Blue is a female Velociraptor that appears in Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Blue was created by InGen for the IBRIS Project sometime before 2015 and was the first Velociraptor to be created for the latest pack. She was created with the DNA of the Black-throated monitor lizard, which allowed her scales to reflect an iridescent blue color, giving her the distinctive pattern that she was named after. Out of all the raptors that were to be created following her birth, she was the largest. When she was born, Owen Grady imprinted on her, which allowed him to train her. During her youth, she and Echo engaged in a fight for dominance over their pack, of which Blue was the victor.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Blue

Origin: Jurassic Park

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (created prior to 2015)

Classification: Velociraptor

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Night Vision, Enhanced Smell

Attack Potency: Street level+ (Fought Echo for dominance over her pack and won, leaving Echo with a facial scar and a permanently offset jaw)

Speed: Superhuman (Should be as fast as a normal velociraptor, which can run up to 60 miles per hour with ease)

Lifting Strength: Likely Athletic Human (Comparable to her kind)

Striking Strength: Street Class+

Durability: Street level+ (Took a blow from I. Rex strong enough to damage a stone pillar)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Standard Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Headset, which allows her to be monitored via GPS and have her POV observed by humans.

Intelligence: Blue is more intelligent and cunning than the other raptors made by InGen. These traits most likely helped her become the leader of the pack. Despite these attributes, Blue has a tendency to be aggressive and usually attacks without thinking. These traits are reminiscent of a previous alpha raptor, the Big One. Unlike the Big One, however, Blue is capable of showing affection and loyalty. When Charlie was killed by an InGen soldier, Blue viciously attacked all humans she could find in retaliation, and when Owen removed her headset, she made affectionate noises towards him and defended him from I. Rex, even though the fight nearly killed her.

Weaknesses: None notable


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