disembodied shadows. While in Shadow Form, and with Shadow Energy attacks, he can treat voids of nothingness as physical objects), Reactive Power Level (Every fight that he wins makes him stronger. Additionally, every clone of his is connected to him: every victory and defeat of theirs ultimately being his), Reactive Evolution (Is capable of learning fast an opponent's fighting tactics if they are repeated too much and thus gets better at defending himself against them and countering them), Shadow Energy Manipulation (Itu accumulates Shadow Energy inside his body through fighting, and can use said energy and the one found in the environment for varied purposes), Unholy Manipulation and Magic (Shadow Energy is both demonic and magical in nature), Transmutation and Elemental Intangibility (When Itu accumulates the maximum amount of Shadow Energy possible, he can use it to enter Shadow Form, in which he forms his body into a new one, turning it into a capsule of pure, undiluted Shadow Energy essence), Multiple Selves (Type 2; While in Shadow Form, every single Shadow Energy particle of his body is sapient, in a non-human way, and is conscious - being able to think, feel and talk to him as long as Shadow Mind is awake), Immortality (Types 1, 5; As long as he is in Shadow Form, Itu can live for eternity and can't die), Incorporeality (While in Shadow Form, Itu is nothing more than a disembodied shadow), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2) and Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, 3) (While in Shadow Form, Itu lacks a biological human body), Statistics Amplification (While in Shadow Form his attack power greatly increases, while he also becomes faster with more stamina, enough to let him fight eternally), Light Manipulation and Fog Manipulation (While in Shadow Form, Itu dramatically changes the vision of the environment by setting out light sources and clouding everything in fog), Enhanced Senses (While in Shadow Form, Itu can see objects invisible to the common man), Transmutation (His Shadow Energy attacks tear the body of the target, turning it into Shadow Energy), Mind Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks directly affect the mind of the target, draining it; His Shadow Energy attacks make people start to act weird), Soul Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks directly affect the soul of the target, draining it), Empathic Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks directly affect the will of the target, draining it; His Shadow Energy attacks causes the target to enter a state of unrest. Should Shadow Energy be used by somebody, they get an obsession with using it too much, to a harming extent), Poison Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks contaminate the target. Intoxicated targets become savage, wild and beastly in behaviour), Disease Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks infect the target with terminal shadow disease, which then causes them to become desperate and desolate), Corruption (Type 2; Shadow intoxicated targets have parts of their bodies destroyed and turned into Shadow Energy. Shadow sick targets have their bodies fully turned into Shadow Energy. Shadow Energy targets have their souls turned into unholy shadow souls), Biological Manipulation (His Shadow Energy attacks apply side effects upon the human body of the target such as suffering from hair loss and having their skin turned pale), Mind Destruction and Empathic Manipulation (Overloading the target's body with raw Shadow Energy destroys their mind and causes them to go on a raging rampage), Fear Manipulation with Madness Manipulation (Types 1, 2; His shadow attacks utilize raw Shadow Energy, which causes hallucinations to the target, turning them into lunatic psychopaths who can't recall what they are doing by taking its toll on them), Energy Projection (Splitting a single shadow particle grants a blast of energy), Invisibility (Can use Shadow Energy to make himself invisible for his safety. Itu can also turn other objects invisible in the same manner), Matter Manipulation (Can change the structure of any material using Shadow Energy), Illusion Creation (Can create anomaly mirages using Shadow Energy to brutalize people with them into becoming enraged), Duplication (Shadow anomalies made by him create a dark side doppelganger of any person near them; Every jump in time to the past creates an approximate clone of himself as a side effect), Space-Time