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Body Control - different abilities that let you control your own body in a fairly wide range.


  • Control of basic functions - allows you to control the basic functions of the body. Including: control body temperature, change the tone of voice, to enhance the senses, increasing the efficiency and strength of muscles, heal damage and even in some regeneration.
  • Advanced control - allows you to not only manage the vital functions of the body and increase its capabilities but also to do what is impossible for an ordinary person. For example, to fully control the hair (to lengthen them to increase strength, turned into a needle, etc.), manipulate the blood (and other body fluids), lengthening nails or bones (including changing the shape of the bones). At this level of ownership of the body can also, to some extent change its shape.
  • Control of the body - allowing to control the individual parts of the body (including organs), how to improve their functioning, and adding them to new opportunities. For example, you can easily turn their swords in hand, or to extend them for a few (tens, hundreds) meters. In addition, in some cases, it can be controlled even separated from the body parts, which gives ample opportunity for attack (or to recover from the destruction of the main body).
  • Control of cells - allows you to control the body at the cellular level. This gives not only protection from diseases and poisons, but also opportunities to adapt or even reactive evolution. In addition, this level of body also allows to regenerate almost from a some of biomass and almost unlimited change it (the body) form.
  • Control of microparticles - allows you to control the atoms and molecules of your own body. This gives a wide range of possibilities: from the almost unlimited regeneration and the highest level of adaptability to the unlimited changes in the shape and limited intangibility. Besides the characters, controlling molecules and atoms of the body almost invulnerable to enemy biological manipulation (as any impact will be immediately canceled).



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