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Boboiboy Galaxy.png
~ BoBoiBoy's signature catchphrase.

I'm BoBoiBoy... A defender of Earth. Looks like I have to get ready. There are many who are out to get us. I must protect my friends, I must protect the Earth, and the Galaxy.
~ BoBoiBoy


BoBoiBoy is the main character of the show of the same name. He is a Malaysian boy that was granted the power of the elements by a Power Sphere known as Ochobot.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C in First Tier Transformations, Low 7-B in Second Tier Transformations, higher via combining powers | At least Low 7-B, likely 7-A | At least Low 7-B, likely 7-A in First Tier Transformations, at least 7-A in Second Tier Transformations | At least 7-A, higher with Fusions

Name: BoBoiBoy

Origin: BoBoiBoy

Gender: Male

Age: 10 in the first season, 11 in the second season | 14

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (At least Low), Elemental Manipulation (Electricity Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Ice Manipulation), Duplication, Energy Projection, Statistics Amplification, Transformation into different elemental forms, Rage Power, Summoning, Weapon Creation and Mastery, Teleportation, Breath Attack, Can make an opponent itch uncontrollably or paralyse them, Limited Fusionism through combining powers, Teleportation, Weather Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Attack Reflection, Empowerment (in the prescence of a star), Elemental Mimicry, Platform Creation, Explosion Manipulation, Adaptation, Aura, Radiation Manipulation, Information Analysis, Hacking, Power Nullification, Self-Sustenance (Type 1; could survive without air in space), Portal Creation, Flight, Elemental Intangibility (While using solar leap and lightning speed), Non-Physical Interaction, Martial Arts, Power Absorption, Danmaku and resistances to Status Effect Inducement, Radiation Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation and Poison Manipulation | All previous abilities, Vehicular Mastery and Fusionism

Attack Potency: Building level in First Tier Transformations (Comparable to BoBoiBot Water, who could create a storm that flooded a town), Small City level in Second Tier Transformations (BoBoiBoy Quake could create an earth dragon that countered Ejojo's Shadow Dragon), higher via combining powers (BoBoiBoy Fire, and Water were able to harm Captain Kaizo through controlling Earth's golems) | At least Small City level (Fought and defeated Bora Ra, who survived being crushed between a glacier and a meteor. Should be stronger than before), likely Mountain level (Bora Ra, who is a Power Sphere hunter, should at least be on the level of Captain Kaizo) | At least Small City level, likely Mountain level in First Tier Transformations, at least Mountain level in Second Tier Transformations (Completely overwhelmed Jugglenaut with Nosebot, who was giving base Kaizo trouble) | At least Mountain level (Exclusively uses second tier transformations and briefly fought Retak'ka, who overwhelmed all of TAPOPS), higher with Fusions (BoBoiBoy Supra completely overwhelmed Retak'ka)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Ying, who can run from Malaysia to the South Pole in the span of seconds), higher with speed amps | At least Massively Hypersonic+, Speed of Light with BoBoiBoy Solar | At least Massively Hypersonic+ | At least Massively Hypersonic+, Speed of Light with BoBoiBoy Light and Solar | At least Massively Hypersonic+, Speed of Light with BoBoiBoy Light, Solar, and Solar Fusions

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Comparable to Yaya), likely Class M (Capable of moving his Earth Golems that are calculated to weigh about 110 tons) | At least Class 10, likely Class M | At least Class 10, likely Class M | At least Class 10, likely Class M | At least Class 10, likely Class M

Striking Strength: Building Class in First Tier Transformations, Small City Class in Second Tier Transformations, higher via combining powers | At least Small City Class, likely Mountain Class | At least Small City Class, likely Mountain Class in First Tier Transformations, at least Mountain Class in Second Tier Transformations | At least Mountain Class, higher with Fusions

Durability: Building level in First Tier Transformations, Small City level in Second Tier Transformations, higher via combining powers | At least Small City level, likely Mountain level | At least Small City level, likely Mountain level in First Tier Transformations, at least Mountain level in Second Tier Transformations | At least Mountain level, higher with Fusions

Stamina: Above average, likely high (Fought from morning till evening)

Range: Unknown, Intergalactic with Portal Creation and Teleportation

Standard Equipment: His motorcycle and Ochobot

Intelligence: Ranges from above average to slightly below average depending on which form he takes. Some forms are focused like Thunderstorm or Light, while others are lazy and dimwitted like Water and Leaf. Gifted (Highly talented in manipulating the elements. Even manifesting his powers without prior training despite it being one of the most difficult powers to control. Comparable to Fang and Yaya's own intelligence)

Weaknesses: He will lose memory over time when duplicating himself.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Elemental Split - BoBoiBoy's signature ability. He can split himself into multiple duplicates, and each of those duplicates can use one of BoBoiBoy's elemental abilities. Variants of this ability include the Triple Split, Penta Split, Hepta Split and most recently the dual Split