Manipulation (Can likely expand shadow anomalies to cause time diffusion, which loops time cycle after cycle forever; Can make spacio-temporal shadow rifts and bend their energy to his will in order to expand or stabilize them; Can control time, such as stopping it for at least 30 years and turning it back, and turn it into Shadow Energy; Can create spatio-temporal loops and destabilize spatial loops), Portal Creation with Dimensional Travel (Can transport himself to places far away or to other dimensions with spacio-temporal shadow rifts), BFR (Can send people to far away places or to other dimensions with spacio-temporal shadow rifts), Sealing (Can send people with spacio-temporal shadow rifts to a spatio-temporal loop located inside the Void Room, between the dimensions, to imprison them there. Itu can choose the "key" person of that time glitch that will hold the whole anomaly with their willpower. The more that "key" person is willing to get out, the stronger the time loop will become and the more impossible it will be for them to get out. The only way the time cycle can deactivate and the "key" person trapped inside can escape to the real world is if that person is defeated), Time Travel (Can travel in time to the past), Creation (Can activate time lines), Teleportation (Can drag people from their timelines to his and bring people back to their present times with his Rectangle of Dimensions), Existence Erasure (via Duplication and Time Travel, Each time travel to the past activates a time line. The side effect of time travel to the past is that in said activated timeline, another person with Itu's personality - a clone - starts existing in that timeline. This "Clone side effect" causes mass paradox: the world itself of that activated timeline erases someone else, so Itu's copy can take their place throughout the space and time of that world. There is a catch to this paradox though, as the world will only erase somebody who is as "important" to the world's history as Itu is in order to make room for his clone. Replacing someone throughout history with this side efect also rewrites the world matter, due to the replacing clone making actions in the past different than the ones of the replaced victim; via Replacement, Using a special shadow attack, Itu can mark a person. If Itu defeats the marked person, he will completely erase them from existence, while taking their appearance and identity, replacing them throughout history as if he was always them from the very beggining of their life and they never existed. Similarly to the "Clone side effect", this ability also rewrites the world matter, due to Itu making actions in the past different than the ones of the victim he is replacing; Scaling from the Time Stalker, who was causing a fatal time paradox that was threatening to "eat everything"), Memory Manipulation as Information Manipulation (His Rectangle of Dimensions gives him the ability to recollect memories from all time lines, storing them inside of it and thus allowing him to be aware of the way the world used to be before it was changed by him or somebody else via changing events in the past. This also allows him to remember the people who get replaced in their timeline by somebody else; He can regain his memories after they are taken away by somebody else, although he needs somebody to connect to his operable Rectangle of Dimensions to browse for them), limited Immersion (Can connect people to his Rectangle of Dimensions so that they can view and live his memories), Hacking (Can hack advanced Shadow Bots, altering their software while reprogramming them with protocols that he can activate to make them obey his commands; Scaling from a Herald hacker, who was going to hack multiple bots to start a riot), Fate Manipulation (via Historical Importance Index Mechanism), Weather Manipulation (Scaling from a mad creator Herald who was able to generate shadow storms), Information Analysis (Was able to scan the Accelerator's secure systems), Social Influencing (Is incredibly charismatic to the point where he managed to change Emperor's mind about researching the Sphere into letting him achieve his evil plan of covering the Dynasty with his Dome, and convincing Queen Iolanda into replacing all her human body parts with mechanial ones, while also convincing her to assassinate every Elder and let the Heralds take over the Legion, all while making her protect the society of Heralds from any harm of Legion Luddites)

