This thread is created with the purpose of members requesting addition of threads in the Versus Battles board to administrator-protected profiles.

Some guidelines for posts on this thread:

  • Kindly post links to the threads, along with the characters involved in the thread.
  • Kindly only post valid matchups from within this wiki. They should fulfill the Versus Thread Rules.
  • Kindly remain patient regarding responses. Do not disturb other members with requests to look into this thread. In case of such a deterioration, this forum thread will be shut down, and the VS match-ups addition project will be dissolved.
  • Kindly do not derail the thread with off-topic posts. Persistent derailing, will likely result in a warning or perhaps even a block, depending upon the severity of the derailment.


You are requested to add (valid) match-ups to pages that are not locked on your own.

In addition, versus threads are generally considered among the least important of all staff duties, so do not get upset if the members are too busy with other tasks to deal with your requests.

Also, bumping old posts doesn't help. It simply turns the thread messy, incoherent, and hard to overview, if anybody feels motivated to help out.

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