This is a thread to report profiles and pages, that users come across, that are sorely lacking in justifications, have poor formatting, are almost empty of content, or are otherwise unacceptable by our wiki's standards.

Please report any such profiles to this thread to see if the profiles are liable for deletion, or if they can be revised with help from the staff or regular members.

It should be noted that while regular users can report poorly made profiles, or make a quick note that they are able to help out with fixing a faulty page, only staff members are allowed to discuss whether or not they should be deleted, as othervise this thread would quickly turn unmanageable from the sheer number of responses.

However, if you would like to contribute to the conversation, please leave a message on a staff member's wall.

Note: It is highly recommended that all staff members subscribe to this thread, by clicking the "follow" button in the upper right corner of this post.

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