Forcefield Creation (via Recovery), Healing (via Recovery, Cuboid of Time), Paralysis Inducement (via Vortex), Spatial Manipulation (via Vortex), Time Manipulation (via Vortex, Cuboid of Time), Enhanced Senses (via Enhanced Reflexes), Flight (via Cuboid of Time), Telekinesis (via Cuboid of Time)

Teleportation (via Displacement), Flight (via Windmill), Telekinesis (via Windmill, Grinder), Energy Projection (via Blast, Deactivation), Teleportation (via Blink), Resistance to Physics Manipulation (Shadow Abilities are powerful special shadow moves that break and defy the very laws of physics)

Damage Boost (via Head Hit, Critical Hit, Critical Charge, Berserk, Prepared Strike, Precision, Vaporization, Backstabber, Wolverine), Pain Manipulation (via Head Hit, Shock), Power Nullification (via Critical Hit, Critical Charge, Shock, Interference, Critical Mass, Backstabber), Probability Manipulation (via Critical Charge, Pluck), Light Manipulation (via Critical Charge), Empathic Manipulation (via Shock), Damage Reduction (via Block, Deflection, Primary Protection), Berserk Mode (via Berserk), Enhanced Senses (via Precision), Energy Manipulation (via Discharge, Recharge, Critical Mass, Shadow Affinity, Shadow Leech, Spurt, Shadow Kick), Electricity Manipulation (via Interference), Magnetism Manipulation (via Interference), Status Effect Inducement (via Interference, Time Bomb, Fortification, Weakness, Poison Skin, Poison), Time Manipulation (via Time Bomb), Darkness Manipulation (via Aphotic Barrier), Forcefield Creation (via Aphotic Barrier, Primary Protection), Statistics Amplification (via Aphotic Barrier, Cornered Cat Flurry), Healing (via Shadow Remedy, Transfusion, Regeneration, Hydra), Life Manipulation (via Transfusion), Statistics Reduction (via Fortification, Weakness), Poison Manipulation (via Poison Skin, Poison)

Illusion Creation (Can overcome the many anomaly mirages around the Dome), Transmutation (Resists getting his flesh torn and turned into Shadow Energy by the enemy's Shadow Energy attacks), Morality Manipulation (Has the will to hold the energy of his Shadow Form, not being turned evil from it), Empathic Manipulation (Resists becoming hot-headed while in Shadow Form and entering a state of unrest from Shadow Energy; Resists becoming obsessed with Shadow Energy use; Resisted becoming mindlessly aggressive when stading near May's grave), Madness Manipulation (Resists becoming crazy while in Shadow Form), Disease Manipulation (Resists getting infected with terminal shadow disease from the enemy's Shadow Energy attacks), Poison Manipulation (Resists getting poisoned by Shadow Energy; Scaling from Doctor Makoto, who resisted getting contaminated by an extremely dangerous toxic shadow waste he was wielding), Biological Manipulation (Resisted the side effects of the multiple injections in his body which turn people's skin pale and causes them to suffer from hair loss), Mind Destruction (Resisted becoming an empty husk when standing near May's grave), Radiation Manipulation (Endured the levels of radiance of May's grave, and is immune to the shadow radiation of interspatial travel), Corruption (Resists getting his soul turned by Shadow Energy into an unholy one), Transmutation and Radiation Manipulation (His Saccadic Masking (Armor) is a time-traveling coat that protects him from the shadow radiance overload emissioned by the portals he uses to jump in time to the past), Physics Manipulation (While in Shadow Form, Bolo can interact with the Shadow World, which has laws of physics different from those of the real world), Void Manipulation (While in Shadow Form, he can walk between the worlds, where space and time are not present, and resist the erasure on his body caused by the nothingness. Shadow Energy has the same resistance)

Attack Potency: Building level+ (Fought on par with Shadow's Descendant, who should be at least as powerful as Proximus, who defeated post Shadow Mind fusion Descendant and Shadow in combat). Up to Universe level+ with Shadow Energy (Created a spatio-temporal loop with the use of Shadow Energy)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Kept up with Shadow's Descendant, who is comparable in speed to Proximus, who kept up with Shadow in combat. Can speed blitz Descendant with Enhanced Reflexes), higher with Shadow Energy (Shadow Energy can make fighters move faster, but it is unknown by how much exactly)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely at least Peak Human (Should be comparable to Descendant, who with little issue can grab and throw opponents that wear heavy steel armor and who also hold an extremely heavy weapon at the same time)

Striking Strength: Building Class+ (Could trade blows with Shadow's Descendant)

Durability: Building level+ (Could take hits from Shadow's Descendant)

Stamina: High (Can fight up to five rounds against Descendant while sustaining heavy battle wounds such as deep blade wounds to vital areas, powerful blunt attacks that knock him unconscious, impalements, being burned by shadow fire and bleeding heavily before getting tired). Very High, likely Unlimited in Shadow Form (Fought the original Bolo for 30 years without rest while in Shadow Form, and claimed he would fight him eternally)

Range: Extended Melee Range with Nodachi and Hermit Katana. Several meters with Supernova (Folding Blade). Tens of kilometers, up to Interdimensional with Shadow Energy (His clone claims he would not be surprised if Itu could expand the Dome - a Shadow Energy construct - over the Dynasty capital city all on his own. He can open up shadow portals in alternate worlds).

