Hagaromo's showings are almost entirely non-canon outside of legends in the manga.

"By the way, the Sharingan cannot see chakra points lmao. And that's not chakra points Madara is seeing."

Wrong. The keirakukei is basically the body's circulatory system for chakra, that carries chakra throughout the body, including organs. There are 361 points along this circulatory system called tenketsu, which we know as chakra points. Part of these tenketsu are eight specific points, at which these chakra nodes converge, or meet up at. Kakashi saying he can't see them is directly contradicted by him using his sharingan to view Lee's 8 gates, as well as him being able to see Lee open the third gate. You can argue that Kakashi didn't actually see his gate open, but while everyone else only made notice of Lee's physical appearance and Lee verbally announced it, Kakashi specifically said he opened the seimon in addition to being able to see the 8 gates anyway.

Madara specifically commented on Guy's chakra nodes, therefore he can see chakra points. Sasuke already demonstrated a 3 tomoe sharingan is capable of seeing on the cellular level.

In any case, this might not apply to Nagato since he's basically stuck with the rinnegan as they aren't his eyes, but it should apply to people that have awakened their own rinnegan like Sasuke, Madara, and possibly the sage.

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