  • Lightning Kris (Keris Petir): BoBoiBoy's most iconic weapons. He creates two blades made of solid electricity which he dual wields. The blades electrocute any target that gets stabbed by them.
  • Lightning Umbrella (Payung Petir): BoBoiBoy creates an umbrella made of electricity which can function like a regular umbrella.
  • Lightning Broom (Penyapu Petir): A broom made of solid electricity.
  • Lightning Spade (Cangkul Petir): A spade made of solid electricity that has the same properties as the Lightning Kris.
  • Lightning Electric (Elektrik Petir): BoBoiBoy transmits electricity through a conductive medium such as metal chains to electrocute his opponent.
  • Flash Kick (Tendangan Kilat): This attack was used once to kick a soccer ball.
  • Lightning Blade (Pedang Petir): After Ochobot's upgrade, BoBoiBoy Lightning is capable of creating blades that look more akin to swords than the previous Lightning Kris.
  • Lightning Blade Slash (Tetakan Pedang Petir): By using one or more Lightning Blades, BoBoiBoy Lightning launches an attack with a teardrop to his enemies and gives them an electric shock. This technique is also used by BoBoiBoy Lightning to repel enemy attacks.
  • Lightning Speed (Gerakan Kilat): BoBoiBoy Lightning increases his speed by channeling his power to his feet.

  • Vortex Storm (Ribut Kencang): Used to fight against BoBoiBoy Earth.
  • Tornado Shield (Pelindung Beliung): BoBoiBoy Wind creates a tornado that surrounds him.
  • Cyclone Drill (Gerudi Taufan): BoBoiBoy Wind creates a drill of wind and punches with it.
  • Sidewinder Storm (Taufan Melintang): An attack that is capable of tossing projectiles at the enemy.
  • Howling Wind (Ribut Taufan): A technique that redirects projectiles.
  • Flying Tornado (Beliung Melambung): A technique that launches enemies into the air from beneath them.
  • Wind Toss (Lambungan Angin): BoBoiBoy Wind used this technique to toss a soccer ball towards BoBoiBoy Earth.
  • Wind Blast (Tolakan Angin): BoBoiBoy Wind gathers the air around him and uses it to push enemies back.
  • Wind Spheres (Bebola Angin): BoBoiBoy Wind compresses air into a sphere and fires it. He is also capable of creating multiple spheres in quick succession.

  • Earth Stairs (Tangga Tanah): A flight of stars created to help Earth ascend to high place.
  • Earth Pillar (Tanah Tinggi): Earth summons a pillar to protect himself and his friends from attacks.
  • Earth Upward (Tanah Tin:gi, Bertubi-tubi): A stronger variation of the Earth Pillar which can increase in height if Earth punches the ground repeatedly.
  • Landslide / Earth Filler (Tanah Runtuh / Tanah Kambus'): Open up a sinkhole to make opponents cave in into the ground.
  • Earth Barrier (Tanah Pelindung): A variation of Earth Pillar, but used in a sphere.
  • Earth Gloves (Tangan Tanah): Earth has a pair of earth-made gloves, to enhance his abilities and strengthen his attack.
  • Earth Grab (Tanah Pencengkam): A common technique used by Earth by using jutting rocks to stop targets in place.
  • Earth Slam (Tanah Cerakah): Earth summons sharp rocks to attack opponents on their feet.
  • Rock Toss (Beserta Batu): Earth throws rocks at their enemies.
  • Earth Contain (Timbunan Tanah): He used it to trapped Mukalakus.
  • Earth Kick (Tendangan Tanah): Earth uses an earth power kick. it is only used in a football game.
  • Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah): BoBoiBoy Earth raises the ground level where the enemy is located that will attack the enemy.
  • Multiple Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah, Bertubi-tubi):- Just like the Earth Punch, but this technique is used as a defense mechanism or attack against the enemy.
  • Earth Barrier (Tanah Pelindung): BoBoiBoy Earth elevates ground levels used as defence techniques or to counter enemy attacks.
  • Earth Wall (Tanah Pendinding): BoBoiBoy Earth elevates the ground and is used as a wall to protect Cattus from being captured by Adu Du.

BoBoiBoy Fire.png
  • Fireball (Bebola Api): As it's name states, this ability allows BoBoiBoy to launch balls of fire at his enemies.
  • Fire Shackles (Gegelung Api): Fire launches shackles at his enemy and ensnares them. These shackles can also burn their victims.
  • Flaming Punch (Tumbukan Berapi): Fire engulfs his hand in flames as he throws a punch, increasing the strength of his punch.

Boboiboy Water.png
  • Water Bubble (Gelembung Air): The water bubble BoBoiBoy Water sits on.
  • Wave Surf (Ombak Luncur): BoBoiBoy Water uses this ability to manoeuvre around attacks and travel short distances fast.