Standard Equipment: Nodachi, Hermit Katana (Iaido Katana), Saccadic Masking (Armor), Supernova (Folding Blade), Massive Mines (Electromines), Shadow Energy.

Intelligence: High in the field of combat, Extraordinary Genius in the field of science (Heralds are extremely knowledgeable in Shadow Energy and Shadow-based technologies. Their movements are mathematically precise, quick and deadly, thus even the high and mightiest prefer to avoid direct confrontation with the Heralds. Heralds dedicate their lives to the Study of Shadow Energy. In battle, heralds carefully choose the right moment to strike an accurate and deadly blow. They perfectly see the vulnerabilities of an enemy and know how to use it. Heralds are the most skillful at the use of Shadow Energy. Itu is born with the talent of being a Herald, and as an original Herald and a true master of the Dome, he is superior to Kibo, who neutralized three Liquidators on her own, with Liquidators being soliders trained to fight against those who rely heavily on Shadow Energy. Itu also heavily contributed to the making of the constructs under the Dome. Everything under the Dome is so upgraded to the point where Heralds are far more ahead than Dynasty in terms of technology. This is because Heralds boosted their brains to unprecedented levels with Shadow Energy, allowing them to understand how to change the structure of any material using Shadow Energy. As any early Herald, Itu underwent harsh martial arts training from a young age. He was personally trained by his mentor, the original Bolo, leader of all Heralds, and was the best fighter of the Heralds' martial arts Academy. Itu bested his master in combat, who as one of the Three Arrows is the equal of both Emperor and Galen, both who were also Golden Demons, who are not inferior to Heralds, and whose training program is lifelong. Itu is also an expert in many fields of science such as biology, technology, quantum physics, interspatial travel, time travel, mass paradoxes and reality-altering Shadow Anomalies. His Shadow Energy studies have led him to become the most dangerous man on Earth, as he knows how to use Shadow Energy better than any other human. Even before he boosted his brain with Shadow Energy and was just a shadow blacksmith of the Dynasty, he was able to create the Void Room by trapping a living void in the thinnest walls of Shadow Energy, separating it from space and time in the process. The Void Room itself gave him secret information on time travel. His Rectangle of Dimensions allows him to store an incredible amount of information. His many experiments with time have led him to knowing how to create spacio-temporal loops with Shadow Energy, and giving time itself shape and transforming it into physical matter with said energy. Even in Itu's Plane, a universe that contains technology offered to humans by the Void Room (a hive mind made out of the smartest Herald scientists to have ever lived, and that sees the past, present and future at the same time), he is still able to understand the constructs of this world despite seeing them at a first glance. Is an expert hacker and engineer who can repair Itu's Plane Shadow Bots and hack them into obeying his every order even if they are far more complex than the ones from his world. Nanami, who is a Shadow Bot that is smarter than humans and thinks a hundred times faster than them, considers his intellect impressive for his kind)

Weaknesses: His old age, combined with his muscle pain and the Nodachi's weight, restrict Itu's movements significantly. He cannot move a lot or fight aggressively, and he is unable to run. His Rectangle of Dimensions gets heavily damaged when his timeline is destroyed, causing it to dramatically lose energy and thus his memories. Galen claims Bolo loses his power for a while when he makes his rifts.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Recovery: Itu kneels and enters a praying stance, gathering Shadow Energy to heal himself, while creating a shadow barrier in front of himself. While in this state, Itu will deflect all attacks in front of himself, making it possible for him to keep healing. Itu will leave this state after 5 seconds. Enemies can stop this ability earlier by attacking him with a Shadow Ability or by simply hitting him from behind.
  • Vortex: Itu throws out Shadow Energy from his hand to the ground in front of himself. Upon contacting the ground, a shadow rift will be formed that will last for 7 seconds. If the enemy steps on it, the rift will trap them from chest below, making them unable to move and vulnerable to attacks. There is no way for the enemy to get out of the rift once they are trapped aside from waiting for it to disappear. However, while the rift is on the ground, the enemy can make it disappear instantly by striking Itu, whether he blocks the hit or not.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Itu coats his Nodachi in Shadow Energy, greatly enhancing his reflexes and speed. While in this state, Itu can parry any melee attack of the enemy, countering with a slash to the head with his Nodachi at a blinding speed, and can also block any ranged attack of the enemy. Itu loses his enhanced senses buff whenever he misses an attack with his Nodachi or uses a ranged weapon, indicated by the lack of Shadow Energy glow on his sword, and will recover this state after a few seconds. Itu also cannot block throws or Shadow Abilities with this ability, rendering him vulnerable to such attacks.
  • Cuboid of Time: Itu telekinetically pushes the enemy away and levitates, giving time itself shape by channeling the creation of a huge Shadow Energy cuboid made of time on the battlefield. While Itu is building said temporal anomaly, he gradually restores all of his lost health by reversing the flow of time, while the cube turns into a black, solid matter. During this period, Itu cannot take damage from any source of attack, and any attempt at getting to the other side of the cube to get to him is futile since Itu will instantly fly to the other side of the cuboid. When the cuboid is fully built into a solid object, it explodes, stopping time and rendering anything but Itu immobilized while he fully recovers his health. The cuboid can be disintegrated if the enemy hits it with a lot of attacks before it gets to explode. Once the cuboid is destroyed, Itu will lose all the regained health and will be immobilized for a few seconds.

These abilities can only be performed by Itu while he is in Shadow Form.

  • Displacement: Itu slashes forward with the Nodachi and then teleports behind the enemy, thrusting his Nodachi backward into them.
  • Windmill: Itu levitates forward and telekinetically spins the Hermit Katana directly in front of himself, like a windmill.
  • Blast: Itu slams the ground with one fist, creating an upwards close-range ring of damaging Shadow Energy around him that knocks back those who get hit by it.
  • Blink: Itu quickly ducks down and disappears in a flash of Shadow Energy on the ground, reappearing instantly and standing up behind the enemy.
  • Grinder: Itu throws a Supernova Folding Blade upwards. If hit, the enemy will continue to take damage whilst being lifted into the air by the spinning Folding Blade.
  • Deactivation: Itu stomps the ground, spawning a shadow Electromine from the ground that spins in the air. Itu then punches the bottom of the Electromine in midair, firing forward a horizontal blast of Shadow Energy from the top of the Electromine at the enemy.