  • Leaf.png
  • Leaf Shuriken (Lontaran Daun): BoBoiBoy Leaf summons leaf-like shurikens that can be thrown at his enemies as projectiles.
  • Stunning Leaf Shuriken (Lontaran Daun Kebas dan Kejang): A variation of Leaf Shuriken. These shurikens are capable of paralysing their victims.
  • Vine Whip/Creeping Vine (Daun Menjalar): Leaf generates a long vine that he can use to swing across a distance. It can also function like a normal rope and can be used to lasso people and objects. The vines can also act like a prehensile tail, capable of picking things up at Leaf's command.
  • Itchy Leaf Blade (Lontaran Daun Keladi Gatal): Leaf summons a leaf-like dagger that can cause extreme irritation when stuck on an enemy. Similar to Stunning Shuriken Leaf, if removed, the effect will disappear, but only after a while.

  • Boboiboy Light.jpg
  • Light Shot (Tembakan Cahaya): BoBoiBoy concentrates energy towards his fingertips and slashes at foes.
  • Light Burst (Letupan Cahaya): BoBoiBoy lights up and tempoarily blinds his enemies.
  • Optical Light Shot (Tembakan Optikal): BoBoiBoy Light fires a powerful blast of light from his eyes.
  • Maximum Optical Light Blast (Tembakan Optikal Maksima): A stronger variation of the previous attack. This is BoBoiBoy Light's strongest attack and is comparable to BoBoiBoy Solar's Solar Beam Strike.

  • Thunderstorm.png
  • Thunder Blade (Pedang Halilintar): A bladed weapon he can use to attack foes.
  • Lightning Speed (Gerakan Kilat): An ability used to move faster. Notably, BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm is able to move 31.25% faster than Ying in this state.
  • Lightning Shine (Kilauan Kilat): Used to blind an enemy temporarily.
  • Thunderstorm Rain (Hujan Halilintar): BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm can produce thousands of Thunder Blades from the sky by a throwing single Thunder Blade into the air.

  • Cyclone.png
  • Cyclone Hoverboard (Hoverboard Taufan): A hoverboard that allows Cyclone to fly and move at speeds comparable to Thunderstorm.
  • Cyclone Ball (Bola Taufan): Small balls of air used to deflect incoming projectiles fast.
  • Cyclone Drill (Gerudi Taufan): Cyclone generates a current around his hands that act like drills and can penetrate enemies.
  • Cyclone Shield (Perisai Taufan): Cyclone generates a wind barrier around him that can deflect projectiles.

  • Quake.png
  • Quake Fists (Tangan Gempa): A stronger variation of Earth Gloves.
  • Earth Golem (Golem Tanah): A huge golem made of solid rock that is capable of engaging tougher foes. Multiple golems can be summoned at a time and can even be fused with BoBoiBoy's other Elemental Forms.
  • Earth Dragon (Golem Naga Tanah): BoBoiBoy Quake summons a huge dragon made of earth. Notably, this summon is capable of facing off against Fang's Shadow Dragon.

  • BoBoiBoy Blaze.png
  • Blazing Chakrams (Cakera Berapi): BoBoiBoy Blaze's weapon, equipped to both right and left hands. Its slicing ability was made to use for hand-to-hand combat or by throwing it at the opponent.
  • Blazing Fire Punch (Tumbukan Tinju Berapi): Blaze concentrates fire on his hand and releases it at the opponent in the form of a blazing knuckle.
  • Blazing Meteor (Meteor Berapi): BoBoiBoy Blaze summons a gigantic meteor that emerges from the sky to crush his foes. He used this alongside BoBoiBoy Ice's Iceberg Eruption to crush Bora Ra.

  • Boboiboy Ice.png
  • Arctic Cannon (Meriam Pembeku): BoBoiBoy Ice's weapon, a small minigun that can shoot blocks of concentrated ice.
  • Blizzard Blast (Tembakan Pembeku): BoBoiBoy Ice shoots a black of concentrated ice at the enemy that leaves them frozen solid.
  • Iceberg Eruption (Solakan Bongkah Ais): BoBoiBoy Ice summons a gigantic iceberg from the ground that raises to the sky to hit an enemy. He used this alongside BoBoiBoy Blaze's Blazing Meteor to crush Bora Ra.

  • Thorn.png
  • Ensnaring Thorns (Akar Berduri): This attack allows the user to create vines with thorns that trap their victims in place.

  • Solar.png
  • Solar Beam Strike (Tembakan Solar): BoBoiBoy Solar fires a powerful blast of light from his eyes that was strong enough to defeat both Bora Ra and penetrated through the black hole he created in one go.
  • Solar Eclipse Attack (Tembakan Solar Gerhana): BoBoiBoy Solar fires a devastating blast from his fingertips that was strong enough to kill Captain Vargoba and destroy the TAPOPS space station.
  • Multifold Solar Eclipse Attack (Tembakan Solar Gerhana Berganda) - Solar's yet most powerful move, anything inside the beam can be obliterated in seconds.
  • Solar Leap (Lompatan Cahaya): Solar uses this to teleport. The light particles around him are concentrated in one location to allow him to jump to a designated location in the blink of an eye.

  • Key: Original Series | BoBoiBoy: The Movie | Galaxy | BoBoiBoy: The Movie 2


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