  • Head Hit: Landing a strike on the enemy's head triggers a Head Hit, making it deal 60% more damage.
  • Critical Hit: While Itu does not wield his Nodachi or Hermit Katana, any unblocked hit has a chance to be a Critical Hit, which deals 50% more damage and makes the enemy fall to the ground.
  • Critical Charge: Itu's Herald weapons - Nodachi and Hermit Katana - have a unique mechanic in making Critical Hits called Critical Charge. Different from the other factions' weapons, Heralds' weapons charge their Critical Hit power for up to 7 - 15 seconds. While in the middle of charging, Itu cannot make any Critical Hits. Once fully charged, the Nodachi and Hermit Katana's blades will glow in red hot energy. Any attacks delivered (weapon attacks or kicks) while in full charge will be a guaranteed Critical Hit, dealing much higher damage than even normal Critical Hits. The Critical Charge strike ignores blocks, although the block-bypassing hit does not result in a Critical Hit. The charge disappears if the user does not deal any successful attack in 5 seconds.
  • Shock: Dealing a Head Hit to the enemy has a small chance to result in a Shock, which will disarm the enemy and make them fall to the ground, forcing them to fight barehanded afterwards for the rest of the round.
  • Block: Itu can enter defensive stances to block incoming attacks from the enemy, greatly reducing their damage dealt.
  • Berserk: A 30% chance to deal +100% damage with a hit, losing 20% of additional damage from its health.
  • Prepared Strike: First hit to his enemy during the first 4 seconds of the round deals 100% more damage.
  • Precision: A 100% chance to cause 100% additional damage with a Critical Hit.
  • Discharge: A 20% chance to cause his enemy to lose Shadow Energy equal to 230% of his attack damage with a hit.
  • Recharge: A 20% chance to gain Shadow Energy equal to 250% of his attack damage with a hit.
  • Interference: A 26% chance to forbid the enemy from blocking his attacks for 7 seconds with a hit.
  • Time Bomb: A 20% chance to mark the enemy for 3 seconds with Time Bomb with a hit. After the duration expires, the enemy will lose health equal to 140% of his attack damage.
  • Aphotic Barrier: After Itu exits Shadow Form, his defense increases by 80% for 5 seconds.
  • Critical Mass: An 18% chance of penetrating the enemy's block with a non-Critical Hit attack.
  • Deflection: A 36% chance to receive just half of the damage taken from an enemy attack.
  • Primary Protection: Damage taken by Itu in the first 5 seconds of each round is reduced by 80%.
  • Shadow Remedy: Itu recovers 32% health when entering Shadow Form. This perk may be activated only once per round.
  • Transfusion: Shadow Abilities recover Itu's health equal to 70% of the damage dealt by them.
  • Shadow Affinity: At the beginning of each round Itu fills his Shadow Energy bar by 35%.
  • Vaporization: The more Shadow Energy the enemy has, the more damage Itu inflicts on them. Damage raises up to a maximum of 50%.
  • Backstabber: Itu ignores his enemy's block and deals 100% additional damage when attacking them from behind.
  • Shadow Leech: A 14% chance to steal 120% of his enemy's Shadow Energy with a hit.
  • Fortification: A 35% chance to reduce his enemy's damage by 45% for 2 seconds after he receives a hit.
  • Pluck: A 26% chance to Shock his enemy with a hit after a Combo of 3 hits.
  • Weakness: A 30% chance to reduce his enemy's hit damage by 50% over 2 seconds with a hit.
  • Spurt: Itu fills 12% of his Shadow Energy bar after performing a roll, jump or swap.
  • Shadow Kick: A 15% chance to replenish 50% of his Shadow Energy bar with a kick.
  • Poison Skin: A 50% chance to deal 100% of incoming hit damage to his enemy over 6 seconds after he receives a hit.
  • Regeneration: A 35% chance to replenish 100% of incoming hit damage as health over 2 seconds after he receives a hit.
  • Poison: A 16% chance to cause his enemy to lose health equal to 160% of his attack damage over 6 seconds with a hit.
  • Wolverine: A 50% chance to deal +50% damage for 2 seconds after a successful attack.
  • Cornered Cat: Itu gains +80% damage if his health is under 30%.
  • Flurry: Itu gains increased damage by 40% for each hit while maintaining a Combo of 3 hits.
  • Hydra: Itu constantly regenerates his own health. The less Stability the enemy has, the faster he regenerates.

Historical Importance Index is a mechanism in the Shadow Fight world which allows all people to change the course of world history processes with their wishes, thus being able to change the face of the world based on their personality. Because everybody has access to this power, more often than not their wishes will intercept and clash with each other over which one gets to become reality. The winner whose wish will triumph over the one of his adversary is the one who is simply more important to the world than the other. This is why people who are very important will change the fate of the world with their wishes so suddenly they won't even know how they succeeded so easily, because they don't even have to try much, while those who are less important than the previously mentioned won't be able to change the world with their wishes even if they try harder than the more important people to make them reality, their wishes getting completely overwritten by those of the more important individuals. One's historical importance index is as high as how many other lives they impacted, and how dramatically. The higher the index of historical importance of a person is, the more "luck" they get in all their plans, the more of their wishes will come true.



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